Bearded Gypsy Band to Launch New Live Album at The Gov, Adelaide on January 24th 2013

Image courtesy of Bearded Gypsy Band

Timber and Steel were lucky enough to pick up a copy of The Bearded Gypsy Band‘s new live album when they supported Tin Pan Orange in Adelaide late last year, and if it weren’t for the fact that the record wasn’t really officially released yet, it would have definitely been pushing for contention in our 2012 top album lists.

Bearded Gypsy Band may look short of a few rings in their timber, but since I first stumbled across them in a crowded  Higher Ground Basement in 2010 I’ve been pleased to see that they’ve been gigging relentlessly and have established themselves as one of the nation’s most exciting live touring acts in the folk/blues/roots spectrum. It might seem a bit ambitious for an emerging act to release a live album as a follow-up to a debut, but there’s an energetic quality to BGB‘s live shows that probably can’t be captured in a traditional recording scenario. I was secretly hoping that BGB would take a leaf out of The Shaolin Afronauts‘ book and record their next album in a live-studio setting, but I suppose a live performance at Adelaide’s iconic Wheatsheaf Hotel is even more befitting.

Bearded Gypsy Band Launch their new Live Album with support from Max Savage and the False Idols and Monkey Puzzle Tree at The Gov in Adelaide on Thursday January 24th starting from 7:30pm. Purchase tickets from Moshtix via this link.

Follow this link for the Facebook event page.

Adelaide Festival Centre Presents Sessions

Image Courtesy of Hanggai

The Adelaide Festival Centre has just launched its program of live music for the Sessions series in January next year. Making the most of international acts visiting our shores over the festival season as well as touring national acts Sessions will see a diverse range of genres and styles descend on the Adelaide Festival Centre from 6th to 21rd January 2012 including Timber and Steel alumni Hanggai (above), Asa, Adam Page and The Shaolin Afronauts.

The full list of artists and dates are below. For more information make sure you check out the official Sessions site.

Friday 6th January – Hanggai (7pm)
Friday 6th January – Dan Deacon Ensemble (10pm)
Saturday 7th January – Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro (9.30pm)
Wednesday 11th January – Sons and Daughters (9.30pm)
Thursday 12th January – Sueño Flamenco (6.30pm)
Thursday 12th January – Mike Stewart Big Band (9.30pm)
Friday 13th January – Caliente Guitar Trio & The Baker Suite (6.30pm)
Friday 13th January – The Idea of North Radio Show (9.30pm)
Saturday 14th January – Wendy Matthews (9.30pm)
Wednesday 18th January – Zephyr Quartet Cult Classics (6.30pm)
Wednesday 18th January – The Unnatural Congress of Still Beating Hearts (9.30pm)
Thursday 19th January – Asa (6:30pm)
Thursday 19th January – Féfé (9:30pm)
Friday 20th January – Julianna Barwick (6.30pm)
Friday 20th January – Casey Donovan (9.30pm)
Saturday 21st January – Adam Page (6.30pm)
Saturday 21st January – Shaolin Afronauts (9.30pm)

Your Take Sessions Presents 6 On The St, An Adelaide Music Documentary

6 On The St
Image Courtesy of Your Take Sessions

When we discovered Adelaide live music documentary series 6 On The St last year it was the start of a beautiful friendship. The series, which spotlighted a different Adelaide band on the 6th of each month for 12 months and filmed them performing live somewhere in the city, first started as a way to showcase local music but has since become so much more. The crew behind the series eventually went on to create Your Take Sessions which took the 6 On The St concept and applied it to various other video series but its always been the original that’s been closest to our hearts.

Timber and Steel initially began showcasing 6 On The St because of the wealth of folk talent they were uncovering in the South Australian capital. So it’s with great pleasure that we get to announce the premiere of the 6 On The St full length music documentary at the end of October. Combining the twelve initial films featuring the likes of Vorn Doolette, The Thieves, The Bearded Gypsy Band, Spine, The Beards, The Shaolin Afronauts and more with interviews with key music community members such as Ianto Ware (Project Manager at Renew Adelaide), Walter Marsh (Presenter on Radio Adelaide) and Alice Fraser (Founder of The Jam Room), the Your Task Sessions crew have created a snapshot of the Adelaide musical landscape.

The full length 6 On The St documentary will premiere for one night only at the Mercury Cinema on Saturday 29th October. There will be three separate screenings throughout the day with tickets available from moshtix. If you’re a fan of local music make sure you jump at the chance to catch this unique South Australian film.

WOMADelaide Review: Adam Page

Image courtesy of  Adam Page

Adam Page

Monday- Moreton Bay Stage

Adam Page is no great secret in Adelaide; he’s a local legend. His beard isn’t the only thing that defies belief. New audiences often find themselves dumbfounded by the sheer range of instruments he’s able to  utilise so masterfully.

Adam Page is a looper- a musician who uses live loop recordings to build layers of sound into a composition. The technique is a fine art, and very few artists can actually do it well. For Adam Page, I’m sure that learning to loop was really the only viable option he had if he wanted to get the chance to play all the instruments he’d learned to wield in front of an audience.

Adam looked like a jubilant child as he made his way onto the Womadelaide Moreton Bay Stage on Monday afternoon, and who could blame him. Womad is the festival that inspires local musicians to reach their potential. As a man that learnt his craft in Adelaide, you could see it written all over Adam‘s face that his dreams were coming true right before his eyes. Adam‘s weapon of choice is no doubt the saxophone, but he is more than proficient in an arsenal of others including clarinets, flutes, ukuleles, bass ukuleles, keys, throat singing, hand percussion, glockenspiels, banjos, melodicas, vocal percussion, and even his beard to the extent that his music is so ridiculously empowered with possibility that he can literally create compositions that fall into any genre. His Womadelaide set ranged from Calypso to Ska to Folk to Jazz to Funk- and went down remarkably well with the large, seated audience. It was fantastic to watch this musician, who has really put in the hard yards to perfect his art, finally get the chance to perform on the grand stage he so thoroughly deserves instead of the front bar at The Exeter. In saying that, you just know that two of Adam’s most valuable assets, his character and charisma, have grown from sheer life experience, which I’m sure includes a large chunk of playing in pubs and bars.

Adam will soon be moving to New Zealand. May I say on behalf of Adelaide- good luck, your music and overall presence will be missed, and please come back to Womadelaide next year.

6 on the St Episode 9

The Shaolin Afronauts
Image Courtesy of Adelaide Now

Can you believe we’re already up to episode 9 of Adelaide mini doco 6 on the St? In case you haven’t been paying attention, on the 6th of every month 6 on the St takes an up and coming Adelaide band, interviews them and films them performing in a location around the city.

February’s episode features afro-beat futurists The Shaolin Afronauts (we’re including it here on the tenuous link that afro-beat = world music = folk music). For the first time in the history of the series this 6 on the St doesn’t contain an interview, but I get a feeling that’s part of the band’s “thing”. Put on your favourite hoodie, press play on the video below and get your groove on to The Shaolin Afronauts.

WOMADelaide Warm Up Parties

Image Courtesy of WOMADelaide

Can you believe that this year’s WOMADelaide festival is only 36 days away? Yowser – we haven’t even bought our dancing shoes yet! But we are glad that to get us in the mood WOMADelaide are running their wildly successful warm up parties in Adelaide and Melbourne again this year.

The Adelaide warm up party will be held at The Highway on Wednesday the 9th February (that’s next Wednesday people) and features The Shaolin Afronauts plus a DJ set from DJ Troy J Been.

The Melbourne warm up party will be held at The Order of Melbourne on the 17th February and features The Woohoo Revue (appearing on this very site very soon…) plus DJ sets from DJ SystaBB and DJ Saca La Mois.

Both WOMADelaide warm up parties will cost you a gold coin donation (for flood relief) and are guaranteed to be a bundle of fun. Check the official WOMADelaide site for more details.

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