Spotlight On: New Madrid

Image courtesy of New Mardid

New Madrid are a young outfit out of Athens, Georgia in the US. They’ve endeared themselves to us with their impressive debut album Yardboat which seems to draw on alt-country and post-rock influences to realise a significantly complex and intricate breed of indie rock. At the heart of their appeal is a rawness. Though their record and performances are polished, there’s also a rock and roll angst that flows through. It’s something special and hard to put your finger on, like the reason that Motel Motel are more enjoyable than Alt-J, if that helps. The unguarded vocals washed with reverb probably contribute to this effect. The identity of New Madrid‘s music however is forged by guitars, particularly the lead. It wasn’t until I heard this album that I realised there’s something inherently missing from indie rock music- the satisfaction of inspired and well written solos. New Madrid offer this in surplus. They solo over verses- any chance they get. I think because they’re so good at it, it always adds something and never seems out of place. As far as singles, the album is loaded with catchier tunes towards the start- Bee Rapture, Magenetoeption and Country Moon and Juniper (album closer) are the tracks that work best in their isolation, though the whole record is just swell and a very fulfilling listen start-to-finish.

Their aptitude for composition seems to be centralised on and built around letting the guitars sing, but as an ensemble they hold up too, without any glaring shortfalls. They look to have had a good run at touring  this year featuring some good support slots, and with another baby on the way next year we have a lot to look forward to from New Madrid. Although Yardboat is a 2012 album, it’s been my favorite discovery of 2013 and well worth streaming below.

Country of Origin: Athens, GA, USA
File Under: Indie-Rock, Alt-Country

Futurebirds Record “Laundro Matinee” Session

Image courtesy of Futurebirds

This 6 piece from the slightly less cool Athens in Georgia, USA have dubbed themselves “psychedelic country”, which you must admit is creative. It’s also fairly fitting. There is definitely a swirling and hypnotic effect to their music.

The session is just in a recording studio- it’s nothing too fancy, but the sound is fantastic, and the episode really makes you want to see them in concert. Along with their own song “Ski Chalet”, they play a couple of covers from The Velvet Underground and Smokey Robertson. Their debut album is available here for $10, or if you want some free tracks, they also did a Daytrotter Session late last year which you can find via this link.

Whilst on the topic of Laundro Matinee sessions- an honourable mention must go to The Young Republic who recorded a great session recently as well. One of the tracks is embedded below.

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