Watch the New Leah Senior Video “You Were Not Fit For The Day”

Leah Senior
Image Courtesy of Leah Senior

Melbourne based folk singer-songwriter Leah Senior has just released her haunting new single and video “You Were Not Fit For The Day”. The track is taken from Senior’s second album Pretty Faces which is due for release this Friday 26th May.

“The song came out of feeling helpless to life’s tide, looking back instead of forward,” Leah Senior explained. “It’s about being unable to stop a reckless trajectory.”

Check out the video for “You Were Not Fit For The Day” below:

Beautiful right? To celebrate the release of Pretty Faces Leah Senior kicks off a tour this week – the full list of dates are here:

Friday 26th May – The Loft, Warrnambool, VIC
Friday 9th June – Korova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC
Saturday 17th June – The Toff, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 24th June – Golden Age, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 29th June – The End, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 7th to Sunday 9th July – Bello Winter Festival, Bellingen, NSW

Watch the New Helen Shanahan Video “Camouflaged”

Helen Shanahan
Image Courtesy of Helen Shanahan

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Perth based singer-songwriter Helen Shanahan. Having released her debut album Every Little Sting at the start of the month Shanahan has just sold out her launch shows in WA.

Shanahan’s new single and video is “Camouflaged” which you can watch right here:

Helen Shanahan has one date left on her album launch tour, at the Petersham Bowling Club in Sydney on the 1st June. Check out the official Facebook event for more details.

Watch the New Nick Mulvey Video “Unconditional”

Nick Mulvey
Image Courtesy of Nick Mulvey

The amazing English indie-folk singer-songwriter Nick Mulvey has just released his highly anticipated new single and video “Unconditional”. The track is Mulvey’s first since his incredible debut album First Mind and is the first taster for an as yet unnamed new album due later this year.

Check out “Unconditional” below:

Watch the New Teeny Tiny Stevies Video “Family (Love Is Love)”

Teeny Tiny Stevies
Image Courtesy of Teeny Tiny Stevies

Teeny Tiny Stevies, the kids-music project from Melbourne duo The Little Stevies, have just released their new animated video “Family (Love Is Love)”. Taken from their debut album Useful Songs for Little People, the track celebrates the different types of family units around Australia.

Check out “Family (Love Is Love)” below:

The Decemberists and Olivia Chaney Announce Trad Project Offa Rex and New Album

The Decemberists
Image Courtesy of The Decemberists

Portland-based indie-folk darlings The Decemberists and English singer-songwriter Olivia Chaney have announced their new collaborative project Offa Rex and their upcoming album The Queen of Hearts.

The project will see The Decemberists and Olivia Chaney reimagine a number of traditional British songs in their own unique style.

“There’s this weird relationship between British and American music, this interesting trade and theft that goes back and forth,” Colin Meloy from The Decemberists explained. “My hope was that if we — the neophytes, the dilettantes, the pretenders — brought Olivia to Portland to work with Tucker, perhaps these traditional British songs would be infused with something different.”

The Queen of Hearts is due for release on the 7th July. The full track listing and the video for the sixties-English-folk-revival-esque title track “The Queen of Hearts” is below:

1. The Queen of Hearts
2. Blackleg Miner
3. The Gardener
4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
5. Flash Company
6. Old Churchyard
7. Constant Billy (Oddington) / I’ll Go Enlist (Sherborne)
8. Willie o’ Winsbury
9. Bonny May
10. Sheepcrook and Black Dog
11. To Make You Stay

Watch the New Pokey LaFarge Video “Riot in the Streets”

Pokey LaFarge
Image Courtesy of Pokey LaFarge

American revival singer-songwriter Pokey LaFarge has just revealed his new video “Riot in the Streets” ahead of the release of his new album Manic Revelations, due this Friday 19th May.

The track tackles the issues facing many Americans today including the recent riots resulting from the police shootings of unarmed African Americans.

“When I travel around and talk to people, they are scared of America,” LaFarge explained. “They think we are all fat and ignorant. It’s unbelievable to realize I have this platform. I want to change attitudes and nowhere is that [more important] than in my own backyard.”

Check out the video for “Riot in the Streets” below:

The Ahern Brothers Announce Self Titled Album and National Tour

Ahern Brothers
Image Courtesy of The Ahern Brothers

The Ahern Brothers is the new project from Timber and Steel favourite singer-songwriters Josh Rennie-Hynes and Steve Grady. Formed after an impromptu trip to the US last year the new duo have announced plans to launch their self-titled album on the 23rd June.

“Steve and I hadn’t written anything together before, but as soon as we got to San Francisco we pulled out our guitars, and the songs just came pouring out,” Rennie-Hynes said. “We’d wake up, make a Coffee and work on writing a song for that day. At the end of three weeks, we had a bunch of material that we were so proud of.”

The first single from the album is the beautiful “Comb That River” which has a real Everly Brothers vibe. Check out the video below:

The Ahern Brothers are also heading out on a national tour, kicking off at the end of June. The full list of dates are as follows:

Thursday 29th June – Treehouse, Byron Bay, NSW
Friday 30th June – 5 Church Street, Bellingen, NSW
Saturday 1st July – Royal Mail Hotel, Ipswich, QLD
Friday 7th July – Woodford Open Space, Woodford, QLD
Friday 14th July – Flow Bar, Old Bar, NSW
Thursday 20th July – Django Bar, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 22nd July – The Wesley Anne, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 28th July – Green Door Wines, Ferguson Valley, WA
Saturday 29th July – The Church, Donnybrook, WA
Sunday 30th July – The Pottery-Restaurant, Bridgetown, WA
Thursday 3rd August – Secret Show, Mandurah, WA
Friday 4th August – Wild Vinegar, Bunbury, WA
Saturday 5th August – Secret Show, Fremantle, WA
Sunday 6th August – Secret Show, Perth, WA

Watch the New Gillian Welch Video “Dark Turn of Mind”

Gillian Welch
Image Courtesy of Gillian Welch

Last week Americana music legend Gillian Welch announced plans to re-release her amazing 2011 album The Harrow & The Harvest on vinyl for the first time on the 28th July.

“We have been working and waiting 20 years to bring you our music on phonograph record. It took a while, because we wanted to do it the right way, the absolute best way humanly possible, and I believe that’s what we’ve done,” Welch explained. “No sonic stone was left unturned, no nuance let fall by the wayside. There is honestly nothing else I can imagine hoping to hear out of the original tapes. It is all there in the groove. As people whose lives were changed by the sound of music coming off turntables, we humbly invite you to include us in your record collection.”

To celebrate the release Gillian Welch has released the official video for the track “Dark Turn Of Mind” – check it out below:

Watch the New Fleet Foxes Video “Fool’s Errand”

Fleet Foxes
Image Courtesy of Fleet Foxes

With their new album Crack-Up due next month (on the 16th June for those of you playing at home) it makes sense that Fleet Foxes would start releasing some new music.

Their latest video is for the track “Fool’s Errand” and was directed by Sean Pecknold – check it out below:

At the moment Fleet Foxes only have Sydney dates announced for the Australian leg of their international tour and this close to the tour we’re not holding out much hope for more shows. The full list of dates is here:

Friday 26th May – Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 27th May – Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 28th May – Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Monday 29th May – Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW

Watch the New Alanna and Alicia Video “Mockingbird Hill”

Alanna and Alicia
Image Courtesy of Alanna and Alicia

Melbourne based jazz-folk sister duo Alanna and Alicia recently launched their new album Songs I’m Singing with Me to much acclaim at this year’s National Folk Festival.

If you missed the launch never fear – the sisters have released their new video “Mockingbird Hill” for you to enjoy and we have it below:

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