Free Download: “170 Million Amercians” Compilation (featuring Wilco, William Elliott Whitmore, Devotchka, Dr. Dog, Tom Waits, Man Man etc)

Want some awesome free music? All you have to do is know or find out an American zip code and have an email address! Input the information to the website linked below and the following tracks are all yours! The artists featured on the compilation have all gifted their music for the cause of maintaining public broadcasting in the US.

<Follow this link to download the 170 Million Americans Compilation>


Free Download: Unreleased Radical Face Song “We’re On Our Way” (+ “The Roots” Details)

Image courtesy of Radical Face

The date for Ben Cooper’s (aka Radical Face) long awaited sophomore album release has finally been announced (October 4th) alongside news of Cooper‘s plan to release The Family Tree; The Roots independently under another kick-ass moniker, “Bear Machine Records”. Excitingly, Cooper has also recently joined forces with Coda Booking Agency, who handle the likes of  Beirut, Calexico, Deer Tick, Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, The Acorn, Vetiver, William Elliott Whitmore and many, many more Timber & Steel favourites, so hopefully this gives Cooper the opportunity to get out a bit more and share his new music with punters in all corners of the globe in a live format.

“We’re On Our Way” (below) is not one of the tracks set to be on the new album according to the tracklisting (further below), but it sure is sweet.

<Follow this link to download>

If you’re super interested to get a taste of the new album, have a listen to the mixtape below from Buzzbands. This is the only place I’ve been able to find the brilliant new album track “A Pound of Flesh’ which is the second song included in this inconveniently single-track podcast which starts just about here                                                 v

1. Names
2. A Pound of Flesh
3. Family Portrait
4. Black Eyes
5. Severus and Stone
6. The Moon Is Down
7. Ghost Towns
8. Kin
9. The Dead Waltz
10. Always Gold
11. Mountains

Even More Free Downloads From Joe Pug

Image courtesy of Joe Pug

Yesterday we published an article offering free downloads of Joe Pug and Strand Of Oaks covering each-other, and today, Joe Pug has backed it up again with a free 4 track sampler of his back-catalogue. Joe Pug has been all about sharing his music from day one- he even used to send out free CD samplers in the post to anyone that asked for one. He’s also had an EP called In The Meantime up for free download on his website for ages, which is well worth a listen. So if you’ve heard people talking about Joe Pug, but you can’t quite yet justify taking the chance and purchasing his music, this is a great opportunity to test the water. You’ll love it. Trust me. The links to the pages with his downloads are below:

Free Download: New Vetiver Song “Can’t You Tell” (+ New Album Details)

Image courtesy of Sub Pop

I can’t believe we hadn’t posted about this upcoming release yet, or about Vetiver at all! We should probably do an artist profile at some stage, but to give you an idea for now, Vetiver belong to that freak-folk crowd from the New Weird America movement– think Akron/Family, Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Castanets, Grizzly Bear, etc.

The Errant Charm will be their 5th studio album and will be released on the 14th of June by one of the biggest indie labels out there- Sub Pop. We’re going to have to send you to the Pitchfork article (via this link) for the free “Can’t You Tell” download because WordPress doesn’t support embedding these kind of Flash widgets. Sigh. Track listing for the album is below.

1. It’s Beyond Me
2. Worse for Wear
3. Can’t You Tell
4. Hard to Break
5. Fog Emotion
6. Right Away
7. Wonder Why
8. Ride Ride Ride
9. Faint Praise
10. Soft Glass

Oh! Canada Mixtapes by The Line Of Best Fit

Image courtesy of The Line Of Best Fit

One of my favourite music websites is one out of The UK called The Line Of Best Fit. They do a great job of unearthing new music from around the world, and a lot of it overlaps with the kind of stuff Timber & Steel look out for. Their writers and reviewers are talented, their insight is phenomenal, and their work-load is commendable. One of my favourite aspects of the website is the Oh! Canada column which brings to light new music specifically from Canada. When they started publishing this column in mid 2009 they also began releasing free compilation mixtapes showcasing the bands that they wanted to stand behind. You may remember the story we posted publicising the release of their Ho! Ho! Ho! Canada Deux mixtape in December which featured some fantastic indie-folk bands like The Mountains & The Trees, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Woodpigeon & The Great Lake Swimmers. Little did I know at that stage that these mixtapes are released regularly with new artists and songs to discover. Just recently TLOBF released Oh! Canada Volume 15, which, as always, is available for free download. The music on these mixtapes varies in style, so if you’re only looking for specifically folk-ish tracks you’ll have to comb through them- but I’ve gone through the archives and have found the articles for all of the Oh! Canada mixtapes ever produced by TLOBF, and they’re all linked below:

Priscilla Ahn Announces New Album “When You Grow Up” (+ How She Accidentally Changed My Life)

Image courtesy of Priscilla Ahn

The discovery of Priscilla Ahn marked somewhat of a pivotal moment in my life and in the lives of some of my closest friends, whether they realise it or not. It’s usually a good idea to try and separate yourself from the music you’re writing about so that it can be fully appreciated by others, but in this instance I think I could be forgiven for breaking convention. I’ll set the scene…

It was a snowy evening in Vernon, BC, Canada; a few days before Christmas in 2008. It was comfortably warm inside an old childhood friend’s family home where myself and an Australian school friend Sam (who is now my flat-mate) were holidaying. Said Canadian childhood friend, Josh, has the most fantastic and ahead-of-the-curve sense in music, and we were making the most of our time together by sitting inside with a laptop and Youtubing all the artists we wanted to share with eachother. Josh was looking for a particular video. A live session, whatever that was… It was of a beautiful Canadian songstress with a ukelele- the name of whom he could not remember for the life of him. Nor could he remember the name of the group that brought us this video, which he recalled introduced the performer with bold white letters on a black background. We scoured the internet, search engine after search engine with different combinations of the words “Canadian”, “singer”, “ukelele”, “rooftop”, “live”, etc until we finally found what he wanted to share.

This video was the first La Blogotheque Take Away Show my Australian friend Sam and I ever saw (embedded below). We loved it at first sight- probably more so (at least for me) because the woman singing on the roof with light-flairs from the setting sun haloing her was Priscilla Ahn– a woman you’d have no trouble falling in love with herself. A bit less than 2 years after this discovery, and still inspired by it, my flat-mate Sam decided to start making live music sessions with Adelaide artists with another friend of our’s from high school who had recently graduated with a diploma in screen. It didn’t take long before he enlisted my help, and the help of a dozen or so more like-minded friends.Thus marked the beginning of 6 on the St– which has recently evolved into a fully fledged session producing outfit under the umbrella of Your Take Sessions. Because of Priscilla Ahn’s Take Away Show we’ve come to work with some of South Australia’s and Australia’s most talented- including Old Man River, Cloud Control, Birds Of Tokyo, Katie Noonan, Tinpan Orange, Eagle & The Worm- and there’s plenty more in the pipeline. It was because of my work with 6 on the St that I came across Evan Hughes and his website Timber & Steel, which I now spend a lot of free time writing for- so I guess you can say that this article on Priscilla Ahn was actually, from a wide perspective,  conceived by itself. I never intended to do this kind of thing, but it’s a hobby that I’m really glad I found.

I was very pleased to hear that Priscilla is finally releasing her sophomore album- the first since her 2008 debut A Good Day. The album will be called When You Grow Up, and will be released on the 3rd of May. You can pre-order the album here or listen to/download the title track below. Like much of Priscilla Ahn’s music, it boasts a beautiful, child-like innocence that is both nostalgic and refreshing.

Free Download- New Okkervil River Track “Wake and Be Fine”

Image courtesy of Okkervil River

About a month ago we posted the very first track to hit the internet from Okkervil River‘s upcoming album I Am Very Far, which was called “Mermaid”, and was a very exciting first taste from the Texan, genre weaving indie-rockers. We’ve just stumbled upon another track entitled “Wake Up and Be Fine”. You may have seen the song performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon- a decent embeddable video for which I am still yet to find. Free download of the song is available through this link. Track listing for the album is as follows:

01 The Valley
02 Piratess
03 Rider
04 Lay of the Last Survivor
05 White Shadow Waltz
06 We Need a Myth
07 Hanging From a Hit
08 Show Yourself
09 Your Past Life as a Blast
10 Wake and Be Fine
11 The Rise

Vandaveer Announce New Album “Dig Down Deep” (Free Single Download)

Image courtesy of Vandaveer

This morning, Washington based nu-folk act Vandaveer, orientated principally around Mark Charles Heidinger, announced that they’ll be releasing their third full length album titled Dig Down Deep on April 18th in France, and on the 26th in The USA. What’s more, they’ve made a track from the album, “Concerning Past & Future Conquests”, available as a free download. Click here to navigate to the download page, or listen to the track below. The band’s last full length album, Divide & Conquer, was released in 2009 and was generally well received, however they continue to be ride the wake of the “Take Away Shows” they shot with La Blogotheque 2 years ago; especially in France. Both of the films are embedded below. Click here to find out about pre-ordering the album, which should be a doozy, if this single is anything to go by.

Free Download: Frontier Ruckus Offer Free Valentines Day Track


Image courtesy of Frontier Ruckus

After discovering Frontier Ruckus late last year, and exploring their back-catalogue in depth, I’m more than comfortable in saying that this band is something special. Their bluegrassy folk tunes are made all the more rich by fantastically poetic lyricism. Never once have I heard the combination fail or fall short. For Valentines Day, they offer us a cover of The Everly Brothers song “Like Strangers”. Be quick, I’m not sure how long this gift will be available. The full blog entry for the release can be read here, or follow this link straight to the facebook page, where the song is being distributed.

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