Tired Pony Recording New Album in February

Tired Pony
Image Courtesy of Tired Pony

In July this year we wrote about the newest folk supergroup on the scene Tired Pony made up of Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol fame, REM’s Peter Buck and various other musicians from bands such as The Editors and Belle & Sebastian. Their first album, The Place We Ran From, has proven so successful that Lightbody and Buck have announced they will be will be heading into the studio early next year to record the follow up.

“We’re going to tour the states at the end of this month and we’ll go into the studio to make the new album next year,” Lightbody told Spinner. “Snow Patrol will be recording the new album from November to the end of January and when it’s finished I’ll go in and record the new Tired Pony album in February.”

The second album will have “more of a bluesy kind of feel” according to the boys and will most likely be recorded in Nashville or Memphis.

The Newest Folk Supergroup Tired Pony

Tired Pony

Not to be outdone by the likes of Monsters of Folk and Mt. Desolation members of Snow Patrol, REM, Editors and Belle & Sebastian, among others, have banded together to form their own folk supergroup. Named Tired Pony, the group features Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol), Peter Buck (REM), Tom Smith (Editors), Troy Stewart (Snow Patrol touring band), Iain Archer (Snow Patrol collaborator) and Richard Colburn (Belle & Sebastian).

“I had no idea if the music was going to be country, folk, blues or whatever,” Peter Buck explained to NME.com, “I was prepared for a punk record, I brought my mandolin. As long as it was spontaneous and improvised, it sounded like a very exciting thing to do.”

You can listen to snippets of Tired Pony’s music on their MySpace (no full tracks unfortunately). The band’s debut album The Place We Ran From is available now.

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