The Bottlers’ and The Go Set’s Submissions for the Salty Dog Cruise Competition 2018

Salty Dog Cruise
Image Courtesy of Flogging Molly

This April folk-punk giants Flogging Molly will be hitting the high seas for their annual Salty Dog Cruise.

The cruise will feature some of the biggest names in punk music aboard The Norwegian Sky and Flogging Molly are giving artists a chance to join them by uploading a video to YouTube and begging their adoring fans for likes.

Two Australian folk-punk favourites – The Bottlers and The Go Set – have thrown their hats in the ring for the competition with a couple of cracking tunes.

First up is The Bottlers with their frenetic “Hades’ Way” from their self titled EP – check it out here:

The Go Set’s submission is the rock-and-pipes laden “Raise A Glass” – check it out here:

If you want to support getting some cracking Aussie folk-punk talent on the Salty Dog Cruise make sure you “like” the videos above and tell your friends.

Which Side Are You On? – A Political Playlist

Woodie Guthrie

A criticism often leveled at modern music of is that no one sings political songs anymore – a statement that is both blindly false and shows up the lazy listening practices of music critics everywhere. Political music is as prevalent as ever and spans every genre – from Beyoncé’s take on modern feminism and Pink’s pleads to the president in the pop realm right through to Rage Against The Machine and even Green Day cramming their rock records with political messages.

And of course folk, country and roots are well represented when it comes to the modern political music with many seeing these genres synonymous with the struggles of the common man. As you head out to vote today we thought we’d get you in the mood with a list of ten modern political songs from some of Timber and Steel’s favourite artists

1. Ani DiFranco – “Which Side Are You On?”
In re-imangining the traditional classic (made most famous by Pete Seeger) Ani DiFranco provides a clear bridge from the political music of the mid 20th century and the modern age.

2. Gemini Downs – “Will You Marry Me?”
Marriage equality has gained momentum as a political issue in Australia over the last couple of weeks. We think this track by Adelaide’s Gemini Downs perfectly captures the sentiment of the issue.

3. Ben Harper – “Better Way”
Ben Harper wants to wake us from our apathy and empower us to find a better way: “What good is a man who won’t take a stand? What good is a cynic with no better plan? I believe in a better way”.

4. The Lurkers – “Who’s Got A Padlock And Chain?”
The Lurkers don’t just sing about politics – they live and breathe politics. While others are content to sing about metaphorically chaining themselves to the train tracks, these guys are actually out there chaining themselves to train tracks.

5. Les Thomas – “Song for Selva”
Singer-songwriter and folk evangelist Les Thomas has done so much for refugees in this country, using his music to build awareness, raise money and truly make a difference.

6. John Butler Trio – “Company Sin”
Through a stone at John Butler’s back catalogue and you’re guarenteed to hit a political reference. We thought this track about mining in far north WA would be a nice inclusion for this playlist.

7. Flogging Molly – “Rise Up”
Folk and punk are genres that have been linked with politics for as long as they’ve existed so including a folk-punk anthem in this list was a must

8. The Decemberists – “This Is Why We Fight”
I think the title of this track says it all.

9. Michael Franti & Spearhead – “Yell Fire”
Another great song in the people-take-action tradition of folk and roots music. And very catchy as well!

10. Old Crow Medicine Show – “Levi”
“Levi” does what so many great political songs have done in the past – using the story of an individual to make a comment about a wider issue, in this case war.

Stream Flogging Molly’s New Album Speed of Darkness

Flogging Molly
Image Courtesy of Flogging Molly

If the sweet melancholy melodies of Seeker Lover Keeper are not to your taste (see previous post) don’t worry – we have another album stream for you and it’s a cracker. LA based folk-punk seven piece Flogging Molly have their new album Speed of Darkness streaming exclusively over at Rolling Stone.

Follow this link to start streaming Speed of Darkness now. Full details of the album can be found here.

Flogging Molly’s “Dont Shut ‘Em Down” Video

Flogging Molly
Image Courtesy of Flogging Molly

We thought it might be worth starting everyone’s week off with a little Folk-Punk. Flogging Molly, whose new album Speed of Darkness is due for release on the 31st May, unleashed the video to their new single “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down” over the weekend. A little more subdued than what we’re used to from Flogging Molly “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down” still packs a full punch complete with the requisite “folk” instrumentation and punk sensibilities. Watch the video below:

New Flogging Molly Album “Speed of Darkness”

Speed of Darkness
Image Courtesy of Flogging Molly

US Celtic post-punkers Flogging Molly are returning to the airwaves this year with brand new album titled Speed of Darkness. The album, due for release on the 31st May, was recorded in Detroit to try and capture America’s financial woes in the writing process. Produced by Ryan Hewitt (Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Avett Brothers) Speed of Darkness continues the band’s political bent with song titles like “Revolution”, “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down”, and “Rise Up”.

The album art for Speed of Darkness is above and the track listing is below. And if you head over to the Flogging Molly Facebook page right now you can also download “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down” from the record free in exchange for signing up to their mailing list.

Speed of Darkness
1. Speed of Darkness
2. Revolution
3. The Heart of the Sea
4. Don’t Shut ‘Em Down
5. The Power’s Out
6. So Sail On
7. Saints & Sinners
8. Present State of Grace
9. The Cradle of Human Grace
10. Oliver Boy (All of Our Buys)
11. A Prayer For Me in Silence
12. Rise Up

Record Store Day Folk Releases

Record Store Day
Image Courtesy of Record Store Day

Record Store Day is one of those annual events we just love here at Timber and Steel. Originally started in the US as a way of getting consumers off the internet and back into independent record stores, Record Store Day entices music lovers with limited edition releases from some of the world’s best bands along with in-store appearances, signings and free gigs.

This year Record Store Day is getting bigger and better with a huge amount of artists signed on. The event will be held on the 16th April around the world (including in Australia) and we’ve sifted through the limited edition releases that have just been announced to give you our top folk recommendations.

If any of these limited edition Record Store Day releases take your fancy it might be worth heading down to your local independent record store before the 16th April to see what they’ll be getting in. You can find a full list of participating Australian record stores here.

And now for our pick of the releases:

Released Exclusively for Record Store Day

For local releases check with you local independent record store. The full list of Record Store Day day exclusives are here. Go out and support music on the 16th April!

Whiskey in the Jar: A Drunken St Patrick’s Day Playlist

Ben David
Image Courtesy of Ben David

We asked Ben David, front man of Adelaide folk-punks The Thieves, to order himself a pint of Guinness and give us a list of his favourite Irish drinking songs for St Patrick’s day. The results speak for themselves – and if you’re not a fan of bad language and drunken revelry we recommend you click away now.

Drinkin’ Drinkin’ Drinkin’ Drinkin’ Drink Til’ You Throw Up!

A bottle of Jameson in one hand and pint of Guinness in the other. A drunken mouth, aching to sing at the top of yer’ lungs. All the words that you don’t know to the songs you are too drunk to remember. An out of tune acoustic guitar and beaten up banjo. A stolen Mandolin and a drunken choir of the whole town young and old.

This is what i like to think it would of been like years ago at your local irish pub, (you know before The Pussycat Dolls and Kei$ha signed a deal with PJ O’Briens – the finest in hip and happening irish pubs)

So lets drink to forget what we won’t remember. Keep the folklore flame alive and learn a thing or two from Irish. Drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and fight.

Happy St Patrick’s Day – Drink Your Guts Up Tonight

Here’s some of my favourite Irish and Irish influenced drinking songs from yesterday and today. Enjoy!!!!

11. “Sally MacLenanne” – The Pogues
“So buy me beer and whiskey cos I’m going far away” another Shane McGowan hit. Not one of the Pogues’ biggest hits but definitely one of their best.

10. “Kiss me, I’m Shitfaced” – Dropkick Murphys
Honest as all hell punk-rock-Irish by Dropkick Murphys. Being drunk and being everything your not, getting laid and passing out alone. A few American quotes here but fuck it let’s get drunk.

9. “Dirty Glass” – Dropkick Murphys
Dropkick Murphys featuring the female stylings of Stephanie Dougherty of Deadly Sins. A kick ass duet for that special someone who drives you right up the boozer…

8. “Barroom Hero” – Dropkick Murphys
Another Dropkicks pearler so sing your guts out ‘n’ raise those dirty glasses for your local barroom heros.

7. “Fuck You I’m Drunk” – Various (feat. Flogging Molly)
“And I’m gonna be drunk til the next time I’m drunk”

6. “Dirty Old Town” – The Pogues
Traditionally an English song written by Ewan MacColl in 1949. The Dubliners adapted it but here it is by The Pogues. “Chop her down like an old dead tree”.

5. “Bound for South Australia” – Traditional (feat. The Thieves)
Packing up and leaving home. Bound for South Australia. What a state and what a Country. Grab a pint and grab a brother. The best Patriotic sing along i know to date. Possibly the unrecognised national anthem. “Heave Away, Haul Away”.

4. “If I Should Fall from Grace with God” – The Pogues
I’ve said too much.

3. “Drunken Lullabies” – Flogging Molly
Flogging Molly, as Irish as you can get, kick ass song to sing to, drink to, skate to, fu** to and fight to. Banjo driven and full of balls. If you don’t know this song, you’re shit.

2. The Belfast Mill – The Fureys
Storytelling at its best. Thanks Ben and Simon (The Timbers) for this one. A favourite from the very first breathe. Surprise is, no reference to drinking. Just a kick ass song.

1. “Seven Drunken Nights” – The Dubliners
My personal favourite. “As I came home on Sunday night as drunk as drunk can be, I saw a thing inside her thing where my old thing should be. So i called me wife and said to her would you kindly tell to me who owns that thing inside your thing where my old thing should be. Your drunk your drunk you silly old fool still you cannot see, that’s just a tin whistle that mother sent to me”. I have heard versions of this track, some missing the last 2 verses (the best 2 verses). Make sure you check out all seven nights. Leaving nothing to the imagination, once again for the special two timing son a bitch you fell for. I know I’ll shore as hell drink to that.

So happy St Patrick’s Day. I’ll meet you in the gutter…

Ben DavidThe Thieves

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