Timber and Steel Presents: Sunday 5th August at The Workers Club

Image Courtesy of Whitaker

If this is the first time you’ve visited Timber and Steel in a couple of weeks you may have missed the super exciting news that we’re presenting Sunday afternoon shows at The Workers Club in Melbourne beginning this week.

The debut matinée show will feature local lads Whitaker (featuring Timber and Steel favourite Ryan Meeking) with support slots from singer-songwriter Roscoe James Irwin and four piece Blue Sun.

The afternoon kicks off at 1:30pm at The Workers Club and is a mere $12 on the door with lunch and drink specials from 12pm (we’re having the burger). For more information check out the official Facebook invite here or head over to The Workers Club Gig Guide. Set times are below:

2pm – Blue Sun
3pm – Roscoe James Irwin
4pm – Whitaker

Timber and Steel Presents: Sunday Afternoons At The Workers Club

The Workers Club
Image Courtesy of The Workers Club

Timber and Steel is proud to announce that beginning in August we will be presenting a series of Sunday matinee shows at The Workers Club in Melbourne. The afternoon will showcase some of the country’s hottest up and coming folk, roots, blues, acoustic, singer-songwriter, bluegrass and alt country artists and is the perfect way to wind down your weekend with some wonderful music in a cosy environment.

Working in association with Way Over There and The Workers Club, the afternoon shows will kick off on Sunday 5th August with a performance from the Ryan Meeking fronted Melbourne 5-piece Whitaker (with Roscoe James Irwin and Blue Sun in support). Tickets for the show are $12 with the music kicking off around 1:30pm.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as we have a bunch of really cool artists coming up including album launches from Laneway (16th September) and Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson (21st October). That’s just what’s been announced so far – there’s so much more we’re just bursting to tell you about.

To keep up to date with The Workers Club shows (and everything else that’s happening at this iconic Melbourne venue) make sure you download their free iPhone App, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up to their mailing list via their official site. We’ll also be keeping you up to date with everything that’s going on at these matinee shows so you’ll soon be flooded with Timber and Steel Presents information.

I hope you’re as excited as we are about this – it’s going to be amazing!

New Festival Riverboats Announces 2012 Lineup

Lanie Lane
Image Courtesy of Riverboats Music Festival

Victorians are in for something pretty special after the brand new player on the festival scene, the Riverboats Music Festival, announced its inaugural 2012 lineup. Held in Echuca-Moama on the Murray River (two and a half hours from Melbourne) on the 17th to the 19th February, the Riverboats Music Festival lineup includes the likes of Tex Perkins And The Band Of Gold, Colin Hay, The Bamboos, Mark Seymour, Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission, Vika And Linda Bull, Lanie Lane (above), The Audreys, Clairy Browne and The Bangin’ Rackettes, Benny Walker, Ryan Meeking and The Bride Stripped Back. More than a couple Timber and Steel favourites floating amongst that list right?

Tickets for the Riverboats Music Festival are available now from the official web site.

Traveller & Fortune Launching New Release This Sunday 7/8/11 at The Jade Monkey, Adelaide

Image courtesy of Traveller & Fortune

Who?: Traveller & Fortune supported by Ryan Meeking
What?: Launching a new 5 track release
Where?: The Jade Monkey, Twin St, Adelaide
When?: 7:00-10:30pm this Sunday 7/8/11
How Much?: $15 on the door, including CD and goodies

Regular Timber & Steel readers have probably seen the name Traveller & Fortune kicking around our regular online stomping grounds at some point. There’s no denying it- we’ve got high hopes for Tom & Jayne West (no relation, as far as I know…), both in their solo endeavours and with their talented band of Adelaide gals. We’ve seen their performances and songwriting grow over the years to the point to where they are now consistently putting on the greatest folk-pop shows in South Australia.

We heard a whisper a while ago that Tom West would be releasing his debut solo album later in the year, so we were very pleasantly surprised to learn that the full team will be putting out a new collection of songs that were recorded in a live session format at Adelaide’s Chapel Studios (and if you’ve ever seen T&F live, you’d know that this won’t get in the way of quality at all). Tom West himself has said to “expect lots of moody instrumentals and lush harmonies”, which has got us eagerly anticipating the back-up to their debut self titled release (follow this link for our review).  The release will only be available at the launch, but if you can’t be there on the night (interstate, committed elsewhere, working, etc), shoot a quick email to travellerandfortune@gmail.com to get a copy sent to you.

The launch begins at 7:00pm on Sunday night and should be wrapped up by 10:30pm, in consideration of the working folks. All attendees will receive a copy of the record and some other goodies upon entry which will cost you $15 on the door; very thrifty considering that Melbourne’s Ryan Meeking is making the trip all the way over to play support on the night. The show will be the last full-band event for a while due to some overseas departures of members, but Tom West (whom recently opened for the Panics) and Jayne West will remain out there gigging and playing your favourite Traveller & Fortune songs. As per usual, we’ll keep you up to date.

Post-Gig Gigs: Gossling

Image Courtesy of Gossling

We count ourselves really lucky to have seen Gossling at Sydney’s GoodGod Club recently as part of her first ever headline tour. Gossling is a real rising talent on the Australian singer-songwriter scene and to catch her in such an intimate venue was such a treat.

While Gossling’s current tour may be over there is still a chance to experience her live and raw through the power of the internet. The good folk at Post-Gig Gigs managed to film this wonderful clip of her ballad “The Only Way” following her show at Bondi’s famous Beach Road Hotel. Accompanying Gossling are Anita Quayle on cello and Ryan Meeking on backing vocals. Watch the video below and make sure you catch Gossling next time she’s in your neck of the woods:

If you haven’t checked it out yet make sure you head over to the new Post-Gig Gigs web site and check out their incredible backlog of live videos.

Review: Gossling at GoodGod Small Club, Sydney

Image Courtesy of FasterLouder.com.au

Gossling supported by Ryan Meeking and Boy Outside
29th June 2011, GoodGod Small Club

Ever since catching Gossling in the support slot at Lior’s Sydney Metro Theatre show late last year we’ve been hanging out to see her in full headline mode. As wonderful as she is sitting solo behind her keyboard we’ve been eagerly waiting to see Helen Croome joined on stage by a full band and playing to an audience who were there specifically to see her play.

When we arrived at GoodGod Small Club Melbourne singer-songwriter Ryan Meeking had just taken to the stage with his trusty guitar in hand. I’ve been following Meeking’s work for a while now but this was the first time I’d managed to catch him live – and what a revelation! Meeking is a true talent, crafting intelligent folk songs and showcasing his brilliant range as a storyteller. His between song banter and well crafted set (with just the right tonal mixture of songs) just added to an incredibly enjoyable 40 minutes and I know the next time Ryan Meeking heads out on the road for a headline tour I’ll be the first in line for tickets.

Boy Outside (a.k.a. Aidan Cooney) is another artist I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing live before. Joining Gossling on the NSW leg of her headline tour this Sydney-based artist brought his repertoire of alt-country songs to life with the ample help of a bassist and backing vocals (the latter of which was provided by FBi Radio’s very own In The Pines presenter Emma Swift). Boy Outside’s music definitely strays on the more sombre side of country, expertly delivering music and lyrics that are wrought with pain and longing. Some sound issues at the beginning of the set did nothing to dampen Cooney’s performance and by the end the audience appeared enraptured by his melancholy.

A Wednesday night in the middle of winter was never going to attract a massive crowd but those who did manage to make it down were in for a treat. Opening her set with the instantly recognisable “Days Are Over” Gossling proved once again why she is one of the most exciting acts in the country at the moment. Armed with her trusty keyboard and accompanied by Anita Quayle on cello and the occasional guitar of Ryan Meeking, Gossling filled the tiny space of the GoodGod Small Club with her infectious energy and quirky folk songs. Admitting that she tended to babble when tired (and she was tired having driven up from Melbourne that morning) I found Gossling’s between song banter and familiarity with the audience charming, adding a really personal touch to the evening.

My obsession with Gossling’s western-tinged single “I Was Young” is well documented – when I interviewed Croome in May it’s pretty much all I could talk about. I’d seen her perform it a couple of times before but only ever in solo mode which does tend to lack the punch of the recorded version from the Until Then EP. Having cello and guitar accompaniment this time around really added that special something to the song – it’s rollicking, foot-stomping rhythm captured my attention and had me singing along at the top of my lungs.

The other highlight from the night would have been “He Knows My Love”, a touching ballad recounting the relationship between a boy and the father who died before he was born. This song has really grown on me recently and the introduction Gossling gives it during her live performances gives it context and extra gravitas. I know from looking around the room that “He Knows My Love” really captured the crowd’s attention and may well be the song that most people will remember from the night.

GoodGod was not designed for encores (as was demonstrated in Josh Pyke’s performance there the week before) so Gossling’s performance finished with little fanfare. However I felt like I had been witness to something really special seeing her first headline performance in such an intimate venue. Expect to see more of Gossling in the coming year, she really is a talent to watch.

Australian Poetry Presents Lines at The Wesley Anne

Image Courtesy of Australian Poetry

Looking for a chilled out way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Melbourne? Australian Poetry are presenting Lines, an afternoon of poetry and music at the Wesley Anne in Northcote on the 19th June. Appearing at the event are wordsmiths Sophie Curzon-Siggers, Eliza Hull, Aden Rolfe and the wonderfully talented Ryan Meeking (soon to be supporting Gossling on her East Coast tour).

Tickets to the event are a mere $10 either from the Australian Poetry site or on the door. For more information check out the Lines page online.

Interview: Gossling

Image Courtesy of Gossling

After a string of successful support slots Helen Croome, aka the beautiful and talented singer-songwriter Gossling, is hitting the road for a headline tour through Victoria and New South Wales. We managed to catch up with Gossling as she prepares for the tour to chat about what it will be like playing with a band, the making of her first video and how being bullied as a child led to the creation of one of her most popular songs to date.

Evan Hughes: You just announced a solo headline tour off the back of a bunch of impressive support slots. How are you feeling about being the headliner for once?
Gossling: I’m very excited because this is the first headline tour I’ve done really. As a support act I’ve been playing solo on all these tours and on this tour I get to play with a band. It will be exciting to see if anyone who came to the other shows that I’ve been playing comes to my own headline gig.
EH: I saw you with The Little Stevies a few weeks ago and again with Lior late last year and both times I’ve sat there going “I just want to see Gossling with a full band”. I’m really pumped for this.
G: It’s nice to be able to play, for people who have heard my CDs and the recorded versions, it’s nice to be able to with a band so people can see the same thing live as well. Rather than just me on the piano – not as exciting (laughs)
EH: Is your live band the same one that you recorded with?
G: The shows I’m doing in New South Wales will be with just a three piece – me, a cellist and a guitar player. The cellist has been with me for a while, she’s played on the album, and the guitarist is a singer named Ryan Meeking who does his own stuff as well – he’s coming along to play the support and then play in my band as well.
EH: It’s like now that you’re headlining you can bring your mates on as support acts
G: Yeah. Ryan and I have been mates for a while and we’ve always wanted to do a tour together so it’s good that we can finally play, that our schedules matched up.
EH: When I saw you perform at The Little Stevies’ gig and you played “I Was Young” I was just wishing you had a full band to give it the same sound as on the record.
G: Yeah, it’s a totally different song when I have to play it solo live. Unless I have a backing track there’s no way I can play it solo and sound like the recording (laughs). Hopefully in Sydney I’ll get to do some shows with drums and bass as well to give it the full, big band sound.
EH: You’re playing The Good God Club in Sydney which is perfect for you – such an intimate room.
G: That’s good to know – I haven’t been there before.
EH: Going back to that Little Stevies support slot – during the gig you introduced “I Was Young” by saying that the song was written about being bullied as a kid, which I didn’t realise (although it’s obvious once you know). You were saying you used to get bullied because of your voice and now it’s become your trademark, garnering comparisons to great artists like Sarah Blasko and Julia Stone. Is it a bit of a head spin to go from being teased to praised about your voice?
G: I guess so. I hadn’t actually introduced what that song was about before that gig and I don’t think many people realised it is about bullying. It felt quite odd telling everyone on stage that night actually, I felt like I was asking for sympathy somehow. I guess it is kind of ironic that I was bullied for having a little baby voice and now its going to be my career. Big turnaround.
EH: It’s almost a way to turn around to those people who bullied you and go “look at me now”.
G: I don’t think those people actually know that I’m Gossling though (laughs). One day they’ll figure it out.
EH: I didn’t feel like you were asking for sympathy – I felt it added an extra depth to the song.
G: Oh good, I’m glad.
EH: The video for “I Was Young” with the mock western storyline must have been fun to make.
G: It was – it was really fun. I’ve been wanting to make a film-clip for a long while and I had a production company do it for me. It was really interesting to see how a clip gets made and the story-boarding and even the filming on the day – I found it a really interesting experience. I hope I get to do another clip soon. It was a fun clip and people have responded to it well and can see the humour in it.
EH: It seemed to get picked up really quickly on Rage.
G: Yeah Rage have played it a few times which is really good because growing up I thought it was pretty cool if you got a clip on Rage.
EH: You’ve only released EPs so far. Is that what you plan to keep doing or would you like to record an album some day? Or are albums becoming more redundant?
G: That seems to be where the industry is heading. I’m not too concerned if the next release I put out is another EP. I’d like to do an album at some stage but there’s a lot of factors that I have to consider. I want to get another release out by the end of the year, so whatever form that comes in, it will just happen.
EH: A lot of artists I talk to don’t want to go through the long process of recording an album – they’re more concerned with getting their music out there as quickly as possible via singles and EPs.
G: And I think that people don’t necessarily listen to entire albums anymore because it’s so easy just to download one track from iTunes. People don’t slave over there albums anymore.
EH: So apart from the tour and getting another release before the end of the year is there anything else on the cards for Gossling?
G: I would like to do a lot more gigs after this tour, try to do a few more supports. Hopefully the middle of next year I’d like to go to the UK for a month or so and try and play some shows over there and experience what that’s like. But definitely I’d like to tour Australia a lot more, see what else is around.
EH: I think the UK will really respond well to your sound. They seem to embrace Australian female singer-songwriters there.
G: I hope so. I’d like to see what the scene’s like over there. I’ve been to Ireland before and I love all the singer-songwriter stuff that comes out of Ireland. I’d love to go over and experience it and play some shows, even if they’re only three or four people in a bar it doesn’t really matter.
EH: Well good luck with the tour – really looking forward to seeing you with a band this time around!
G: It’s been a pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Gossling is touring New South Wales and Victoria with a full band in June and July. Check out the dates here

Gossling Announces “War” Tour of Victoria and NSW


Our love affair with the wonderful Gossling (aka Helen Croome) is set to continue with the announcement of a headline tour through Victoria and New South Wales to support her brand new single “War”. Gossling has recently garnered rave reviews following her support slots with Oh Mercy and The Little Stevies and is set wow audiences on this, her first headline tour of 2011. Along for the ride is Ryan Meeking in support mode plus the promise of “special guests” at each of the concerts.

“War” is the second single from Gossling’s awesome Until Then EP. The full list of dates for the tour are below and tickets are already on sale:

Thursday 23th June – Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC
Friday 24th June – Northcote Social Club, Northcote, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 29th June – Good God Small Club, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 30th June – Beach Road Hotel, Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW
Friday 1st July – Otis Bar, Wollongong, NSW
Saturday 2nd July – Northern Star, Newcastle, NSW

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