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Wait Long By The River
Image Courtesy of Wait Long By The River

Anyone who knows me in real life will know I’m a voracious consumer of Podcasts, both of the folk variety (Folkcast, The Mike Harding Folk Show, etc) and the non-folk variety (too many to mention). So when I find a new podcast that I absolutely love I have to tell the world. Especially if it’s a Podcast about music.

Recently I discovered Wait Long By The River, the new music interview podcast from Melbourne musician James Fahy. The podcast is recorded live in front of an audience on the first Wednesday of every month at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill. And while it’s not exclusively about folk music there’s been enough folk artists interviewed so far to make it worth spruiking here.

The episode that hooked me was the interview with folk singer Mandy Connell (who is also part of Melbourne trad group Stray Hens). Listen to it below:

If you like what you hear you should check out the official Wait Long By The River site here and also subscribe on iTunes free here.

Fairlight Folk Announces August Lineup

Justin Bernasconi
Image Courtesy of Justin Bernasconi

Quarterly Sydney folk music evening Fairlight Folk Acoustic Lounge is gearing up for its August event with the announcement of three fantastic artists. Fairlight Folk is held each quarter at the William Street Studios in Fairlight on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has a reputation as one of the most intimate, welcoming regular nights in the city.

On Saturday 9th August Fairlight Folk will play host to Melbourne singer-songwriter (and band) Justin Bernasconi and the Dukes of Thornbury, blues balladeer Aaron Lyon and local (via the USA) singer-songwriter Laura Zarb.

The night kicks off at 7pm with tickets just $20. For more information check out the official Facebook event here.

Watch the New Stray Hens Video “Byker Hill”

Stray Hens
Image Courtesy of Stray Hens

There’s something about the track “Byker Hill” that trad bands just love. The song is originally from England and is about coal miners (as so many good folk songs are).

The latest version of “Byker Hill” comes courtesy of Melbourne trad five-piece Stray Hens. I really like this version – it feels really contemporary and has a string bending new clip from Ryan Tews Photography. Check out the video below:

Josh T Pearson Announces First Ever Australian Shows

Josh T Pearson
Image Courtesy of Josh T Pearson

The amazing Josh T Pearson has this week announced his first ever Australian shows. Pearson has been praised the world over as an intensely honest and beautiful singer-songwriter.

This October Josh T Pearson will be in the country as part of the contemporary music program at this year’s Melbourne Festival and will also be making a stop over in Sydney while he’s here. Check out the full list of dates below:

Tuesday 14th October – Foxtel Festival Hub, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 16th October – Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW

Watch the New Jack Carty Video “The Joneses”

jack Carty
Image Courtesy of Jack Carty

Last month Jack Carty released his brand new Josh-Pyke-co-Written track “The Joneses”, and this week he’s released a video to go along with it. The video was shot in black and white by Carty and his housemates and features some interpretive dance. “The Joneses” is from Jack Carty’s upcoming new album – check out the video below:

Interview: Direwolf

Image Courtesy of Direwolf

The new EP from Sydney singer-songwriter Direwolf, AKA Matt Dewar, is released this week so we thought it was as good a time as any to chat to the man about the process of putting it together.

Gareth Hugh Evans: You’ve been playing the Sydney scene for a while but your debut EP is just coming out this week. What’s gone into putting the EP together? How did you select the tracks?

Matt Dewar: Man I can tell you that’s definitely been a mix dose of unrelenting stress, but I’ve been lucky to have worked with such incredible people that the end result is something I’m 94% happy with, which is quite a lot. I’m sure I’m not the only songwriter to have written a whole EP and then rolled over one day saying “I can’t believe I almost released this. No thanks, bin them all”. That happened twice unfortunately, but after getting out of my head for awhile and taking some time to be inspired the tracks kind of chose themselves. And it felt right.

GHE: I’ve seen you name drop artists like Bon Iver and The Tallest Man on Earth as influences – how much do you think these artists find their way into your songs?

MD: Definitely in more ways than one huh. I’d probably say melody is the main one. Both have an incredible sense of weaving notes so poetically they hardly even need lyrics.

GHE: I saw you’ve been busy shooting a video – tell us a little about the experience.

MD: Ah that was a doozy. Myself and 5 companions headed up to the frost stricken Barrington Tops over one weekend. It was wonderful, the scenery and solitude up there couldn’t have been more fitting for what we were trying to capture. I distinctly remember driving hours through the mountains trying to find snow, and once we did a friend of mine Dave (cameraman, has never seen snow) jumped amongst the sleet on the side of the road and was tossing it about. A nice moment.

GHE: It feels like the Sydney folk and acoustic scene is really exploding right now with bars and clubs and even shops and cafes taking a punt on live music. Do you think the Sydney live scene is in a healthy place right now?

MD: I think it’s arguable depending on who you ask. I’d personally agree and say that things like house concerts and small shows are exploding like fireworks. But even the people who play / watch these shows make it healthy. There’s so much love and respect between songwriters and onlookers that I rarely walk away from a show feeling ignored.

GHE: Once the EP’s out what’s next for Direwolf?

MD: Tour it, most likely along the east coast and possibly to Adelaide. Then I’m aiming to write an album / head overseas. After making an EP I’m ridiculously excited to start writing an album.

The new untitled Direwolf EP will be available on Friday 1st August. Direwolf will be launching the EP at Hiberninan House in Sydney on the 1st August with Brendon Moon and Karl-Christoph in support – for more details check out the official Facebook invite here.

Listen to the New Joe Mungovan Track “Cotton Wool”

Joe Mongoven
Image Courtesy of Joe Mungovan

Kiama based singer-songwriter Joe Mungovan recently released his new single “Cotton Wool”, the latest track from his EP June and July. Mungovan’s been getting a lot of love for the single already with a spin on Roots N All and some positive reviews on triple j Unearthed.

Take a listen to “Cotton Wool” below:

Watch The Pigs Play Fourteen songs About Lorraine in Five Minutes

The Pigs
Image Courtesy of The Pigs

While The Pigs are hard at work on their new album they’ve taken time out to produce this video featuring 14 songs about Lorraine.

The song is … well, you should just watch it:

Listen to the New Turtle & Fox Track “Im A Sardine”

Turtle and Fox
Image Courtesy of Turtle & Fox

Turtle & Fox are a brother-sister duo out of Melbourne that are producing some really deceptively sweet indie-folk. Dan Rawlins has been a stalwart of the Melbourne scene for a while and has teamed with his younger sister Shireen Rawlins on the Turtle & Fox project.

Their new single is “I’m a Sardine”, recorded in their home studio in south-eastern Melbourne.

“Whether I like it or not, “I’m a Sardine” was definitely brewing with in my sub-conscious, dealing with feelings of futility and helplessness on the back of some extremely frustrating health complications,” Dan Rawlins explains. “I was grappling with a way to explore the different coping mechanisms that people develop to deal with tough times. Once the lyrical concept of utilising animal based metaphors popped into my head the rest was easy and I wrote the entire song in one sitting down on Elwood beach.”

Take a listen to “I’m a Sardine” from Turtle & Fox below:

Artists Announced for The Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival

The Company
Image Courtesy of The Company

Last year was my first ever Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival and I have to say I was impressed. It’s a small, family orientated folk festival that manages to attract some amazing talent, both locally and from abroad.

This year’s Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival will take place on the 24th, 25th and 26th of October in Dorrigo, NSW. The lineup includes a bunch of overseas acts including Annie Lou Band (Canada), Chris Henry and The Hardcore Grass (USA), Colin O’Brien (USA), Kirk Sutphin and Eddie Bond (USA) and Tattletale Saints (NZ) along with a bunch of local Timber and Steel favourites like Catgut, CloudStreet, Dan Parsons, Fred Smith, Lucy Wise Trio, Margaret and Bob Fagan, Oh Pep!, One Up Two Down, Stray Hens, The Company (above), The Mid North, The Morrisons and many many more.

To get more information on the festival check out the official site here. The full lineup (so far) is below along with a video of last year’s festival to get you in the mood:

Annie Lou Band (Canada), Chris Henry and The Hardcore Grass (USA), Colin O’Brien (USA), Kirk Sutphin and Eddie Bond (USA), Tattletale Saints (NZ), Appalachian Heaven, Astro Cobalt, Barkers Vale Brothers, Black Train, Catgut, Ceilidh Clan, Chloe and Jason Roweth, CloudStreet, Dan Parsons, Evan Mathieson, Fred Smith, Hardrive, Headland, Honey and Knives, Juzzie Smith, Kaloobafak, Karen Lynne Bluegrass Circle, Kym Pitman, Luciano Mesiti, Lucy Wise Trio, Margaret and Bob Fagan, Morgan Billy Goat Tucker, Oh Pep!, One Up Two Down, Putty Road, Rebecca Wright and Donald McKay, Sam and Gary Sheppard, Spirit of the Glen, Stray Hens, The Company, The Jiggles, The Mid North, The Morrisons, The Pitts Family Circus, The Wish List, Tonchi McIntosh and John Bennett

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