Mikelangelo and the Tin Star Launch Their Debut Album

Mikelangelo and the Tin Star
Image Courtesy of Mikelangelo and the Tin Star

When I first read the bio of Mikelangelo and the Tin Star I have to say I was skeptical. The band describes themselves as a fusion of surf and western, a combination which on its surface seems a little dubious (aren’t westerns set in the desert). But when you listen to their music the sound just works.

Mikelangelo and the Tin Star are just about to release their debut album The Surf ‘n’ Western Sounds Of… and have lined up a launch party at Sydney’s famous venue The Vanguard on the 17th June with Saint Clare, Go Girl Gadget Go Go! and Rufino & the Coconuts in support. But if you’re not in Sydney and the idea of surf-western tickles your fancy don’t fret – the band also have Melbourne and Canberra dates on the cards. The full list of shows is below:

Friday 10th June – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Friday 17th June – The Vanguard, Sydney (Album Launch)
Saturday 18th June – Tilleys, Canberra

If we’ve managed to spark your interest but you’re still not a hundred per cent have a listen below – we may win you over yet.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ “40 Day Dream” Video

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Image Courtesy of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

The new video from our favourite alt-western group Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, for the track “40 Day Dream”, has just been released. The video is the third in a proposed 12-part music video series from the band entitled SALVO!, the first being for “Desert Song” and the second for “Kisses Over Babylon”.

The video for “40 Day Dream” continues the adventures of Edward Sharpe. According to the band’s vimeo blurb:

“40 Day Dream finds Edward and Brother hiding out in the desert after their violent jail-break. Jade, having received a telepathic message from Brother, brings them to meet the rest of the Magnetic Zeros. Edward is welcomed by his new family and his troubles are briefly lifted by a healing vision of togetherness. After a night of revelry, Edward is awakened by Angel.”

To follow the entire SALVO! story ensure you follow the Edward Sharpe Vimeo account. The video for “40 Day Dream” is below:

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