The Morrisons and Lost Highway Announce Christmas & Inner Western

Country and Inner Western
Image Courtesy of The Morrisons

Strap on the tinsel and jingle the bells, Christmas and Inner Western is coming to town. Sydney’s regular alt-country and Americana night Country and Inner Western have announced their final show of the year at GoodGod Small Club on Wednesday the 10th December and it’s going to be Christmas themed

Joining Country and Inner Western’s “house band” The Morrisons this time around will be local alt-country legends Tim Chaisson, Catherine Britt, A Man Called Stu, Jenny Queen and Fanny Lumsden and The Thrillseekers. The music kicks off at 8pm with tickets just $10 on the door.

For more information on the night check out the official Facebook invite here.

The Gorgeous Festival Announces 2014 Lineup

Xavier Rudd
Image Courtesy of Xavier Rudd

The Gorgeous Festival is set to hit South Australia’s McLaren Vale this November and they’ve just announced one killer lineup.

Headed up by Xavier Rudd, The Waifs and The Beautiful Girls the Gorgeous Festival will also feature Busby Marou, Little May, The Cairos, Elliott Brood, Kim Wempe, Tim Chaisson, Timberwolf, The Timbers, Echo & the Empress and Rin McArdle. How’s that for special?

The festival takes place at Serafino Winery on the 28th and 29th November this year.

“Each year since our inception we’ve managed to secure fantastic musicians and we’re very excited to announce that, again this year, we have some of Australia’s leading soulful singers and songwriters heading to Gorgeous,” festival director Alistair Cranney says. “While we’ve always incorporated premium regional food and wine into our offering, we’re going one step further this year by introducing ‘Gorgeous Table’ on the Friday evening, details of which will be announced soon. As with other years, we’ll also be featuring live visual artists, exhibitions, cooking demonstrations and the wine tasting tent, plus a crèche where parents can drop off their children who will then be kept entertained with all sorts of kids’ activities.”

To find out more about the festival and to get you hands on tickets check out the official site here.

East Coast Canadian showcases in Sydney and Melbourne

Andy Brown
Image Courtesy of Andy Brown

Canadians Andy Brown (above) and Dave Gunning were last minute support acts last Friday night at The Basement in Sydney, as Folk Uke performed their last gig in Australia before heading back to the US. (Jodi Martin was also on the line-up, making it one hell of a value-packed evening’s entertainment.)

For Dave and Andy, it was a good teaser for two East Coast Canadian showcases this week. Bill Quinn (Overheard Productions) was in the audience and took the chance between brackets to grab a few words with Andy Brown at the merch desk.

Bill Quinn: Andy, which part of Canada are you from?

Andy Brown: From the east coast of Canada, the province of New Brunswick.

BQ: You were telling some amazing stories on stage, but before we get to that, can you tell us ‘The Andy Brown story’?

AB: I’ve been playing music my whole life. I really started taking it serious a few years ago. I put out an album called False Alarm. I had a lot of success with that; had it featured in a big show that was all over the world, and went to number one iTunes.

And that helped me afford to pay for my new album “Tin Man” which I produced myself on the east coast at Halifax at the Sonic Temple.

And because of so many great people here in Australia, I’ve come here, and released it here before I’ve released it in my own country.

BQ: And what’s the reaction been so far?

AB: Great. Just did Woodford Folk Festival – I mean, that spot is magical in general – and everybody seemed to be enjoying the music and the stories behind it. Because I poured a lot into the actual message of every song, so I’m really proud of it.

BQ: Was there anything that prepared you for Woodford?

AB: No! I had no idea what I was in for, and I couldn’t be happier. It was so magical; it was really magic.

BQ: Actually, are there Canadian words for ’40 degrees Centigrade’? Does that actually translate?

AB: Ah… ‘hell on earth’!!

No, we were sleeping in tents, and I remember we both looked at each other and said, ‘I think our organs are melting!’

But we went and got an air-conditioned hotel room as soon as we were back, and it was very glorious! I think you don’t realise how much you welcome the snow until you spend your first Christmas away from the snow.

BQ: So, you’re here in Australia for just over another week, and you’ve got a couple of gigs coming up.

AB: I’m playing on Tuesday 8th January at Notes Live – an East Coast Canadian showcase with me, Dave Gunning, Tim Chaisson and Vishten. And a traditional Australian fiddle band called Cole and Van Dijk.

And then we’re off to Melbourne and play the Caravan Club on Friday 11th January.

And kicking home on the 14th – unless I don’t get a passport, in which case, I’m here forever!

BQ: You said on stage you lost it, is that right?

AB: Yeah, I don’t know how I did it. I’m still convinced that it’s going to turn up and I’m going to be mad as hell because I spent a bunch of money on getting a new one.

Better safe than sorry!

BQ: OK! Andy, it’s been great talking with you. Thanks very much.

AB: Yeah, thanks so much.

Dates for the two East Coast Canadian showcases:

Tuesday 8th January – Notes Live, Newtown, NSW
Friday 11th January – Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh, VIC

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