New Cass McCombs Single “Brighter” feat. Karen Black

Cass McCombs
Image Courtesy of Cass McCombs

Singer-songwriter Cass McCombs is releasing his new album Big Wheel And Others on the 14th October and has just revealed the next single “Brighter” online. The single features the late actress Karen Black on vocals, to whom the track is dedicated to. Cass McCombs will be in the country for the Laneway festivals next year. Check out “Brighter” below:

New Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Video, “Life Is Hard”

Edward Sharpe
Image Courtesy of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

The latest single from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros is “Life Is Hard”, taken from their new self-titled album. The single has a video that captures the band doing what it does best – putting on a remarkable live show. Check it out below:

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros will be in the country next year for Bluesfest as well as a couple of side shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Full details are below:

Thursday 10th April – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Tuesday 15th April – Palace Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 17th April – Bluesfest, Byron Bay, NSW

Interview: An Evening With Scott Matthew

Scott Matthew
Image Courtesy of Scott Matthew

As a person heavily embedded in the music industry, winding up at far too many gigs than my wallet can handle, in places that my 2012 self could not even fathom, I still find it incredibly difficult to breathe any word to justly describe Scott Matthew and his beautiful music.

Initially receiving critical acclaim for his collective – Elva Snow – in the early 2000‘s, Matthew has since truly become one of the most important artists of our time. Both in the sense of tangible success and the deep and longlasting connection he seems to have with all who listen to his music.

Ladies, gentlemen, Timelords, Countesses, punters, artists and fellow lovers of music – this is an evening with Scott Matthew.

Phono Pop Festival. European Summer. Incredible Line-up. Russelsheim: smallest and kitsch-est town I have ever seen. Matthew was one of the headline acts for this rather underrated festival, held in what seemed like the space between four abandoned warehouses from the fifties. Most people that we had met had Matthew as one of their “must-see” acts, with most of the patrons coming from Frankfurt. Though at first the audience seemed quite small for a festival, it had grown substantially by the second and final day, filling most spaces, but still having enough room to move. Around the hour before Matthew was due to play, we had heard news that he had just landed in Frankfurt and was en route. In front of the smaller and more intimate stage, what was just space was soon filled with long and iridescent benches in anticipation for Matthew’s set.

|| Janine Estoesta: The tour. So, you’re doing a lot of festivals?

Scott Matthew: We’re doing some festivals, not a lot. I mean, this tour is very kind of minimal. My record just came out and then the real tour will start at the end of October. So, this is just kind of like an interim tour. We’re doing some shows in Portugal, some shows in Italy and now doing some in Germany and Austria. But, only for like three and a half weeks.||

Coming from a country where good festivals are scarce and attendees are sometimes ruthless, I was perplexed at first. Though, as the crowd inevitably began to occupy the benches and the cold bitumen, I must admit this incited some intense “warm fuzzies” and respect for German punters and music lovers. Observing them every now and then during sets, they were either singing along to these artists as though the songs were theirs, or just listening. Only a euphoric smile adorning their face and and a tall pint of beer in their hand. Ah, bliss.

|| JE: That’s crazy. And then, selling out Berlin-

SM: We did!

JE: How do you feel about that?

SM: I feel pretty good about it actually, thank you very much! (laughs)

JE: (Laughs) Yes, cultural epicentre. You’re huge here in Europe, is it a huge contrast to New York?

SM: Yeah, pretty much. I mean, it’s a little bit Jekyll and Hyde in the way that things are really lovely here and in New York it’s like it’s pretty much nothing, actually (laughs). It’s a little bit of a mind fuck when I need to kind of have self worth and this stuff validates me and I really love to do it, it’s kind of my life path. When I live in New York and I’m kind of like struggling to know who I am, or whatever. It’s a bit tough, but then you know, I leave so often, I’m kind of in Europe for half the year. So, it kind of makes me, you know, go ‘OK, got myself and I get to do this.’

JE: Did that kind of contribute to the whole concept that you had for “Unlearned”, with the covers?

SM: Not necessarily, I feel like, you know we kind of, like- on tour we would always perform covers and I’ve always liked singing other peoples’ songs and it just felt like a natural thing to do. And, I felt like, above that I proved myself with three records in Europe and I thought I could be allowed to make a covers record because, I proved myself as a singer-songwriter already. ||

Matthew arrives at Phono Pop not very long before his set. Red wine in hand, cigarette in the other and trying to advise the sound engineers that he does not need much of a sound check. Beside him is his glass and bottle of wine, beside those is guitarist Jürgen Stark. Stage complete. The crowd gives a resounding applause of welcome and what felt like a collective feel of comfort. Even with a slight technical faux pas with his first song, Matthew laughs it off, makes a sarcastic joke and continues…

|| “I do feel joy in my life. I don’t live in that place of my music all the time. Even though, it’s totally always just under the surface. It’s just here (touches chest under vest) and it can come out very easily (laughs).” ||

This was my first time seeing Scott Matthew play live. Every YouTube video that I kept on an endless stream through the years, every scene the he appeared in in Shortbus, all those overplayed CD’s, every glimmer of his voice resonating in the darkest corners of my dreams did not even compare to this moment.

|| JE: And then, I guess stemming from that with Short Bus and Cowboy Bebop and all the soundtracks working with Yoko Kanno. Was doing soundtracks something you were always interested in – because they were from a long time ago?

SM: Yeah, it’s strange, with Yoko Kanno, the Japanese stuff, I was basically just a session singer. And, the first job that I was offered to write songs for a film was Shortbus. And, since then I’ve done a little bit of licensing but, I haven’t really done- I’m not really a musician that composes. You know, I couldn’t do a film score. So, it’s not really on my radar for things to do, but if I get the opportunity, then I’ll try.

JE: So, were you approached with Shortbus by John Cameron Mitchell?

SM: John Cameron Mitchell approached me and asked me to write songs for him and, I didn’t know who he was (laughs). He was literally at a party and I said, ‘yes.’ And, it was very organic, you know, it wasn’t like networking or managers or anything. It was just like, you know, it just kind of happened and I was very thankful for that.

JE: Brilliant film.

SM: Yeah- right?! [He] did such a great job – with no money.

JE: Do you perform at a lot of venues like that?

SM: Not really, I mean Shortbus was slightly fictional. I think there was a stage in New York when that existed but, not so much anymore. So, no. I perform occassionally in New York, and when I do that, it’s really good. If I did perform more often it wouldn’t be so good, but when I perform like once every two months, it’s great.

JE: So, the collaboration with Sia – how was that working with her?

SM: How was it working with her? Oh, it was amazing! She’s gorgeous. Oh, my God, she’s incredible. She’s like one of the most, you know, the few famous, really successful musicians that are selfless, you know? And, she was so generous to me and I felt so thankful. I’ve asked a lot of people to collaborate with me, because I admire them, not because they’re famous. And, she was one of the first that said, ‘yes’. Just immediately – like, ‘yeah, of course! I‘ll do it’. Straight up at the little crappy studio that I have in Brooklyn and you know, I didn’t have to pay her, it was all very easy. Yeah, she’s a great singer – Jesus Christ. (laughs)

JE: Is there anyone in the horizon that you would want to collaborate with – everything aside, who would be number one?

SM: Not even everything aside. I’ve been collaborating with a Portuguese composer called Rodrigo Leão and on my latest record there’s a singer called Neil Hannon and he’s from Divine Comedy, a band that I loved from the nineties. And also, another person that collaborated with him was a woman named Beth Gibbons from Portishead and we all got to do a show together in Lisbon and I met them and that’s how I got to work with Neil. But, then Beth had said that she’d do it as well, and so for my latest record I tried to get her to sing on it and obviously not through any fault of her own, she couldn’t do. She was having a baby and she was touring and she was moving house, so she’s my latest, kind of, obsession. And, you know, I’ve been obsessed with her since the early days of Portishead and I think she’s incredible. Beyond that, I think she’s a really lovely person. I think she’s nice.

JE: Are there any unsigned or underground musicians that you’re interested in at the minute?

SM: Well, I’ve got my friends in New York. My friends make music in New York and they’re amazing. And there’s a woman – Holly Miranda – I don’t know if you know her, well yeah, she’s been around for a while and she’s signed to- what’s her label? I can’t remember her label, but one of the most famous labels in Australia. [They] released her album, she didn’t do too well and got dropped, now she’s coming back with a new record and it’s incredible. So, Holly Miranda! And, there’s also Clint Michigan, who’s an amazing sort of singer-songwriter outfit based in folk and incredibly sentimental, about family and drug addiction and really beautiful subjects that are just pure. They’re the most- they’re my favourites. ||

|| “Do you know that my Mum and Dad came on tour with me? It was totally mental. So, Jameson Whisky had this project they were trying to get off the ground. Their project was, “it’s a family business”. And, they’d asked my friend in Berlin to kind of, like, direct this project and it was about photographing fathers and sons. And just, it kind of being like, you know, a documentation of fathers and sons and their relationship and their interaction. My friend Mario said like, ‘well, I want to do that with Scott Matthew and can we fly his father in to do this here in Berlin? Because, he’s on tour and he’s gonna be here?’ And, they’re like, ‘yeah, sure’. And, I asked my Dad and he was like, ‘yeah, I’d to do that, but I won’t go without your mother.’ So then what happened was Mario went back to Jameson Whisky and went, ‘well, we might need two tickets, will you do that?’ And, they said, ‘yeah, it’s kind of expensive but, we’ll do that.’ So, my Mum came as well! And, so my Mum and Dad- I was on tour – so, my Mum and Dad came to Europe and then toured with me for like two weeks. This is crazy.

(Did they love it though?)

They LOVED it. I mean, they’re from the bush in fucking Australia. And, this is like ridiculous for me too, because it was kind of the first time my parents had seen me doing my thing, you know? Usually, when we meet or connect it’s in their world. Or, my old world, and this was a chance for them to see me doing my thing as an adult and as a man that’s, you know, not connected to anything they know. And, it was really special. And then, of course, that lead to my Dad being on my record. My Dad sang with me.” ||

And thus ends, this particular evening with Scott Matthew.

Australian tour coming in 2014 – presented by Galloping Sheep and Ling Ang Film.

Watch the New Nick Mulvey Video, “Nitrous”

Nick Mulvey
Image Courtesy of Nick Mulvey

UK singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey has just released the video for his upcoming video “Nitrous”. The video is directed by Alden Volney and features some lyrics from a 90s dance hit you may just find yourself singing along to. Check it out below:

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 27th September


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

– Award winning Sydney singer-songwriter HeyMun shared a live version of her new single “Sailor”. Details here

Jordie Lane has released his new single “Here She Comes” ahead of his upcoming national tour. Details here

Mumford & Sons have announced they are going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Details here

– The Fleurieu Folk Festival have announced a cracker of a lineup including Old Man Luedecke (above), Jordie Lane, The Seals, The BordererS, Siskin River, Danny Spooner, The Mae Trio, The Timbers, Kaurna Cronin, The Weeping Willows and many many more. Details here

Bluesfest announced their second round of artists including The Doobie Brothers, Boz Scaggs, Steve Earle, CW Stoneking and so so so many more. Details here

– And yet another festival lineup announcement hit this week with Laneway revealing their 2014 artists. On the folky end of the spectrum was Daughter, Frightened Rabbit, Cass McCombs and Vance Joy. Details here

Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel are working on their third album and have a tour planned this November. Details here

– Sydney’s Oscar Lush released his new album The World Is Round So I’ll Go Round last week and will be officially launching it at a secret gig next week. Details here

Damien Dempsey is returning to Australia this November with an appearance at the Australian World Music Expo as well as shows in Sydney and Perth. Details here

– Sydney folk band Arbori are touring for Timber and Steel this October and November. Details here

Robert Ellis is returning to Australia for a headline tour with Cory Chisel this November. Details here

– Sydney’s Little May have released their new single “Hide” and have announced their debut EP. Details here

Communion Melbourne are back this October with a lineup that includes Bear’s Den, The Tiger and Me, Grizzly Jim Lawrie and Kate Martin. Details here

– And Communion Melbourne is not the only headline show Bear’s Den are doing while they’re in town – they’ve announced shows in Sydney and Brisbane as well. Details here

Isaac de Heer has released his latest video “Streets of del Mino”. Details here

Timber and Steel favourite Johnny Flynn has released a gorgeous lyric video for his track “After Eliot”. Details here

– The new EP from Woody Pitney arrives on Monday but in the meantime we have a stream of his latest single “When You Go”. Details here

Whitley is heading out on a massive national tour this November. Details here


“Liz Frencham starts her Joy Spring tour in Newtown this week and continues through September along the Eastern Coast and hinterland, stopping in at Newcastle, Canberra, Wollongong, Newtown, Glebe, Allambie Heights and Katoomba and then continues into Queensland with more dates to be announced”Liz Frencham chats to Bill Quinn. Interview here


“How can anyone recharge creatively if your only input is stepping out onto an arena stage every night and playing the same 12 songs over and over again?”Gareth Hugh Evans discusses why a hiatus is a good thing for Mumford & Sons. Blog here



“If I had to explain why Oh the Light hasn’t got the recognition it deserves, I’d say it was down to its unusual blend of flavours. At times, it’s reminiscent of the country rock and rich harmonies of the Eagles or America. But carefully as he wields it, Luke O’Connor’s blue-eyed soul singing cuts starkly against that. It’s too loud and glitzy to be soft rock, mixed wide and full, like Jeff Lynne’s version of the wall of sound. The songs have strong momentum, and are sometimes catchy like the best pop music. But they’re also quite long, and, perhaps, too self-consciously verbose for that label”JDX reviews the Steelbirds album Oh The Light. Review here

Releases This Week

Black Coffee
Black CoffeeLachlan Bryan and The Wildes

Timber and Steel Presents

Friday 4th October – Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne, VIC

Gigs Next Week

Ashleigh Mannix
Friday 27th September – The Up Front Bar, Maleny, QLD
Saturday 28th September – The Valley Markets, Fortitude Valley, QLD
Saturday 28th September – The Loft, Chevron Island, Gold Coast, QLD

Friday 27th September – Astor Theatre, Perth, WA
Saturday 28th September – Wave Rock Weekender, Hyden, WA

Jack Carty
Friday 27th September – Ya Ya’s, Perth, WA
Saturday 28th September – Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, WA
Thursday 3rd October – Lizotte’s, Newcastle, NSW
Friday 4th October – The Clarendon, Katoomba, NSW

Jinja Safari
Friday 27th September – Forum, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 28th September – Karova, Ballarat, VIC
Thursday 3rd October – Adelaide Uni Bar, Adelaide, SA
Friday 4th October – Settlers Tavern, Margaret River, WA

Liz Frencham
Friday 27th September – The Royal Exchange, Newcastle, NSW
Saturday 28th September – Canberra Southern Cross Club, Canberra, ACT
Sunday 29th September – Yours & Owls, Wollongong, NSW
Thursday 3rd October – Colbourne Ave, Glebe, NSW
Friday 4th October – Humph Hall, Nth Sydney, NSW

Loren Kate
Friday 27th September – Maleny Community Centre, Maleny, QLD
Saturday 28th September – Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, QLD
Saturday 28th September – Majestic Theatre, Pomona, QLD

Nigel Wearne
Friday 27th to Sunday 29th September – Wallaby Creek Festival, Rossville, QLD
Thursday 3rd October – Bottlerocket Bar & Cafe, Nowra, NSW
Friday 4th October – Harmonie German Club, Narrabundah, ACT

Olivers Army
Friday 4th October – The Spotted Mallard, Melbourne, VIC

Potato Potato
Friday 4th October – Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick Heads, NSW

Rose Wintergreen with Rosie Catalano, Dan and Hannah Acfield
Friday 4th October – The Hideaway, Brisbane, QLD

Sunday 29th September – Django Bar, Sydney, NSW
Monday 30th September – The Front Gallery & Cafe, Canberra, ACT
Tuesday 1st October – Temora Town Hall Theatre, Temora, NSW
Wednesday 2nd October – Batlow Garden Cafe, Batlow, NSW
Thursday 3rd October – The Mill Echuca, Echuca, VIC
Friday 4th October – Paris Cat Jazz Club, Melbourne, VIC

The Lamplights and Buffalo Tales
Thursday 3rd October – Bangalow Bowls Club, Bangalow, NSW
Friday 4th October – The Soundlounge, Gold Coast, QLD

The Paper Kites
Friday 27th September – The Waratah Hotel, Hobart, TAS
Saturday 28th September – The Forum, Melbourne, VIC

The Stillsons
Friday 27th September – The Sound Lounge, Currumbin, QLD
Saturday 28th September – The Royal Mail, Goodna, QLD
Saturday 28th September – The Joynt, Brisbane, QLD
Sunday 29th September – The Powerhouse, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday 3rd October – The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW
Friday 4th October – 5 Church St, Bellingen, NSW

The Woohoo Revue
Friday 27th September – Nexus Arts Centre, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 28th September – The Loft, Warrnambool, VIC

Xavier Rudd, Donavon Frankenreiter and Nahko and Medicine for the People
Saturday 28th September – Oceans Winery, Margaret River, WA
Sunday 29th September – Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, WA
Thursday 3rd October – The Forum, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 4th October – Big Top, Sydney, NSW

Friday Folk Flashback

“Sister” – Mumford and Sons

We were sad to hear the (not at all unexpected) news this week that Mumford and Sons would be taking a hiatus. So we thought we’d celebrate the band with one of our favourite non-album tracks, “Sister”.

Bear’s Den Announce Two More Headline Shows

Bear's Den
Image Courtesy of Bear’s Den

After being announced as the headline act for Communion Melbourne this October when they’re in the country to support Matt Corby’s national tour we thought we we done for Bear’s Den news for you this week. But apparently not, with the band announcing two more headline shows, one in Sydney and one in Brisbane.

Bear’s Den will be releasing their new EP Without/Within in Australia on the 1st November. The full list of dates, both headline and Matt Corby supports, are below:

Saturday 12th October – The Soda Factory, Sydney, NSW
Wednesday 16th October – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Sunday 20th October – Communion, The Toff in Town, Melbourne, VIC

Matt Corby Supports:
Wednesday 9th October – Wollongong University, Wollongong, NSW
Thursday 10th October – ANU Bar, Canberra, ACT
Friday 11th October – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, NSW
Tuesday 15th October – Convention Centre, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday 17th October – City Hall, Hobart, TAS
Friday 18th October – Festival Hall, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 23rd October – GPAC Playhouse, Geelong, VIC
Thursday 24th October – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide, SA
Sunday 27th October – Arts centre, Fremantle, WA

Review: SteelBirds, Oh the Light

Oh The Light
Image Courtesy of Steelbirds

In the time I’ve had to consider it, I’ve been astonished by how little buzz I’ve heard around SteelBirds’ debut. Oh the Light has been, so far, a hidden musical treasure. No, I’m not talking about another aggressively anti-social cult classic. I’m talking about a comfort food you don’t know you’re missing. This is, undeniably, a delicious record, lovingly recorded, carefully arranged and beautifully played.

Don’t take our word for it. The album is streaming on SteelBirds’ Bandcamp. Go listen to it. Right now.You can read the rest of this review if you want. I may have more to say. But meanwhile, let the music answer the important questions. It’s ok. It can’t hurt you. Just Press Play.

If I had to explain why Oh the Light hasn’t got the recognition it deserves, I’d say it was down to its unusual blend of flavours. At times, it’s reminiscent of the country rock and rich harmonies of the Eagles or America. But carefully as he wields it, Luke O’Connor’s blue-eyed soul singing cuts starkly against that. It’s too loud and glitzy to be soft rock, mixed wide and full, like Jeff Lynne’s version of the wall of sound. The songs have strong momentum, and are sometimes catchy like the best pop music. But they’re also quite long, and, perhaps, too self-consciously verbose for that label.

Genre mixing is commonplace in modern alternative music. And listening to SteelBirds is no harder than listening to a dozen other bands with disparate influences. But the sound they make is, as far as I can tell, unique. And uniquely hard to write about. If I have to name a contemporary,, it would be Caitlin Rose, whose new album The Stand In received a lot of acclaim from the country music press earlier this year.

What SteelBirds really need is a song on the radio. “Above the Sky” was well-chosen as the first single, drawing me in easily with its striking dips and swells, strong imagery and excellent electric guitar work from Shannon Trottman. But “This is your Life” would be equally good – short, fast and loud, the closest they get to straight rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe even “Worthy Man”, with mariachi horns, powerful marching drum beat and O’connor taking the chance to show off just a little. “Take the Lead” as a balls out country ballad, complete with fiddle, would prove their authenticity. But closing track “Falling Fire”, with its perfect piano hook, and the twists and turns it takes to get to its huge chorus would be an even more compelling slow-burner. Damn. That’s half the album.

All of this does beg the question of where on the radio all these songs would fit. But that’s not your problem. You’re already in on the secret. My point Is that this music speaks for itself much better than I can speak for it. If you’re good at multi-tasking, you’re already making up your own mind. If you’ve not started listening yet, here’s one more chance.

I’m not saying, by the way, that this album is perfect. The lyrics are sometimes too wordy, and sometimes prone to excessive cliché. Ekamai seems like a joke I don’t get, which I wouldn’t mind if the chorus weren’t a giant logical fallacy. But that sort of thing will only worry you after the fact. Comfort food, after all, is all about excess, all about living in a moment.

Whatever their genre, SteelBirds are a remarkable band, and Oh the Light reflects the quality of their musicianship as much as the variety of their inspiration. I believe they deserve much more critical attention than they’ve received so far. But more importantly, I think they deserve to comfort you, in your car, at a barbecue, on your ipod. They won’t disappoint you. Just press play.

Whitley Announces Roadside Tour

Whitley Tour
Image Courtesy of Whitley

This October Whitley is once again packing his bags and hitting the road for a massive 23 date tour. Kicking off in Tasmania the tour will see Whitley take in dates right around the country including a stopover at the A Day On The Green events with Bernard Fanning, The Cruel Sea, Sarah Blasko and Bob Evans.

Supporting Whitley on the tour will be Seagull. The full list of dates are below:

Friday 11th October – Hotel New York, Launceston, TAS
Saturday 12th October – The Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS
Thursday 17th October – Caravan, Oakleigh, VIC
Friday 18th October – Howler, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 19th October – Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC
Thursday 24th October – Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC
Friday 25th October – Bendigo Bank Theatre, Bendigo, VIC
Saturday 26th October – A Day On The Green, Mudgee, NSW
Sunday 27th October – Ed Castle, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 2nd November – A Day On The Greeen, Hunter Valley, NSW
Sunday 3rd November – A Day On The Green, Mount Cotton, QLD
Saturday 9th November – A Day On The Green, Yarra Valley, VIC
Wednesday 13th November – Transit, Canberra ACT
Thursday 14th November – Captains, Batemans Bay, NSW
Friday 15th November – Yours and Owls, Wollongong, NSW
Saturday 16th November – Goodgod, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 17th November – Small Ballroom, Newcastle, NSW
Thursday 28th November – Alhambra, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 29th November – Woombye Pub, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Saturday 30th November – Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast, QLD
Saturday 7th December – Amplifier, Perth, WA
Sunday 8th December – Mojo, Fremantle, WA
Friday 13th December – Railway Club, Darwin, NT

Woody Pitney Releases Second Single “When You Go”

Woody Pitney
Image Courtesy of Woody Pitney

Melbourne singer-songwriter Woody Pitney will be be releasing his new EP Afterdust this weekend (on the 30th September to be exact) and to get you excited he’s revealed the second single “When You Go”. Take a listen below:

New Johnny Flynn Video, “After Eliot”

Johnny Flynn
Image Courtesy of Johnny Flynn

The video for Johnny Flynn’s new single “After Eliot” debuted on Mojo last week so we thought was about time to share it with you. “After Eliot” is taken from Flynn’s upcoming album Country Mile which is due on the 30th September. Watch the video below:

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