Details of the Summer Hill Folk Festival

Summer Hill
Image Courtesy of Summer Hill Folk Festival

This March a brand new event will be bringing folk music to the inner western suburbs of Sydney and it looks pretty exciting. The brand new Summer Hill Folk Festival is set to take place at the Summer Hill Church on Saturday 5th March.

The lineup for the festival is impressive, bringing together some of Sydney’s best folkies and plenty of Timber and Steel favourites including Pat Drummond, Catgut, Brian Campeau, Fanny Lumsden, The Tawny Owl String Band and many more.

The day kicks off at 10am and along with the music program there will be artisan markets for punters to peruse. And all of this is for free.

For more information check out the official Summer Hill Folk Festival site here or the Facebook event here. The full lineup and set times are below:

10:30am History, Stories and Songs by the venerable Pat Drummond
11:30am Marie & Luke
12:30am Catgut
1:30pm MASTERCLASS: Song writing tips from the artists
2:15pm Matilda Abraham Solo
3:15pm David Thomas
4:15pm OLD INSTRUMENTS: Introduction to the Harp
5:00pm Burrows (Canberra)
6:00pm Brian Campeau Solo
7:00pm Fanny Lumsden
8:00pm Tawny Owl String Band

Folk By The Sea Announces First Round of Artists

Folk By The Sea
Image Courtesy of Folk By The Sea

This September the industrious folks behind the amazing Illawarra Folk Festival will be hosting a brand new event at Kiama on the NSW south coast called Folk By The Sea. The event will replace Folk in the Foothills (previously held at the Jamberoo Valley Lodge) and will feature some of the nation’s best folk, world, roots, Celtic, bluegrass and gypsy music over the weekend of the 27th, 28th and 29th September.

Folk By The Sea will feature five venues operating around the Kiama Showground Pavilion and the first round of artists has just been announced including Ted Egan, Casey Donovan, Pat Drummond, Nick Rheinberger, The Rusty Datsuns, Fintan Vallely (Ireland), Riogh and more to come.

Tickets for the festival are already available (a Friday/Saturday ticket will set you back $50 and the Sunday is free) and you can find them, plus lots of extra information, on the official web site here.

Northern Beaches Music Festival Announces Lineup

Sal Kimber
Image Courtesy of Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel

The northern side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been quietly developing a wonderful little folk scene all of its very own over the last little while. While much of Sydney’s music scene is focused in and around the inner city, venues and groups like The Shack, Fairlight Folk, The Manly Fig and Humph Hall have been turning the Northern Beaches into one of the most exciting locations for contemporary and traditional folk, roots and acoustic music in the city. And these groups are pooling their collective folk resources and presenting the Northern Beaches Music Festival this February.

Held at the Berry Reserve in Narrabeen from the 17th to the 19th February, the Northern Beaches Music Festival has such an exciting lineup for only its second year. Headlining this year’s festival are Timber and Steel favourites The April Maze, Sal Kimber and The Rollin’ Wheel (above) and Luke Escombe along with the likes of Doc Jones and the Lechery Orchestra, Fred Smith, Green Mohair Suits, Pat Drummond, Sam Buckingham, SNUGs, The Lurkers, The Pigs and many many more.

Tickets for the festival are $60 online or $75 at the gate for the full three days (with a bunch of different ticketing options available). Check out the official Northern Beaches Music Festival website for more details.

The Gulgong Folk Festival Announces Amazing 2012 Lineup

April Maze
Image Courtesy of April Maze

The Gulgong Folk Festival, held each year in Gulgong, Central West NSW, has a reputation for attracting some of the finest folk acts in the country and finding that perfect mix between established artists and the hottest up-and-comers. And with the release of the 2012 program it looks as though next year is going to be as amazing as ever.

Alongside living folk and country legends like Bill Chambers, Anne Kirkpatrick and Pat Drummond at this year’s Gulgong Folk Festival a number of Timber and Steel favourites have also made the lineup including Daniel Champagne, The Yearlings, Big Erle, Caitlin Harnett, April Maze (above) and The Lurkers.

The Gulgong Folk Festival will be held from the 6th to the 8th January next year. Check out the official web site for more information. The full lineup for the festival (so far) is below:

Bill Chambers, Anne Kirkpatrick, Daniel Champagne, Allan Caswell, Ged, Tinker, Mike & Michael, Senor Cabrales, The Yearlings, Brendan Gallagher, Genevieve Chadwick, Big Erle, Matt Southon, Caitlin Harnett, Cletis Carr, Richard Lawson, Racz and Waters, Bryan Estepa. Marcus Holden & Fiddlers Feast, Shane Flew, April Maze, Pat Drummond, The Lurkers, Summerland Kings, Sophie Hutchings, Nigel Wearne, Stringy Bark Bush Band, Brothers Of Matt, Tangled Weed, Simon Bradley Trio, Bryan Estepa, Kurtis Gentle, Arch Bishop, Brothers 3, Blue Ruins, Faye Blais, Gerard Gilet, Jack Pledge, Des Kelly, King of Congo Congo, Ecopella, Fin and Gen, Grandmaster Monk, Jimmy Westwood, Blind Date, McGee, Robin Binks, Hussy Hicks, Ben Alexander Cox, Blowflyz, Luke Watts, Julie Bishop, David Knight, Spike Flynn, RAPT, Shes Taken Empires, Jess Holland and Tomas Hamilton

Review: Shut The Folk Up! Feat. Jack Carty, Timber and Steel, Brent Harpur, Pat Drummond and Annaliesse Monaro.

Jack Carty
Image Courtesy of Jack Carty

Shut The Folk Up! feat. Jack Carty, Timber and Steel, Brent Harpur, Pat Drummond and Annaliesse Monaro.
28th April 2011, Hive Bar

Sydneysiders know that when the rain comes it moves in like an unwanted, unemployed couch surfer. As the rain stained the Hive Bar windows I looked out into the deluge like a forlorn star-struck lover wondering if any bums would bless the many empty seats of Sydney’s sexiest new folk club, Shut the Folk Up!

Alas, there was no need to for concern as before too long one heaving, mindful, eager crowd piled into our little red cocoon at an unprecedented rate. Seats got occupied, corners got colonized as bodies bounced and weaved seeking free space to witness some first class folk. The numbers continued to increase and as I welcomed all to folk club volume 11, I was welcoming more faces than ever before.

First up – Annaliesse Monaro

With the stylish swagger equally owing to Leslie Feist and Emmy-Lou Harris, Annaliesse took our little folk stage with her right hand man Adam Pringle on electric guitar. With a sound that echoed like a quilt handed down through generations, the two-piece sent Australian folk music out beyond the ranges. Where, beside the campfires they wove beguiling tales of family, travel and community. The honey-rich sound of country authenticity drew equal weight from Annaliesse’s velvet vocals and Pringle’s bittersweet lead guitar.

Next up we had folk royalty, as Mr Pat Drummond took the stage. With a swag of songs to choose from (over 400 in total), Pat selected his tunes with the care of a three hated chef choosing ingredients to feed The Dali Lama. He wove his tales like a long technicolour thread through intricate and beautiful melodies. Atop his effortless guitar picking sat the stories of the many women and men Pat has met along his travels. With a professional sensibility Pat has empathetically and honestly retold their stories through song. After 35 years of not having a real job, Pat drew upon his strength as an entertainer to keep the crowd caught up in his colourful spell. Employing sing-along, humour and a wealth of experience Pat led us through his intriguing back catalogue, and left us speechless.

Our resident poet for the evening, the very approachable Brent Harpur took microphone after a quick break. Brent employed his two strengths of humour and imagery to paint the creative space with his beautiful words. Preceding each poem with personable and funny anecdotes Brent allowed the crowd space before they would embark again upon his colourful and poetic journeys. A man new to the scene in Sydney we welcome him with open arms and hope to see that curly afro for many nights to come.

Timber and Steel
Image Courtesy of Annette Wilson (Post-Gig Gigs)

What I really liked about Macca and Gareth “Evan Hughes” Evans (Timber and Steel) is how their folk sensibilities belie their precious years. These two musicians are the real deal and carry on a long and wonderful tradition of folk music, giving mindful, equal measure to entertainment and musicianship. Wearing their folk on their sleeves they opened with a hilarious parody of Eric Bogle’s “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” (an act which in itself could potentially call for their excommunication from the folk scene). From then on the lads carried on a journey through the modern and the old, mixing in an original (in B minor), with the works of Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn then ending on a beautiful, version of Robert Allen Zimmerman’s “Boots of Spanish Leather”.

Legend has it too, that these lads were responsible for bringing many of the wonderful and respectful crowd that filled the Red Cocoon. So I would like to take time out from this impartial review to thank the crowd for coming, staying till the end and being so appreciative.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen we had Mr Jack Carty. The tallest man in folk removed his boots and took to the stage. Snapping into his set with his hard working fingers bouncing across the six strings in guitar-picking majesty; he then lent these melodies his soulful falsetto and completed the picture of a real folk gem with great potential. As folk club guided towards midnight for the first time, Jack Carty performed a first-class set, combining humorous on-stage banter, with his beautiful and evocative songs.

Well, the rain came but so did the people, braving the elements for a memorable evening of song, humour and prose.

Let me leave you with some final advice: Shut the Folk Up! May 26th, same time, same place

Shut The Folk Up! Artsits for April

Timber and Steel
Image Courtesy of Timber and Steel

If you’re a regular reader of Timber and Steel or you’ve at least glanced at our About section you probably think you know this story already. The truth is you only know half. The part you all know, the part we tell you about, is that back in the mists of 2008 Evan Hughes and Macka Jay found themselves at a tiny Sydney show featuring Laura Marling and Marcus Mumford. The official bio goes on to say that this show, and the rise in popularity of both artists, led to the creation of this very blog.

But between the Marling/Mumford gig (August 2008) and the creation of Timber and Steel the blog (May 2010) there is a two year gap that has never really been accounted for. Because you may not realise this but before we decided to write about folk music we actually attempted to play it. Before Timber and Steel the blog was Timber and Steel the band.

And that very band is making their Sydney public debut at this month’s Shut The Folk Up!, our favourite little folk club. Shut The Folk Up! is held at the Hive Bar in Erskineville on the last Thursday of every month with April’s edition taking place on the 28th.

Along with Timber and Steel the night will feature performances from Annaliesse Monaro and Pat Drummond, poetry from Brent Harpur and the awesome talents of our favourite local singer-songwriter Jack Carty.

Entry is free with the fun beginning at 7:30pm. If you’re in Sydney and free on Thursday the 28th April then make your way down to Hive Bar for some of Sydney’s best folk at Shut The Folk Up! – you never know, in two years time you may be saying how you once saw Timber and Steel perform an intimate show before they were famous. Just saying.

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