Woodford in a Nutshell

Photos by Stuart Bucknell, full album on our Facebook page

Timber and Steel loves a good festival, and Woodford is no exception. The premiere Folk Festival is forever growing and developing to highlight and showcase both the beauty of the natural surrounds, and a diverse array of musical greats and emerging artists.

The beauty of Woodford is it’s a week long festival, culminating in a liminal Fire Event timed to usher in the new year rising from the ashes of the old. However, even someone only able to attend for two to three days can still catch a majority of the performers, and be immersed in a whole other world, where music reigns supreme, and almost every interest is catered too.

For the 2018/19 Woodford experience, our intrepid reporters spent a little over 2 days exploring Woodford’s many stages and acts.

Bright and early on the Friday morning of Woodford, our two trepidation reporters trundled in to Woodfordia. It’s been an age since we last visited but it still felt like home. In our brief visit, we caught as many acts as we could, here are our highlights.

Our first stop was to catch the Hussy Hicks and in spite of the early time of day, The Pineapple Lounge was PACKED! Their healthy rhythms kept every foot tapping as the days’ heat began to rise. Their musical passion was on display as Through The Windmill enthralled the throngs and the hot guitar interlude had the crowd cheering. The dynamic duo’s strong connection on stage commanded all attention and ensured rapturous applause. See our photos online.

Mark Lang (of Skipping Girl Vinegar fame)’s only Woodford set had something for everyone, whether you were a fan or new to Lang’s melodic storytelling. With tunes “for our good friend Donald Trump”, to songs about “letting go of all your frustrations”, or just a true reminder of “living in the now, living in the present”, Lang proved time and time again how his music welcomes audiences, connects, and entices them to participate, punching the air hammering home political commentary, or singing along in full voice. See our photos online.

The Strangest Dreamers delivered a dreamy set of layers and stories to entreat and enchant. They had us with a bluesy lament, kept us with a song from the history books of Joe Hill, about The Rebel Girl Elizabeth Gurley Flynn; and delighted us as they trilled through their eclectic set of fun and frivolity. See our photos online.

Scandinavian fiddle trio Fru Skagerrak had the crowd clapping along from the very opening. Their trad style fiddle to warmed up the crowd as we all enjoyed a refreshing brew. Their skill and prowess shone on stage, the sensitivity of every nuance and note had us enraptured, and Scandinavia’s best was truly in fine form for all to see. Though something tells me this may have been their mellow set, for the daytime crowd… See our photos online.

Lindsay Lou gave us a delectable Americana, full of sass treating us to a set full of songs like Sugar with beautiful harmonised backing vocals, mandolin, and just the right amount of funk to give it that tap along beat. Her delightful accent trilled through the lyrics giving them a lively interplay amongst the skilled musicianship of the tight knit group. Stunt Double, written for her brother, gave a deeper, more earthy opening with lyrics and vibe reminiscent of a Missy Higgins style tale. Her cover of Bill Withers’ I Wish You Well showcased that she is sunshine personified on stage. See our photos online.

The Halcyon stage, we could hardly catch a view of The Fergies as they absolutely packed out the place, and the humans filling the space moved as one to their fun, upbeat, frivolity. They were the name on lips around the festival, ‘did you see The Fergies??’ See our photos online.

Tullara seemed like a dark horse, but the beautiful harmonies proved it was a golden set to capture. Joined on stage at times by additional friends, she delivered heartfelt and raw honesty with tales of her life through song. Particularly beautiful and melancholic was the emotive Five Weeks which then lead in to Six Months – a powerful storytelling experience for the audience.

The Loveys were perhaps the most aptly named act, with classic one liners, witty remarks and sensational sense of style teamed with dulcet tones and a European Cabaret vibe. I never thought I would say the words “she is rocking the bassoon” but here I was, saying them out loud to a bassoon solo. Their set had everything from a comedic lament about old age, to a lullaby about dementia Daddy Joined The Circus, and the terrific harmonies in Beautiful Woman dedicated to a French cross dresser.It was a set that caught you off guard at the same time as being completely in tune with the vivacious women. At one point I realised the drummer was playing a tea cup. Literally, rhythm section on a tea cup – and that of course was perfectly normal and in tune. They had the whole audience clapping along, and to no surprise, inspired a standing ovation.

The Cat Empire can always be relied on to bring the party to any hill, dale or amphitheatre, and Woodford was no exception. With an extensive back catalog mixed in with new album songs, their set was utter decadence from start to finish. Their new songs like Killer, and unreleased Anybody, demonstrated the enthusiasm for their infectious brand of music, playing homage to The Cat Empire of old while injecting some of their newer sound and style melding is infinitely danceable, clap-alongable. Steal The Light, written as joyful instead of happy, featured a chorus horn interlude that was spine tingling, and a call to action that the crowd wilfully answered with their cheers and dancing. As always, a world class entertainment.

Les Poules a Colin brought delicate fiddle and mandolin intricately woven with electric instruments in a blanket of sound that wrapped the audience up and drew them closer. Singing songs in native French, the group from Quebec somehow made French sound more musical than English, especially lifted by stunning twin harmonies. A real stand out was a kind of murder story, performed in bi-lingual tandem with haunting banjo, occasional stomp box, and dual vocals telling the tale, punctuated with stunning three part harmonies. By their own admission, their final song was “very danceable” – they weren’t kidding, the dance floor was full within seconds!

We could only stop in briefly by for Hat Fitz and Cara’s Breakfast BBQ, with Sally and the sizzling sausages already well underway! Cara gave us a new song never played live, played with a “we’ll just see how it goes” finesse that charmed the morning crowd.

Irish Mythen, one of our all time favourite performers, delivered yet another powerhouse set on the Woodford Grande stage. Starting out with something a bit political in What If We Built A Wall, it didn’t matter the time of day, or the lack of sunglasses, Irish was on fire with lyrical passion and gutsy guitar filling one of the largest venues, and taking every audience member along for the ride. Mythen has such a powerful voice, and a Capella prowess that makes your spine tingle, inspiring rapturous rounds of applause. Between songs, her wit and banter is so effective, we could mistake her for a stand up comedian. We were transfixed as she effortlessly brought us to tears with 55 Years, elated by a spirited rendition of I Wanna Dance With You, and a moved with the gravitas of Little Bones. As always, Tullamore Blues had the entire crowd singing along enthusiastically, only to be surpassed by a rousing, a Capella rendition of Mercedes Benz that everyone stood and sang along too.

Lucy Wise was the epitome of sweet and pure as her voice descended on the expanding crowd, infused with good humour delivered in earnest. She shared her New Year song, inspired by her mother, accompanied by ukulele. Her set was down to earth and personal, with You Are Here about facing anxiety, Winter Sun about the affects of Melbourne’s weather and accompanied by her sister Rowena, and the heartbreaking Where Did You Go with her other sister Ruth – glorious harmony woven with beautiful sentimentality and sense of loss.

Trad Attack, a blast of energy from Estonia, used archival recordings alongside lead vocals creating the most fascinating soundscapes. Immediately the dance floor is full and enthusiastic. Most of their set was full energy with moment where we simply wondered what next crazy instrument would be brought to the fray. The fact the crowd can sing along with an archival recording how to make butter demonstrated they are clearly the party folk band – reminiscent of Australia’s own Crooked Fiddle Band.

The Spooky Men’s Chorale were the cheeky chaps as we always expect, taking great pleasure in testing the Auslan interpreter with the many abstract concepts in We Are Not A Men’s Group. Ever a popular act, the audience was large, and delighted with the quirks and perks of the Chorale and all their interpretations of everyday life.

The Raglins poured copious harmonies you could drown in with renditions of favourites like The Palmers Song, and The North Country Maid getting everyone in the mood. Song after song delivered in a spellbinding performance. Particular highlights were Robert’s admission that he’d always promised himself he’d never write a love song, that was until he fell in love, inspiring Luna, and the performance of an old Bush Ranger ballad rewritten with new melody and less racism, Ben Halls Gang.

Glenn Cardier and Christian Marsh at Pineapple Lounge had the bluesy goodness rolling forth with licks of harmonica on A Case of Mistaken Identity. Their set was peppered with fun, moving in to rockabilly swamp thing with a raucous jam in Ringmaster Blues, and sliding through mellow, energetic, enchantment and more.

Mel Parsons unleashed a voice and style so mellow, yet steeped in luxury and richness. Opening with some slow songs to warm up the crowd, then picked up the tempo and vibrancy with I Got The Lonely, and a great selection of tracks from her new album, Glass Heart.

Julia Jacklin treated everyone at the Ampitheatre to a spellbinding night of favourites, like Eastwick, Leadlight, and Don’t Let The Kids Win. Her laid back style soothed the audience as the days heat was swiftly replaced with a cool evening chill. Everything about Jacklin is enchanting, her guitar  declared “You Got This!!” on a hand written tape sticker, and she certainly did, the picture of cool, calm and collected. Hay Plain had the crowds transfixed and swaying along in pure bliss, awakened as the intensity pops and Jackson’s vocals oozed over the audience.

The Little Stevies battled adversity as Byl’s voice had gone AWOL and they were down on numbers as Cliff on electric guitar had been too sick to make Woodford. But Beth stepped in to the spotlight and delivered exquisite lead vocals throughout the set, while Byl managed to bring harmonies and jovial, if quiet, banter between. Old favourites like Accidentally and I hold My Breath had everyone delighted, while the new tracks were a fresh and exciting journey to explore. 

The Waifs were much anticipated and the Ampitheatre was alive with energy and enthusiasm. Old favourite Lighthouse struck a note with everyone singing along, while Sun, Dirt, Water gave a sexy and sassy edge. Love Serenade was a bit more lighthearted and playful, while London Still was breathlessly perfect, much to the acclaim of the audience.

Two days at Woodford were glorious, and we couldn’t leave without squeezing just a couple of last acts in the morning of our departure.

The Bushwhackers were a blast with a shanty, a whirl and jig, a sparkly coat and largaphone, a hoedown and everything in between. Leave it in the Ground elicited a positive response from the gathering crowd in spite of the early time. The most amusing highlight was the enthusiastic Auslan interpreter who was literally dancing and sign-singing along with each and every song. Another Trip To Bunnings now comes with its own audience participation thanks to the Auslan sign for Bunnings (bunny ears).

The final set we caught at Woodford was a firm favourite, the Stiff Gins. As always, their music is storytelling and evocative, we could see the east win gently stir the blossoms over the land, their glorious harmonies had us winging our way home with them, and we witnessed the leaves turning in  Narrandera. You know you’re a part of the band when you’re allowed to sing a song, and Lucas on guitar also brought to the stage Chance Meeting. It was a delightful start to the day, and still a wonderful way to end our festival visit.

As always, Woodford Folk Festival delivered diversity, beauty, and glorious memories in a world made perfect by music. If you’ve never been, you really must put it on your bucket list!

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 27th January


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

The National Folk Festival added a bunch of artists to its 2017 program including Genise and Nicholas Williams, The Mission Songs Project (curated by Jessie Lloyd), Tilly Thomas, David Spry, Dr Jared Thomas, Kutcha Edwards, Dubmarine, Wiradjuri Echoes, The Djaadjawan Dancers, The National has added a bunch more artists from around the country including Mic Conway’s National Junk Band, The Mae Trio, Heath Cullen, The String Contingent, The Barleyshakes, Kate Burke, Luke Plumb & Ruth Hazleton, The Morrisons and many more. Details here

– English singer-songwriter (and folk royalty) Martha Tilston announced Australian tour dates. Details here

– Quebec folk-trad group Les Poules à Colin have announced an Australian tour. Details here

– Queensland duo Busby Marou released their new video “Best Part Of Me”. Details here

– We premiered the new EP from singer-songwriter Musketeer, Seven Long Years. Details here

Releases This Week

Chris Thile
Chris Thile & Brad MehldauChris Thile & Brad Mehldau

Seven Long YearsMusketeer

Stitch of the WorldTift Merritt

Timber and Steel Recommends – Go To This Gig



It’s a huge week for Passenger fans as the English singer-songwriter hits Sydney, Hobart and Adelaide. A lot of these shows are sold out – snap up tickets if you can!

Friday 27th January – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 28th January – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Tuesday 31st January – Odeon Theatre, Hobart, TAS
Thursday 2nd February – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide SA

Gigs Next Week

Acoustics Anonymous feat. Bill Hunt, Philip Marino
Wednesday 1st February – Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW

Alanna Eileen w/ Tom Lee-Richards, Ben Mastwyk
Wednesday 1st February – The Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC

Allison Forbes
Friday 27th January – Medicine Show Sessions, Tudor Hotel, Tamworth, NSW

Amanda Palmer
Friday 3rd January – Melt Festival, Powerhouse, Brisbane, QLD

Andrew Swift
Friday 27th January – Tudor Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Friday 27th January – Hogs Breath Cafe, Tamworth NSW
Saturday 28th January – Albert Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Sunday 29th January – Southgate Inn, Tamworth, NSW

Andy Irvine w/ Luke Plumb
Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th January – Newstead Live! Music Festival, VIC
Thursday 2nd February – Spotted Mallard, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 3rd February – House Concert, Melbourne, VIC

Australian Roots Music Awards Showcase feat. Tom Dockray, Mitch Power, Jeff Gibson, John Krsulja, Wayward Henry’s, Sam Newton, Richo Richardson
Saturday 28th January – Family Hotel, Tamworth, NSW

Barren Roots feat. Lou Bradley, The Wayward Henrys
Saturday 28th January – Nundle Hall, Nundle, NSW

Brad Butcher
Friday 27th January – Songwriter Round, Services Club, Tamworth, NSW
Friday 27th January – Toyota Fanzone, Peel Street, Tamworth, NSW

Cake & Cordial Sessions feat. Ben Salter, Paddy McHugh, Harry Hookey, Megan Cooper, Matt Henry, Melody Moko, Andy Golledge and Sam Newton
Friday 27th January – St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall, Tamworth, NSW

Coda, Veronique
Friday 27th January – Camelot Lounge, Sydney, NSW

Colin Buchcanan & Fanny Lumsden
Friday 27th January – North Tamworth Bowling Club, Tamworth, NSW

Courtyard Sessions Presents BUOY
Friday 3rd February – Seymour Centre, Sydney, NSW

Courtyard Sessions Presents Jordie Lane
Friday 27th January – Seymour Centre, Sydney, NSW

Dori Freeman
Saturday 28th January – St Stephen’s Uniting Church, Sydney, NSW

Wednesday 1st February – Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle, NSW
Thursday 2nd February – The Milk Factory, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 3rd February – Treehouse On Belongil, Byron Bay, NSW

Fanny Lumsden
Friday 27th January – Tamworth Bowling Club, Tamworth, NSW
Friday 3rd February – Braidwood Servicemens Club, Braidwood, NSW

FolkSwagon feat. Tommy Castles, Matilda Abraham, Direwolf
Wednesday 1st February – Cafe Lounge, Sydney, NSW

George & Noriko
Saturday 28th January – Blues Train, Queenscliff, VIC

Friday 27th January – House Concert, Jindivick, VIC
Saturday 28th January – Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 29th Januray – Yackandandah Public Hall, Yackandandah, VIC

Golden Guitar Awards 2017
Saturday 28th January – Tamworth Regional Entertainment & Conference Centre, Tamworth, NSW

Green Mohair Suits
Sunday 29th January – Hardys Bay Club, Hardys Bay, NSW

Gretta Ziller
Friday 27th January – Hog’s Breath Cafe, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 28th January – Albert Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 28th January – The Frog and Toad, Tamworth, NSW
Sunday 29th January – Alt Country Show at The Dag, Dag Sheep Station, Nundle, NSW

Hat Fitz & Cara
Friday 27th January – Bowral Bowling Club, Bowral, NSW
Saturday 28th January – Blues on the Water Cruise, Manly, NSW
Saturday 28th January – The Basement, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 29th January – Odd Fellows Hot Club, Kempsey, NSW
Friday 3rd February – The J, Noosa, QLD

Hootenanny feat. Key To The Highway
Sunday 29th January – Miss Peaches, Sydney, NSW

James Thompson & The Strange Pilgrims
Friday 27th January – Tamworth Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 28th January – Peel Inn Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 28th January – Tamworth Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Sunday 29th January – Peel Inn Hotel, Tamworth, NSW

Jason Walker, Koral
Sunday 29th January – Golden Barley Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Jen Mize
Friday 27th January – Medicine Show Sessions, Tudor Hotel, Tamworth, NSW

Jeremy Edwards w/ Gretta Ziller, Jodi Martin
Saturday 28th January – Econo Lodge, Tamworth, NSW

Kate Miller-Heidke
Saturday 28th January – Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre, Melbourne, VIC

Kristy Cox
Friday 27th January – Bluegrass Comes To Tamworth, Capitol Theatre, Tamworth, NSW

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes
Friday 27th January – The Scullion Sessions, The Tudor Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Friday 27th January – The Frog and Toad Listening Room, Tamworth, NSW

Late Night Alt
Friday 27th January – Tamworth Services Club, Tamworth, NSW

Lime & Steel
Friday 27th Jauary – The Pier, Port Macquarie, NSW
Saturday 28th January – The Federal, Bellingen, NSW
Sunday 29th January – Tintenbar Up Front, Tintenbar, NSW

Little Georgia
Sunday 29th January – The Midnight Special, Sydney, NSW

Lolo Lovina
Saturday 28th January – Foundry616, Sydney, NSW

Mat McHugh
Friday 3rd February – The Northshore Tavern, Hillarys, WA

Melody Moko
Friday 27th January – ABC Stage Peel St, Nundle, NSW
Friday 27th January – Cake & Cordial Sessions, St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall, Tamworth, NSW

Michael Carpenter
Friday 27th January – Concert in the Park, Tamworth, NSW
Friday 27th January – Late Night Alt, Service Club, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 28th January – Tamworth Hotel, Tamworth, NSW

Mitch Power, Jemma Nicole, Jen Mize
Wednesday 1st January – The Midnight Special, Sydney, NSW

Nell Greco, Gadjo Guitars
Sunday 29th January – Django Bar, Sydney, NSW

Newcastle Blues and Roots Festival
Saturday 28th January – Carrington Bowling Club, Newcastle, NSW

Newstead Live Music Festival
Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th January – Castlemaine, VIC

Nick Payne
Saturday 28th January – South Tamworth Bowling Club, Tamworth, NSW

Nullachella Acoustic Festival
Saturday 28th January – El Sol, Sydney, NSW

Old Mates Block Party 2017 feat. The Lockhearts, The Stiffys, Borneo, The Persian Drugs, Twin Fires, Uptown Ace, Private Function, The Sweet Jelly Rolls, The Bitter Sweethearts, The Bottlers, Wolves In Fashion, Moon, Kvlts Of Vice, DJ Goggles
Saturday 28th January – The Factory Floor, Sydney, NSW

Paddy McHugh & Browny
Friday 3rd February – The Bearded Lady, Brisbane, QLD

Friday 27th January – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 28th January – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Tuesday 31st January – Odeon Theatre, Hobart, TAS
Thursday 2nd February – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide SA

Pekka Kuusisto and the Australian Chamber Orchestra with Sam Amidon
Thursday 2nd February – Newcastle City Hallm Newcastle, NSW

Pierce Brothers
Friday 27th January – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave, VIC
Saturday 28th January – The Corner, Melbourne, VIC

Sunday 29th January – The Loft, Warrnambool, VIC
Thursday 2nd February – Phillip Island Winery, Phillip Island, VIC

Rough River w/ Oscar Lush, Georgia Spain
Saturday 28th January – LongPlay, Melbourne, VIC

Ryan Martin John
Monday 30th January – Ed Castle, Adelaide, SA
Tuesday 31st January – The Hotel Metro, Adelaide, SA

Skyscraper Stan
Friday 3rd January – The Front, Canberra, ACT

Smith & Jones
Friday 27th January – The Post Office Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Friday 27th January – The Pig & Tinderbox, Tamworth, NSW

Taasha Coates
Friday 27th January – Robert Johnson Winery, Lobethal, SA

Tamworth Country Music Festival
Friday 20th to Sunday 29th January – Tamworth, NSW

The April Family w/ Mark Moldre, Matthew James Lyons
Wednesday 1st January – Gasoline Pony, Sydney, NSW

The Bean Project w/ Burrows
Friday 3rd January – Smith’s Alternative, Canberra, ACT

The Cat Empire & Xavier Rudd
Sunday 29th January – North Gardens, Ballarat, VIC

The Cutting
Friday 27th January – Oscar’s Alehouse, Belgrave, VIC
Saturday 28th January – The Dancing Dog, Footscray, VIC
Sunday 29th January – Hickinbotham Estate, Dromana, VIC

The Glorious North
Friday 27th January – The Pig & Tinderbox, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 28th January – The Pig & Tinderbox, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 28th January – The Post Office Hotel, Tamworth, NSW

The McClymonts
Friday 3rd February – The Juniors, Kingsford, NSW

The Medicine Show Sessions
Friday 27th January – Tudor Hotel, Tamworth, NSW

The Ocean Party w/ Milk Teddy, Jordan Ireland, Hot Palms
Friday 27th January – Franks Wild Years, Thirroul, NSW
Saturday 28th January – The Phoenix, Canberra, ACT
Sunday 29th January – Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

The Pigs
Friday 27th January – Longyard Hotel, Tamworth Country Music Festival, NSW
Saturday 28th January – Longyard Hotel, Tamworth Country Music Festival, NSW

The Spooky Men’s Chorale
Friday 3rd February – Orange Regional Convervatorium, Orange, NSW

The Weeping Willows
Friday 27th January – Bluegrass Comes to Tamworth – Capitol Theatre, Tamworth, NSW
Friday 27th January – Deep Down South – The Family Hotel, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 28th January – The Longyard Hotel, Tamworth, NSW

The Whitetop Mountaineers
Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th January – Newstead Live Festival, VIC
Tuesday 31st January – Mountain Pickers Assoc, Ferntree Gully Bowling Club, VIC

Tori Forsyth
Friday 27th January – The Barn, Tamworth, NSW
Friday 3rd February – Lizottes, Newcastle, NSW

Winter Wilson
Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th January – Newstead Live Festival, Castlemaine, VIC
Sunday 29th January – Radio Springs Hotel, Lyonville, VIC

Thursday 2nd February – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave, VIC
Friday 3rd February – SUB Beanbag Gigs, Melbourne, VIC

Friday Folk Flashback

“Big Scioty” – Aly Bain & Jay Ungar

Quebec Folk-Trad Group Les Poules à Colin Announce Australian Tour

Les Poules a Colin
Image Courtesy of Les Poules à Colin

You may have seen Quebec folk-trad group Les Poules à Colin popping up on a few festival lineups recently, and now it looks like we’re getting a national tour.

As well as spots on the lineups appearances at Cobargo Folk Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Blue Mountains Folk Festival, Yackandandah Folk Festival, National Folk Festival and Fairbridge Folk Festival, Les Poules à Colin have a bunch of headline dates that will take them around the country.

Check out the full list of dates below:

Friday 24th to Sunday 26th February – Cobargo Folk Festival, Cobargo, NSW
Thursday 2nd March – Camelot Lounge, Sydney, NSW
Friday 3rd March – Masonic Hall, Lindisfarne TAS
Saturday 4th March – Broadmarsh Hall, Broadmarsh, TAS
Sunday 5th March – Longford Town Hall, Longford, TAS
Friday 10th to Monday 13th March – Port Fairy Folk Festival, Port Fairy, VIC
Friday 17th to Sunday 19th March – Blue Mountains Folk Festival, Katoomba, NSW
Friday 24th to Sunday 26th March – Yackandandah Folk Festival, Yackandandah, VIC
Friday 31st March – Illawarra Folk Club, Wollongong, NSW
Wednesday 5th April – Upper Landsdowne Memorial Hall, Upper Landsdowne, NSW
Thursday 6th April – House Concert, Newcastle, NSW
Saturday 8th April – New Farm Bowls Club, New Farm, QLD
Sunday 9th April – Nanango Shed, Nanago QLD
Thursday 13th to Monday 17th April – National Folk Festival, Canberra, ACT
Thursday 20th April – South Coast Folk Club, Adelaide, SA
Friday 21st to Monday 24th April – Fairbridge Folk Festival, Fairbridge, WA

First Major Artists Announcement for the 2017 National Folk Festival

Sally Balfour
Image Courtesy of Sally Balfour

The National Folk Festival, held in Canberra over the Easter long weekend, has announced their first official round of artists for 2017 and it’s very very exciting.

As always there’s also a bunch of international acts making their way to Canberra next year including The Bridge Project (TUR/ISR), Daoiri Farrell Trio (IRL), The Galax Bogtrotters (USA), Himmerland (DNK), Les Poules à Colin (CAN), Martha Tilston (UK), Phil Wiggins & Dom Turner (USA) and The Rheingans Sisters (UK).

Joining them will be local artists and Timber and Steel favourites including Ami Williamson, Barry Skipsey, Charm of Finches, The Dead Maggies, Fanny Lumsden, Loren Kate, The Low Down Riders, Sally Balfour (above), The Spooky Men’s Chorale, Stray Hens and many more.

The National Folk Festival is held from the 13th to the 17th April in 2017 – for more information and tickets check out the official site here. The feature states for next year’s National Folk Festival are South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The full lineup so far is below:

Ami Williamson, Andrew Galan with Okinawa Girls, Barry Skipsey, The Bridge Project (TUR/ISR), Charm of Finches, Claymore, Conchillia, Daoiri Farrell Trio (IRL), The Dead Maggies, Desert Child, The Drowsy Maggies, Fanny Lumsden, Forté, The Galax Bogtrotters (USA), Greg Champion, Himmerland (DNK), Les Poules à Colin (CAN), Loren Kate, Low Down Riders, Martha Tilston (UK), Phil Wiggins & Dom Turner (USA), Rheingans Sisters (UK), Rory Faithfield, Sally Balfour, The Spooky Men’s Chorale, Stray Hens, Tracey Bunn and her Band of Handsome Devils, Trioc

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