Review: Bushstock 2013, Shepherds Bush, London UK

Bushstock titleReview and photos by KT Bell

When you live in London and you like Folk music, Communion is the Mecca of your music world. The fact that Communion is going strong in Australia and had a huge influence on the very beginnings of Timber and Steel, well, it just makes any Communion experience all that much more special.

The Communion brains trust built Bushstock, a multi-venue local folk extravaganza complete with outdoor beer gardens, sets in Churches and pubs crammed full with music lovers and musicians. In typical London fashion, I’d managed to double book myself and could only hit up the festival for a few hours in the afternoon missing all the big name attractions, which might have been a blessing in disguise as it meant I could focus on checking out the newer, upcoming acts on the UK scene.

The average music festival in Australia is an outdoor affair taking full advantage of our glorious weather and usually a bit of a trek to a venue that can hold the volume of people likely to attend. Bushstock is exactly the opposite, a selection of venues within short walk of each other in London’s increasingly trendy Shepherd’s Bush. Of the four venues for the festival, only two were operating early in the day so I found myself shifting regularly between a church and a pub, opposite ends of the venue spectrum mentally.

Bushstock 1I arrived at the church in time to catch the last song by George Ezra. A young and relaxed performer, his distinct voice of mellow, treacle like tones was more than fitting for a church setting. Humble in his stage presence, George would be an interesting act to catch again and soon.

Then was the first Hike to the Defectors Weld, the pub venue a 5min walk away.

DSC_0651The pub had a tiny stage set between a door and the main seating area and the bar itself. happily, being so early in the day, the room was open enough to find a comfortable spot to watch Sam Fender. He was young and full of soul expressed through an acoustic guitar and the agony of being a teenager with his set littered with songs from puberty. He has raw talent and the passion and intensity of Kim Churchill at times, complete with intelligent lyrics for someone so young. Sam is quite clearly in the it’s of the Communion chaps so keep an eye out for his rise on the scene.

Bushstock 3Then it was time to hot tail it back to the Church to catch Annie Eve. She was not quite what I had expected, but then I didn’t know what to expect from any of the acts. She was much more reserved and introspected than the previous act and in a completely different, serene setting. Her voice reminds me of a cross between Lisa Mitchell and Julia Stone with a very distinct sound and style to her singing, melancholic and lamentably solemn. While it didn’t get my juices flowing, she had great orchestration and flowing musicality to her entire set. It will be interesting to see where her music goes and how it further develops.

Bushstock 4And if course, it was the time to return to the Defectors’ Weld for Young War. A deceptive name, this act was a solo guy layering guitar and voice over each other in loops to create his own backing. He strikes me as the guy who mucks around with music in his room honing the technical only to surprise us on stage with actual talent and strong technical backing. I could only tell he was nervous by his shaking hand programming his guitar tuner. He was more like acoustic soul tending to r&b but not this shit pop r&b hip hop meld bullshit, the real rhythm and blues in acoustic guSivuitar and real ingenuity. He has great potential once he explores more songwriting outlets and finds more of his voice.

Bushstock 5I hustled back to church for Sivu (pronounced see-voo) Which was one of the main acts I was aware of before the festival. Sivu was a complete band with string section and reminiscent of skipping girl vinegar but with less of the happy band vibe and a more indie grunge with orchestration feel. Their only song I was familiar has an awesome film clip filmed in MRI and happily their performance was just as good live as in the video clip. Tending more toward the indie spectrum, they have a good cross section of fans to see them have a steady interest and gigs.

Bushstock 6My last trek before heading off to my double booking, saw me back at the Defectors Weld to catch a guy going by the name The Lake Poets. another act that was a single guy and an acoustic guitar, young and simplistic but in a positive way that was not overly fussy or ostentatious, just plain and to the point. His set was calm and measured framing his pleasant voice and affable charm through a smooth collection of heartfelt tracks.

In all, it was a great festival but certainly one you’d be likely to pick one venue to stay at for an extended time rather than back and forwards like I did. Each venue had food and drinks available, it felt a little sacrilegious to be drinking alcohol in a church but no other Londoners seemed put off, must be a Shepherd’s Bush thing. I would have liked to stay and see the other two venues and their headline acts, but at the same time, it was great to see new emerging acts being attended by what became huge crowds. After the first set at the Defector’s Weld, it became more and more difficult to find a spot to see the acts short of standing right at the front of the small stage crammed in with every other punter. And the Church, well, it probably hasn’t seen such overflowing pews and aisles filled with worshippers before, but it brought it’s own energy and vibe to the event which no doubt fed in to the mood and ambience of each act in such a glorious setting.

In short, if you are ever in London while Bushstock in on, make sure you get there and experience this unique festival. The only thing even close to like it that I’ve been too would the the Snowy Mountains of Music simply because it’s held at the snow and must be inside, but otherwise it has a completely different style and feel in spite of hosting similar style acts. But then anything by Communion is a not to be missed experience, so here’s to many more years of Bushstock!

Interview: Julia Stone

Julia Stone
Image Courtesy of Julia Stone

To round out the year our editor in chief Gareth Hugh Evans managed to find some time to chat to Julia Stone, arguably one of the biggest names in indie-folk music in Australia. Julia Stone has spend 2012 focusing on her second solo album By The Horns, taking a break from Angus and Julia Stone, and will be touring the country next year for Heavenly Sounds.

Gareth chatted to Julia about the differences in being a solo artists than being in a duo, playing in churches and what’s in store for her in 2013.

Gareth Hugh Evans: You released your new solo album, By The Horns, this year. How do you feel it’s been recieved?

Julia Stone: I feel like this year around the record, going around and playing the shows, doing the promo for By The Horns, all of the experiences that have come out of that have been important for me I think. Important because it was such a big thing to step away from Angus and me as a duo. I guess the question you’re asking me is how its been received – it’s such a hard to measure how something has been received other than the shows and the shows were all really fun and nice. Me being on stage was such a growing experience. I found a lot of confidence through doing this record on my own and being on stage on my own. It’s definitely taught me a lot doing this record and it’s been really amazing everywhere that we’ve travelled with the band.

GHE: It feels like this year you’ve had a real focus on being a a solo artist. Obviously this is your second solo album but the first time around it felt like you had the security of Angus and Julia Stone as the recognisable “brand” whereas this time around you’ve really had to commit to being the solo artist Julia Stone. Is that a fair assumption?

JS: Yeah, it’s very different from when we both made our first solo records, which were I think for both of us more side projects to Angus and me as a duo. This time around we definitely wanted to go and tour as solo artists and we wanted to play the songs that we had worked on. We felt really inspired to do that at the same time which was really a simple decision to make – it was just a conversion Angus and I had at the end of touring the last record Down the Way. We toured that for long I think it was pretty natural to want to explore the other stuff that we had been working on, even while we were on tour together.

GHE: Yeah, last time around it felt like more of a side project.

JS: Absolutely. It was definitely more of a focus for both of us this year. We didn’t really know how long we were going to do this for, how long we will do this for, it was just a new chapter which means going out as solo artists and playing music in that regard.

GHE: When you’re approaching writing a Julia Stone song as opposed to an Angus and Julia Stone song is there any difference? Or are you just writing whatever songs come through you at the time?

JS: I just write the songs. A few of these songs that went on By The Horns I used to play live with Angus. And I know that some of the tracks on Angus’ record we were playing as well as Angus and Julia songs. I think we both write in exactly the same way but then the production sort of changes. The way we work in the studio separately is different because there’s no need to take into account that it’s a duo and the other person’s voice needs to be in there and how would that work.

GHE: Does it feel a bit weird to not only take into account that that second voice isn’t there but also not having another person giving you a contribution to a song that you’ve written? Does it feel weird being the only person who has input on the song?

JS: If I was the only person then it might feel weird but it’s never the way, at least in my experience, of making music. There’s so many other people. I’m always collaborating with other people from writing the songs to playing them to people. I always feel like when I’ve finished a song that I like to play it for a friend or whoever’s around – that’s the first collaboration, the moment of sharing the song, and certainly when Angus and I were on tour together and we were both writing on the road he would quite often be that first person I would share a new song with. And a lot of the songs on By The Horns he probably was the first person to hear them. Then getting into the studio there’s a producer and there’s musicians and all those people who are there, have ideas and have personalities and unique ways of hearing things and they’re all contributing. And then collaborating with a live band on stage. There definitely is a difference when it’s a duo show because it’s Angus’ song, it’s my song, it’s Angus’ song, it’s my song. But just in terms of the songs themselves and having that extra voice there – there’s so many guys on stage with me and they’re all singing and they’re all contributing. I have never felt once that I was alone or that I didn’t have the kind of support I have with Angus. I love being on stage with Angus, he’s a phenomenal person to perform with, but I’ve played this year with lots of great guys

GHE: We should also chat about the Heavenly Sounds tour which sounds like it’s going to be absolutely beautiful. Did you approach Heavenly Sounds with the prospect of doing a tour of churches or did they approach you?

JS: Y’know when it gets to me it just comes from my manager so I’m not sure how it all happened. My manager said “there’s this idea for a tour to play in churches” and he thought it would be really beautiful and he knows that I like playing in churches. Playing in Europe we quite often get to play in churches because there’s a lot of them there and a lot of them have been converted into music venues. I don’t think we’ve ever played one tour where there isn’t a date in a church and that’s including with Angus and these last solo tours. It’s just a really special way to make music, particularly for the style of music that I’ve been creating. I didn’t want to do another big Australian tour with all the regular venues – it was a good way to do another tour of Australia but do it a bit differently.

GHE: It’s a bit different to just playing pubs and clubs or even theatres. It’s great that you’re going to be playing in these venues that are pretty much custom built for their acoustics.

JS: Yeah! Every stone’s been laid with the thought of the choir and the voices of the preacher man being able to reach God. It’s pretty phenomenal the way they build those places. I know it’s a total nightmare for the sound guys. I don’t know what it’s like for other musicians, I certainly know what it’s been like for me and Angus, both of us individually on stage going “can we get more reverb?”. For our voices, we really love hearing them with reverb on them and I always ask if I can get reverb in the monitors because if you’re playing in a dry club it’s very vibeless if you’re just there and there’s just dry sound. That’s fine if you’re playing acoustically, like I love singing acoustic dry, I don’t have a problem with that sitting around a campfire or sitting in a lounge room singing a song but when it goes through a PA you want it to travel. And that’s the beauty of playing in a church – you don’t need to touch the sound effects, the room creates the exact sound you want. It’s why people like singing in the shower because the tiles in the bathroom, in the shower create such beautiful acoustics for people’s voices. Everybody sounds great in the shower – it’s because they’ve got reverb! And the church is the ultimate of that.

GHE: After the tour is over what’s the next plan for 2013?

JS: After it finishes I’m going to spend a little bit more time in Sydney with my family. And then I have a plan, which may change because it always does, but I’m moving in with a friend. I haven’t rented a home for a long time and I sort of decided that next year I wanted to have a home. I’m going to try and sort that out come March or April. I think that will be my focus, to gather my bits and pieces from the storage units around the place and set up a house somewhere.

GHE: Lovely. Thank you so much for chatting with me today, I really appreciate it.

JS: No worries Gareth, it’s nice talking to you.

By The Horns is available now. The full list of dates for the Heavenly Sounds tour are below:

Thursday 14th February – St Stephen’s Uniting Church, Sydney, NSW
Friday 15th February – St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, QLD
Tuesday 19th February – St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, TAS
Wednesday 20th February – St Michael’s Church, Melbourne VIC
Thursday 21st February – Flinders Street Baptist Church, Adelaide, SA
Friday 22nd February – St Joseph’s Church, Perth, WA

Julia Stone Announces Heavenly Sounds Tour

Julia Stone
Image Courtesy of Julia Stone

We’re getting pretty excited about Michael Kiwanuka’s Heavenly Sounds tour next year but as it turns out it’s not going to be the first string of shows for the church venue based touring company. That honour goes to Timber and Steel favourite Julia Stone.

Having cemented herself as a solo artist with her excelent album By The Horns Julia Stone will be taking on some of country’s most spectacular churches and cathedrals this coming February. Stone is no stranger to playing churches having done so many times in Europe. “Always on tours when booked to play in an old church, which happens fairly frequently through Europe where many old churches now are converted into venues, we all get excited about the night” Julia Stone has said. “The room has a way of taking music and transforming it into something else – the walls carry the voices and the sounds – it’s as though the building itself were a part of the sound… adding its own voice to the songs”.

Julia Stone will be touring with Melbourne indie-pop artist Vance Joy in support. The full list of dates for the Heavenly Sounds tour are below with tickets going on sale this Wednesday 5th December:

Thursday 14th February – St Stephen’s Uniting Church, Sydney, NSW
Friday 15th February – St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, QLD
Tuesday 19th February – St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, TAS
Wednesday 20th February – St Michael’s Church, Melbourne VIC
Thursday 21st February – Flinders Street Baptist Church, Adelaide, SA
Friday 22nd February – St Joseph’s Church, Perth, WA

Julia Stone Covers “I Was Only 19”

Julia Stone
Image Courtesy of Julia Stone

I saw this pop up on my Facebook feed and just had to share. The History Channel debuted the brand new documentary series The People Speak on Sunday evening which explores the history of protest in Australia using a number of well known Australian actors, speakers, commentators and musicians to interpret the primary sources.

One of those contributors is Julia Stone who covered the classic Redgum war-protest song “I Was Only 19”. Check out Julia Stone performing the track below – and for more information on The People Speak the official website is here:

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 7th December


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

Arlo Guthrie has announced headline dates on top of his appearances at the Blue Mountains Music Festival and Port Fairy Folk Festival next year. Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion will be in support. Details here

– Folk rock legend Richard Thompson will be releasing his new album ELECTRIC in February next year featuring guest appearances from Alison Krauss, Siobhan Maher Kennedy and fiddle player Stuart Duncan. Details here

Mama Kin has released the brand new video for her track “Was It Worth It”, taken from her upcoming album The Magician’s Daughter. Details here

Julia Stone has performed a gorgeous cover of Redgum’s “I Was Only 19” for the History Channel doco The People Speak. Details here

– Speaking of Julia Stone she has been announced as the first artist to tour for Heavenly Sounds in 2013. Details here

– No one quite does a bluegrass cover like The Pigs. Check out their video for Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” to see what we mean. Details here

– The Blue Mountains Music Festival has added a few more artists to its 2013 lineup including Kate Miller-Heidke, Go Jane Go (Keiran Kane, Lucas Kane and David Francey), Baby et Lulu, The Popes, Mama Kin, Jordan Millar and The Barons of Tang. Details here

Emily Barker is home in WA for Christmas and has a handful of local shows planned while she’s here. Details here

– Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson, AKA Folk Uke, will be performing two headline shows in Sydney when they’re in the country for the Woodford Folk Festival. Details here

– The Melbourne leg of international monthly house concert series Sofar Sounds has announced plans for a Christmas party this month featuring Brous, Francolin, Ainslie Wills, The Harpoons and Elana Stone plus five secret guests yet to be announced. Details here

Dropkick Murphys are putting the dysfunctional back into Christmas with their festive track (and video) “The Season’s Upon Us”. Details here

– Currently making his way through Canada, Kim Churchill already has his sight set on home with the announcement of a massive summer tour beginning in January. Details here

– A follow up to the 2006 pirate-themed album Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys, produced by Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinski and Hal Willner, has been announced next for year, titled Son of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys. Details here

– UK-born, US based singer-songwriter Bobby Long has finally revealed the details of his upcoming album Wishbone. Details here

– Most of the artists that the Peats Ridge Festival added to their lineup this week were electronic in nature but there were a couple of folky gems in there including Charlie Gradon, Elstow, Loren Kate, Zoe Elliot, Jenna Murphy, Sarah Humphreys & The Volunteers and Anna Weatherup. Details here

Glen Hansard revealed his new video “High Hope” ahead of his Australian tour next year. Details here

– Alt-country artists The Stillsons are stripping back to a duo for a handful of shows in and around Adelaide in the lead up to Christmas. Details here

Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler are re-releasing their This is Christmas album this year and this week revealed the video for the track “Zombie Christmas”. Details here


“I know when I was starting out, seeing Ryan Adams and I listened to his music and loved it so much. The one way I found to not sound like him was to listen to less Ryan Adams! And did more living, and went out on the road, meeting people and stuff like that. And you know that it’s not going to be so much the influences of the sound of other music”Jordie Lane chats to Bill Quinn. Interview here

“There’s not many jug bands around Melbourne, so we’ve kind of got our own little thing going on” – Camilla and Eileen Hodgkins from The Perch Creek Family Jugband chat to Bill Quinn. Interview here

Releases This Week

Seth Lakeman BBC Concert Orchestra
Live with the BBC Concert OrchestraSeth Lakeman
Proper Music

For Folk’s Sake It’s Christmas 2012 – Various

Timber and Steel Presents

Bobby Alu
Bobby Alu with Saritah
Sunday 9th December – The Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC

Gigs Next Week

Achoo! Bless You
Friday 7th December – Yah Yahs, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 8th December – Pure Pop Records, Melbourne, VIC

Andrew Drummond
Saturday 8th December – Mars Hill Cafe, Parramatta, NSW
Friday 14th December – House Gig, Wyong, NSW

Charles Jenkins
Friday 7th December – Notes, Sydney, NSW

Darren Hanlon
Friday 14th December – The Grand Poobah, Hobart, TAS

Finders Keepers Sydney
8th and 9th December – CarriageWorks, Sydney, NSW

Homebake (feat. Angus Stone, Julia Stone, Husky, Jinja Safari)
Saturday 8th December – The Domain, Sydney, NSW

Wednesday 12th December – Mojos, Fremantle, WA
Thursday 13th December – The Bakery, Perth, WA

Jack Carty
Sunday 9th December – The Retreat Hotel, Melbourne, VIC (6pm)
Sunday 9th December – The Toff in Town, Melbourne, VIC (8pm w/ Katie Noonan)
Friday 14th December – Camelot, Sydney, NSW (w/ Katie Noonan)

Joe Robinson
Saturday 8th December – Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 13th December – The Street Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Jordie Lane
Wednesday 12th December – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday 13th December – Drill Hall, Mullumbimby, NSW
Friday 14th December – Great Northern Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson
Friday 7th December – Goldfields Arts Centre, Kalgoorlie, WA
Saturday 8th December – Mundaring Weir Hotel Amphitheatre, Mundaring, WA
Sunday 9th December – Drakesbrook Hotel, Waroona, WA

Friday 14th December – The Lomond Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Missy Higgins
Saturday 8th December – Fremantle Arts Centre (South Lawn), Perth, WA

Perch Creek Family Jugband
Friday 7th December – Coogee Diggers, Coogee, NSW
Saturday 8th December – The Royal Exchange, Newcastle, NSW
Sunday 9th December – The Newsagency, Marrickville, NSW [Sold out]
Tuesday 11th December – The Newsagency, Marrickville, NSW [Second show added]
Thursday 13th December – 5 Church Street, Bellingen, NSW
Friday 14th December – Mullumbimby Drill Hall, Mullumbimby, NSW

Regina Spektor
Monday 10th December – Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Friday 14th December – The Plenary, Melbourne

The April Maze
Friday 14th December – The Front Canberra, ACT

The Key of Sea feat. Jinja Safari, The Tiger and Me, etc
Friday 14th December – Hamer Hall, Melbourne, VIC

The Pigs
Friday 14th December – Pretoria Hotel, Mannum, SA

The Seals with The Davidson Brothers
Saturday 8th December – Amplifier Bar, Perth, WA

The Trouble With Templeton
Friday 7th December – Bon Amici Cafe, Toowoomba, QLD
Saturday 8th December – 5 Church Street, Bellingen, NSW
Wednesday 12th December – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 13th December – Front Gallery, Canberra, ACT
Friday 14th December – Barcode, Wollongong, NSW

Friday Folk Flashback

“Sweeney” – Bloodwood

Bit of an indulgent one this week. This Henry Lawson poem about a drunken swaggy has also been sung by Slim Dusty, but is here reimagined in the minor key by Alice Springs band Bloodwood from their 1981 album Man Made Music. What makes this indulgent? Well my Dad is in Bloodwood. Enjoy!

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 26th October


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

The Civil Wars have announced they will release a seven track EP of their VH1 Unplugged session featuring covers of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and Portishead’s “Sour Times”. Details here

– With over 400 acts on the lineup this year the Woodford Folk Festival may just have announced the biggest program we’ve seen. Headliners include Andrew Clermont, Angus Stone, Ben Sollee, Flap!, Folk Uke, Julia Stone, Mal Webb, Mikelangelo and the Tin Star, Penelope Swales, Shane Howard, Tim Hart, Wagons and more. Details here

– Another new track from Sufjan Stevens’ upcoming Christmas release Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas, Volumes 6-10, titled “Ding-a-ling-a-ring-a-ling” has found its way online. Details here

Andrew Morris kicked off his East Coast tour supported by Zac Gunthorpe at this week’s Folk Club in Sydney. He has dates all the way through November. Details here

– Sydney duo Achoo! Bless You have released their new video “Before We Say Goodbye” after it debuted at Folk Club last week. Achoo! Bless You will be promoting the single with a handful of gigs in Sydney before supporting Henry Wagons on his NSW and ACT shows. Details here

– After teasing us with a trickle of names the Port Fairy Folk Festival has finally revealed it’s official first round of artists form 2013 including Arlo Guthrie, Eric Bogle, Finbar Furey, Glen Hansard, Gurrumul, Kim Churchill, Lisa Hannigan, The Little Stevies, Tuba Skinny and many more. Details here

– Cello virtuoso Ben Sollee revealed dates for a January tour of Australia. Details here

– The Alice Springs Courtyard Sessions will be closing off the year with a celebration of the songs of Ted Egan. Egan himself will be joined by some of the brightest talents in the red centre including Jeanette Wormald, Colin Lillie, Sally Balfour, Katie Harder and more. Details here

– The new video from The April Maze is for a cover of The Hooters’ track “And We Danced” which will appear on their next album Two. Details here

– English singer-songwriter Martha Tilston released the second video from her new album Machines of Love and Grace, the beautiful “Survival Guide”. Details here

– 13 months after it was first recorded Arbori will finally be launching their single “In The Places You Fold” in Sydney next Friday. Joining them will be Yetis, Little Big Horn and Ryan Collings. Details here

– The brand new video from Julia Stone features “Blind Side” actor Quinton Aaron and is really really sweet. Details here

Liz Frencham is looking for double bass players to send her videos of how difficult it is playing such a large instrument for the clip to her next song. Details here

– A week out from releasing their self-titled EP Texture Like Sun have revealed their brand new video “One Great Prize”. Details here


“I find it a little frustrating sometimes that the first time people hear music is often just on the Internet these days. It’s a bit of an anticlimax when I can stream the entire album before it comes out. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, I don’t know”Sarah Blasko chats to Gareth Hugh Evans. Interview here

“We’ve been going for nearly 19 years now, and I was just talking with someone today – Gabi, she’s our backing vocalist – and I said that after 19 years, we should be doing the reunion tour now, rather than still going!”Bill Quinn chats to Jim Paterson from The BordererS. Interview here


Track by Track

“We are big fans of C.S.Lewis. His stories were a big part of our childhood and the idea of brothers and sisters running through another world resonated strongly with us as a band, being all related. Making music that creates another world to go to is pretty important to us”Tigertown take us through Before The Morning. Track By Track here


“Gone was the chair, music stand and placid setting of the night before to make way for a standing height mic and two large amps on stage. When Billy Bragg took the stage, seemingly enlivened and energised by the fact it was Saturday night, one riff across the strings of his Dyson guitar for the opening of “St Swithin’s Day” was enough to announce that Woody Guthrie had left the building”Bill Quinn reviews Billy Bragg in Melbourne. Review here

“Festival goers awoke the next day feeling different. Crawling out of vans, squirming from under collapsed tents, we were now on Dungog time, moving slowly and still tingling with contentment from the previous days events”Lillian Mercanti reviews the Gentlemen of the Road Dungog Stopover. Review here

Releases This Week

Machines of Love and Grace
Machines of Love and GraceMartha Tilston
Online Store

No Shape Can Hold Me Now
No Shape Can Hold Me NowMatt Bauer

Psychedelic Pill
Psychedelic PillNeil Young and Crazy Horse

I Awake
I AwakeSarah Blasko

New York Times
New York TimesSimone Felice
Online Store

The Staves
Dead & Born & GrownThe Staves
Online Store

Timber and Steel Presents

Catherin Traicos
Catherine Traicos with Anna Smyrk & The Appetites, Tracy McNeil
Sunday 28th October (Matinée) – The Workers Club, Melbourne VIC

Jack Carty
Jack Carty with Jackson McLaren, Pinky Beecroft
Sunday 28th October (Evening) – The Workers Club, Melbourne VIC

Don’t Think Twice feat. Iluka, We Are The Birdcage, Ross Henry
Sunday 28th October – Annandale Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Gigs Next Week

Achoo! Bless You
Thursday 1st November – FBi Social, Kings Cross, NSW

Ainslie Wills
Friday 26th October – The Grand Poobah, Hobart, TAS
Sunday 28th October – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD

Andrew Morris with Zac Gunthorpe
Saturday 27th October – Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Angus Stone
Thursday 1st November – Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Friday 2nd November – Level One Newcastle Leagues, Newcastle

Arbori with Yetis, Little Big Horn, Ryan Collings
Friday 2nd November – Hibernian House, Sydney, NSW

Billy Bragg
Saturday 27th October – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Tuesday 30th October – Prince Bandroom, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 31st October – Town Hall, Adelaide, SA
Friday 2nd November – Astor Theatre, Perth, WA

Charles Jenkins
Friday 26th October – The Velvet Lounge, Mt Lawley, WA

Crooked Saint and Ashleigh Mannix
Friday 26th October – The Beresford Hotel, Surry Hills, NSW
Saturday 27th October – Sydney Blues & Roots Festival, Windsor, NSW
Thursday 1st November – Railway Friendly Bar, Byron Bay, NSW
Friday 2nd November – Pacific Hotel, Yamba, NSW

Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival feat. The New Worlds, Mustered Courage, Jimmy The Fish, The Company, Fred Smith and Liz Frencham, The String Contingent, Chaika, The Mid North, Breaking Hart Benton, Nick and Liesl
26th to 28th October – Dorrigo, NSW

Elliot The Bull
Friday 26th October – The Lass, Newcastle, NSW
Saturday 27th October – The Patch, Wollongong, NSW
Sunday 28th October – Old Manly Boat Shed, Manly, NSW

Fleurieu Folk Festival feat. Eric Bogle, The Go Set, The Stetson Family, Barry Skipsey, The Timbers
26th to 28th October – Willunga, SA

Hat Fitz and Cara
Friday 26th October – Kidgeeridge Festival, Lake Conjola, NSW
Saturday 27th October – Illawarra Builder’s Club, Wollongong, NSW
Sunday 28th October – Lizotte’s, Kincumber NSW

Jen Cloher with Courtney Barnett
Thursday 1st November – Front Gallery, Canberra, ACT
Friday 2nd November – The Vanguard, Sydney, NSW

Joe Robinson
Saturday 27th October – The Vanguard, Sydney, NSW

John Williamson
Friday 26th October – Crown Casino, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 27th October – Crown Casino, Melbourne, VIC

Josh Pyke with Jack Carty
Friday 26th October -Bended Elbow, Geelong, VIC
Saturday 27th October – Meeniyan Town Hall, Meeniyan, VIC
Thursday 1st November – Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour, NSW
Friday 2nd Novemrber – Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay, NSW

Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp
Friday 26th October – Illawarra P.A.C., Wollongong, NSW
Saturday 27th October – City Recital Hall, Sydney, NSW

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson
Friday 26th October – Ballarat Regent Multiplex, North Ballarat, VIC
Saturday 27th October – Regent Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Tuesday 30th October – Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW
Wednesday 31st October – Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT
Thursday 1st November – Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre, Nowra, NSW
Friday 2nd November – York Theatre Seymour Centre, Sydney, NSW

Saturday 27th October – Drill Hall, Mullumbimby NSW

Lisa Mitchell with Alpine and Danco
Friday 26th October – The Astor, Perth, WA
Saturday 27th October – Prince of Wales, Bunbury, WA
Sunday 28th October – HQ, Adelaide, SA
Wednesday 31st October – Anthenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 2nd November – The Tivoli, Brisbane, QLD

Mama Kin
Friday 26th October – The Railway Club, Darwin, NT
Sunday 28th October – Island Vibes Festival, North Stradbroke Island, QLD
Tuesday 30th October – Camelot, Sydney, NSW
Wednesday 31st October – Clarendon Guesthouse Katoomba, NSW
Thursday 1st November – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC

Mark Wilkinson
Friday 26th October – The Ellington, Perth, WA
Wednesday 31st October – The Rails, Byron Bay, NSW
Thursday 1st November – Cafe Le Monde, Noosa, QLD
Friday 2nd November – The Loft, Gold Coast, QLD

Mike Compton
Friday 26th October – Brisbane, QLD
Sunday 28th October – State Theatre of Western Australia, Perth, WA
Friday 2nd November – Albany Town Hall, Albany, WA

Mumford and Sons and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Friday 26th October – Royal Theatre, Canberra, ACT
Sunday 28th October – Kurunda Ampitheatre, Cairns, QLD
Monday 29th October – Convention Centre, Townsville, QLD
Wednesday 31st October – Convention Centre, Gold Coast, QLD

Nexus World Music Series
feat. Alex Tsiboulski and Akoustic Odyssey

Friday 26th October – Nexus 
 Centre, Adelaide, SA
feat. Sufi Soul and Luminaria
Friday 2nd November – Nexus 
 Centre, Adelaide, SA

Sarah Humphreys
Friday 26th October – The Wesley Anne, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 27th October – Pure Pop Records, St Kilda, VIC
Saturday 27th October – Elwood Lounge, Elwood, VIC

Surry Hills Festival
Saturday 27th October – Prince Alfred Park, Sydney, NSW

Sydney Blues & Roots Festival (Lanie Lane, Mia Dyson, Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band, Chase The Sun, Microwave Jenny, Ashleigh Mannix, Hat Fitz and Cara)
25th to 28th October – Sydney, NSW

Tablelands Folk Festival
26th to 28th October – Yungaburra, QLD

The Borderers
Sunday 28th October – Sunday by the Lake, Tuggeranong, ACT
Sunday 28th October – King O’Malley’s, Canberra City, ACT

The Paper Kites (with Art of Sleeping, Battleships)
Friday 26th October – The SoundLounge, Gold Coast, QLD
Saturday 27th October – The Zoo, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 2nd November – Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

The String Contingent
Friday 26th October – Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival, Dorrigo, NSW
Saturday 27th October – Restrung Chamber Festival, Brisbane, QLD
Sunday 28th October – Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival, Dorrigo, NSW

The Tiger and Me
Saturday 27th October – Revolt, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 1st November – Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC

Friday 26th October – Barsoma, Brisbane, QLD
Saturday 27th October – Bon Amici Café, Toowoomba, QLD

Tin Sparrow
Friday 26th October – The Standard, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 27th October – The Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC

TinPan Orange
Friday 26th October – Fly By Night, Fremantle, WA

Friday Folk Flashback

“Danse Macabre” – Béla Fleck feat. Ben Sollee

After Ben Sollee announced his Australian tour this week I was reminded of this track he recorded with Béla Fleck to accompany the Neil Gaiman book The Graveyard Book. You can buy this as a single or its also available as part of the audio book.

New Julia Stone Video, “Justine”

Julia Stone
Image Courtesy of Julia Stone

Jessie Hill, the director of the new Julia Stone video “Justine” wanted to “give the viewer an opportunity to experience something different to the normal images of lovers in video clips” according to HitFix. The video depicts Stone and “Blind Side” actor Quinton Aaron playing out their romance on location in LA. “The contrast of Julia being so tiny and Quinton being a larger character was something I wanted to explore visually,” Jessie Hill explained.

Watch the video below:

Woodford Announces Over 400 Artists for 2012/13 Lineup

Woodford Folk Festival
Image Courtesy of Woodford Folk Festival

With such a busy night of music to be had all around the country this Saturday just gone you’d be forgiven for having missed the lineup announcement for the 2012/13 Woodford Folk Festival. Arguably Australia’s best known folk festival Woodford has this year well over 400 acts.

Woodford will be held over the New Year period from the 27th November to the 1st January in Woodford, Queensland. Constantly stretching the definition of “folk music” (even further than we do) this year’s festival includes acts from a multitude of genres including blues, roots, jazz, rock, pop, soul, hip hop and more. Headliners at Woodford this year include Andrew Clermont, Angus Stone, Ben Sollee, Flap!, Folk Uke, Julia Stone, Mal Webb, Mikelangelo and the Tin Star, Penelope Swales, Shane Howard, Tim Hart, Wagons and more.

Pre-festival early-bird tickets are still available from now until the 24th December.

The full lineup is too big to print here (you’ll have to head to the official site for that) but we though we’d treat you our extensive highlights from the program:

Andrew Clermont
Angus Stone
Archie Roach
Ben Sollee
Emma Louise
Eric Bogle
Evan & Mischa
Folk Uke
George Kamikawa & Noriko Tadano
Hat Fitz and Cara
John Butler Trio
Julia Stone
Kate Miller-Heidke
Luke Escombe
Mal Webb
Mama Kin
Martin Pearson
Mic Conway with Robbie Long
Microwave Jenny
Mikelangelo and the Tin Star
Mr Fibby
Mustered Courage
Nicky Bomba’s BUSTAMENTO
Penelope Swales
Ray Beadle
Rhiannon and Monique
Rory McLeod
Shane Howard
Sharon Shannon
Stiff Gins
The Company
The Good Ship
The Perch Creek Family Jugband
Thelma Plum
Tim Hart
Women in Docs

New Single From The Trouble With Templeton, “Six Months In A Cast”

The Trouble With Templeton
Image Courtesy of The Trouble With Templeton

The Trouble With Templeton started out as the solo project of Brisbane singer-songwriter Thomas Calder but has somehow evolved into duo, then a trio and now a five piece. And now that this newly minted band has finally settled on its full lineup (we assume) they have released a brand new track titled “Six Months In A Cast”, a frantic, acoustic guitar driven track which is quite a departure from their (his?) last single “Someday Soon”. Take a listen below:

The Trouble With Templeton will be performing at Bigsound in Brisbane on the 12th September as well joining Julia Stone as the support on the VIC and NSW leg of her solo tour. Check out the full list of dates below:

Thursday 6th September – Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, VIC
Friday 7th September – Forum Theare, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 8th September – Meenlyan Town Hall, Meeniyan, VIC
Wednesday 12th September – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane, QLD (BIG SOUND SHOWCASE)
Thursday 13th September – Lizottes, Newcastle, NSW
Friday 14th September – Dream Festival, Dubbo, NSW (headlining)
Saturday 15th September – The Metro, Sydney, NSW
Friday 21st September – Community Centre, Byron Bay, NSW

New Julia Stone Video, “By The Horns”, and National Tour

Julia Stone
Image Courtesy of Julia Stone

Friday the 25th May was a big day for Julia Stone. Not only did her latest solo album By The Horns hit the stands but she also unleashed the video for the title track and announced a national solo tour.

First up let’s get to the video. Directed by Jessie Hill, the “By The Horns” clip is absolutely stunning – check it out below:

Pretty special right? Well you can get all the Julia Stone goodness your heart desires with a raft of dates all across the country this September. Get your diary out – tickets go on sale on the 15th June. Check out the full list of shows below:

6th September – Theatre Royal, Castlemaine VIC
7th September – Forum Theatre, Melbourne VIC
8th September – Meeniyan Town Hall, Meeniyan VIC
12th September – The Abbey, Canberra ACT
13th September – Lizotte’s, Newcastle NSW
15th September – The Metro, Sydney NSW
19th September – The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent, Brisbane Festival, QLD
20th September – The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent, Brisbane Festival, QLD
21st September – Community Centre, Byron Bay NSW
22nd September – Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns QLD
28th September – Astor Theatre, Perth WA
30th September – Bird In Hand Winery, Adelaide SA

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