Listen to the New Terra Lightfoot Single “Norma Gale”

Terra Lightfoot
Image Courtesy of Terra Lightfoot

Canadian singer-songwriter Terra Lightfoot has just released her new single “Norma Gale” ahead Australian tour with William Crighton.

“I was inspired to write this song after meeting a Canadian woman named Norma Gale who was a near-famous country star in the 1970s,” Lightfoot explained. “She played all over the world but specifically had a great following in Nashville, played with Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. This song is one of my first songwriter songs, I’d say. It chronicles the life of Norma as a musician in the ’70s, and trying to bring up her young son while she’s gunning for sustainable success. I kept in touch with Norma and her son and let them know when I finally made it to Nashville to do some writing, but unfortunately she had passed away two weeks earlier.”

Take a listen to “Norma Gale” here:

Terra Lightfoot kicks off her tour with William Crighton in November – the full list of dates are here:

Thursday 2nd November – Australian Music Week, Cronulla, NSW
Friday 3rd November – Central Bar, Newcastle, NSW
Saturday 4th November – Inland Sea of Sound Festival, Bathurst, NSW
Sunday 5th November – Smith’s Alternative, Canberra, ACT
Monday 6th November – Yah Yah’s, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 9th November – Leadbelly, Sydney, NSW
Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November – Majors Creek Festival, Majors Creek, NSW
Thursday 16th November – Left’s Old Time Music Hall, Brisbane, QLD

Listen to the New Matthew and the Atlas Single “Palace”

Matthew and the Atlas
Image Courtesy of Matthew and the Atlas

English nu-folk favourites Matthew and the Atlas have spent the last little while recording a new EP which they promise to be “more stripped back” than their recent output.

The first taste of this EP is the beautiful single “Palace” – check out a stream of the single here:

As we get more info about the impending EP we’ll let you know.

Timberwolf Announces Debut Album Íkaros

Image Courtesy of Timberwolf

Adelaide based, electro-folk singer-songwriter Timberwolf has announced plans to finally release his debut album Íkaros on the 27th October.

Recorded between the NSW Central Coast, L.A. and Adelaide, Íkaros has been a long time coming. Despite his prolific output and touring schedule in recent years, recent hospital trips for vocal surgeries have delayed the release. But now Timberwolf is fully recovered and the record is not far away.

Íkaros sees Timberwolf exploring his Greek heritage.

“The record follows the journey of this one character – Íkaros – (a character re-interpreted from ancient Greek mythology) – from a life of self-preservation and fear of connection, to embracing vulnerability and trust in new connections with fellow humans, especially in romance,” Timberwolf explains. “It can be a pretty dull and lonely survival if you’re living for self-preservation, and as humans we build and expand into emotional connection and company”

Listen to the title track (and latest single) “Íkaros” here:

To celebrate the release of Íkaros Timberwolf will be performing an intimate, secret listening party in Melbourne on the 19th October which will be live streamed on Facebook – check out the official Facebook event for the live stream here.

Karine Polwart Announces New Album A Pocket Of Wind Resistance

Karin Polwart
Image Courtesy of Karine Polwart

Celebrated Scottish folk singer-songwriter Karine Polwart has announced plans to release her new album A Pocket Of Wind Resistance on the 17th November.

The album is the musical accompaniment to Polwart’s self-written, directed and performed theatre production Wind Resistance from last year’s Edinburgh Festival and is inspired by her close-hand view of thousands of geese migrating to Fala Flow, a small peat bog by her home.

“It’s a meditation on the ways in which we, as humans, protect and care for one another, and for all life, by stepping up, falling back, labouring and resting in our own fashion,” Karine Polwart explained. “In particular, it’s a hymn to mothers and birthing, to the proffering of sanctuary, to the miracle of medicine, and a reminder, a warning, about the consequences of isolating and forgetting.”

The first single from A Pocket Of Wind Resistance is the spoken word “Labouring And Resting” – take a listen below:

Glen Hansard Announces New Album Between Two Shores

Glen Hansard
Image Courtesy of Glen Hansard

Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard has announced plans to release his highly anticipated third solo album Between Two Shores on the 19th January, 2018.

Between Two Shores is a culmination of more than six years of writing and recording, with the final album coming together in a matter of weeks at Black Box Studios in France.

The first single from the album is “Time Will Be The Healer” – take a listen to it below:

The full track listing for Between Two Shores is as follows:

1. Roll On Slow
2. Why Woman
3. Wheels on Fire
4. Wreckless Heart
5. Movin’ On
6. Setting Forth
7. Lucky Man
8. One of Us Must Lose
9. Your Heart’s Not in It
10. Time Will Be the Healer

Listen to the New Julia Jacklin Single “Cold Caller”

Julia Jacklin
Image Courtesy of Julia Jacklin

Indie singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin has just released yet another stunning single, this time the track “Cold Caller”.

The track has been released as a double a-side with Jacklin’s previous single “Eastwick” and is available as a limited release 7” vinyl.

“I started writing this song when my older sister told me she was pregnant,” Julia Jacklin explained. “I know people get pregnant all the time but this was different, this was my sister. The one who explained tampons to me, told me what kissing felt like, convinced mum to let me shave my legs, sung “Boys of Summer” a cappella at the school talent quest.

“I went to New Zealand to record this seven inch and on the first day she went into labour, I was checking my phone every 10 mins but managed to write the second part of the song. That night I had all these crazy nightmares, where she kept disappearing into the dark and every time I caught up to her she’d slip out of my hands again. Woke up in an absolute state to the news that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy. I went into the studio and recorded this song. So this is for her, my wonderful sister Emma.”

Take a listen to “Cold Caller” below:

Listen to the New Single From The Northern Folk, “Get On”

The Northern Folk
Image Courtesy of The Northern Folk

Victorian alt-folk collective The Northern Folk have just released their smooth new track “Get On”. The track is the band’s first since their 2016 album Stumble On Home and was written by Paul Dyason on the subject of frustration.

“Frustration with religion, politics and absurdly priced scones,” explains Dyason. “The consequence was less of a sermon, but more an informative manual that outlines fun ways to not be a d**k.”

Take a listen to “Get On” below:

To celebrate “Get On” The Northern Folk have announced a residnecy at The Gasometer in Melbourne plus a bunch of east coast dates. The residency will feature supports from Rosie Burgess Trio & Zac Saber (4th October), The Peeks & Domini Forster (11th October) and Ben Whiting & Joyce Prescher (18th October). Check out the full list if dates for the tour and residency here:

The Northern Folk
Wednesday 4th October – The Gasometer, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 8th October – Beer Deluxe, Albury, NSW
Tuesday 10th October – UMSU Tuesday Bands, Melbourne Uni, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 11th October – The Gasometer, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 15th October – Spring Fling St Festival, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 18th October – The Gasometer, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 19th October – Transit Bar, Canberra, ACT
Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October – Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, Kangaroo Valley, NSW
Monday 23rd October – Rad Bar, Wollongong, NSW
Wednesday 25th October – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 26th October – The Black Malabar, Newcastle, NSW
Friday 27th to Sunday 29th October – Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival, Dorrigo, NSW
Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th November – Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival, Bendigo, VIC
Sunday 12th November – Healesville Music Festival, Healesville, VIC
Saturday 9th December – By The Banks Festival, Albury, NSW
Saturday 27th January – Summer Sounds Festival, Bermagui, NSW
Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th March – Cobargo Folk Festival, Cobargo, NSW

Nahko (Nahko and Medicine for the People) Announces Debut Solo Album

Image Courtesy of Nahko

American roots singer Nahko (of Nahko and Medicine for the People fame) has just announced plans to release his debut solo album.

Titled My Name Is Bear Nahko’s album is informed by a time his life that he spent searching for his birth mother who had given him up at the age of 15 after being thrust into unthinkable circumstances. At the age of 21 he did find her, and remarkably she lived just 15 minutes from his home.

“I drove to her house and there she was,” said Nahko. “She was crying, I was crying and consequently, as most of these songs were written between the age of 18 and 21, much of the spirit of My Name Is Bear is informed by this time in my life.”

My Name Is Bear is due for release on the 20th October. The full track listing for the album is below:

1. Dragonfly
2. The Vow (Interlude)
3. Be Here Now
4. Goodnight, Sun
5. Too Much Kerouac (Interlude)
6. Kirby, Joe
7. Susanna
8. Bearly Thoughts (Interlude)
9. Sing Him of My Revelations
10. Hamakua
11. Call Him By His Name
12. Early February
13. Stoned On a Stone (Interlude)
14. Creation’s Daughter
15. Alice
16. Die Like Dinoz

Listen to the New Emma Davis Live Video “Danger In Me”

Emma Davis
Image Courtesy of Emma Davis

Sydney singer-songwriter Emma Davis has just released an absolutely stunning new song “Danger In Me”. The heartfelt track was inspired by the current Marriage Equality “debate” and will be released on her upcoming album.

“I didn’t set out to write a song about love, or marriage,” Emma Davis explained. “I was thinking more about labels and the way we use them to try to understand our minds and behaviours a little better. I think I often use songwriting as a way of processing things and as I kept writing, the song morphed into something else. Something I didn’t even realise had been upsetting me so much.”

Take a listen to “Danger In Me” below:

And as an extra special treat Emma Davis released a live video of the track with her band Bonnie Stewart (drums, vocals) and Luke Wellington (keys, vocals) – check it out here:

Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds Announce New Album The Way You Leave

Brooke Russell
Image Courtesy of Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds

Melbourne Americana band Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds have announced plans to release their second full length album The Way You Leave on the 18th October this year.

Written between Nashville and Melbourne, The Way You Leave features co-writes with Andrew Combs, Clare Reynolds and Tobias Hengeveld as well as covers of JD Souther and Tom Waits.

The second single from The Way You Leave is “Take A Little Time”, following on from “Loose Change” released back in June – take a listen below:

Brooke Russell and The Mean Reds will be launching The Way You Leave at The Spotted Mallard in Melbourne on the 21st October with Xani and Cookie Baker in support. For more information check out the official Facebook event here.

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