Review: Most Requested: Live 2009 – 2012, The Little Stevies

The Little Stevies
Image Courtesy of The Little Stevies

Beautiful, fun and warming is what you get with The Little Stevies album, Most Requested Live 2009 – 2012. Their live album is an honest and gorgeous storybook album containing winsome songwriting and the kind of joy and authencity that is a rarity in the music scene. To be able to project the energy they create live onto both a recording and a live video is a hard feat The Little Stevies have easily fulfilled.

“Accidentally” is a great showcase and stand out of the alternative pop sound of The Little Stevies. You can hear the pop and the catchy hooks in the song yet there’s something more genuine and deep-seated about the song that you can’t let it go without playing it at least once more. Their cover of The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition” is to lightly put it – magnificient! They’ve Little Stevie-d it with their trademark three-part harmonies for a loveable, enchanting take on the hit song.

This trio are truly delightful and charming to watch and listening to the tad bits of stories about lady dance troupes, playing alongside Rage Against the Machine, a kidnapped tram, remind me of the extra features parts you get with the latest movie you purchase on DVD. If you’re a fan of the band you wouldn’t want to miss each golden moment, amusing story or cheerful banter that come with the most beloved and requested songs from this three-piece they call The Little Stevies.

Most Requested: Live 2009 – 2012 is available from Bandcamp.

Tanya Batt Releases “Jail Birds”

Tanya Batt

Tanya Batt is a lady with a bright musical future. Last year I watched her launch “Secret Doors and Passageways: at the John Curtin in such a burning manner I’ve been keeping a close ear on her every since. Her latest single “Jails Birds” is bound to spread like wildfire. Tanya’s powerful soul voice is backed by a great arrangement of instrumentals and driven beats that the result is an infectious sound that I have difficulty listening to only once at a time.

You can grab “Jail Birds” for free here.

“Jail Birds”

This article was originally published on Raindrops and Rooftops here.

Review: Hudson, The Undertow EP

The Undertow EP
Image Courtesy of Hudson

Purely uplifting, yet delicate and fragile is the music of Hudson. But there are many layers to his sound and when asked about the difference between his newly released The Undertow EP and Open Up Slowly from 2011, Travis Aulsebrook, the man behind Hudson simply writes, “Time”.

“My first EP was recorded just four months after I started writing songs for myself. It was all done in a bit of an excited newbie rush. For this one I had a good year or so to dream up arrangements and then a decent chunk of time to get them down in the studio.”

Trav, as he’s called by friends, is a late twenty-something sharp, reflective soul. Listening to his music almost feels like you’ve met this guy many times before and over a pint or caffeinated beverage is simply filling you in on the happenings of his life and the world around him.

The Undertow EP has all the buzz and pop of his first EP with toasty, catchy tunes and soaring sounds but there’s also a darker edge. What you can hear is a maturity and perfection in each masterfully orchestrated track presented to the ear and a confidence emulated through his soothing, alluring vocals. The addition of synths, keys and horn to guitar and bass add to the intricacies of every well-placed rhythm, beat and melody, every well-thought word and phrase. The stand out song would definitely have to be “His Shadow”. It starts off slow but steadily a curious synth can be heard creeping in before the keys, drums and then trumpet escalate the grandeur of a personal victory described through artful lyrics. Absolutely captivating.

“Some people have told me I write good ‘journey’ tracks for road trips and the like but for me, I feel like well written and performed music automatically makes for good highway accompaniment.”

If you are heading on the road or just feel like escaping into your mind, The Undertow EP is certainly one fellow you want to slip into your ears.

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