The Feelgood Folk Festival Announces Lineup for This Weekend

The Brouhaha
Image Courtesy of The Brouhaha

If you find yourself in Adelaide this weekend then you’re in for an absolute treat. Artist services label Feelgood Folk, in conjunction with Renewal SA, The Port Adelaide Enfield Council and Our Port, have put together an amazing all female lineup for this year’s Feelgood Folk Festival which will be held in The Backyard in Port Adelaide this Saturday 17th January.

The Feelgood Folk Festival will feature music from the likes of Heather Frahn, Kelly Menhennett, Emily Davis (Duo), Courtney Robb, The Brouhaha (above) and Adie Haines (Duo). The event will also feature a blackboard open mic stage along with a bunch of other musical and cultural delights.

For more information on the Feelgood Folk Festival check out the official Facebook event here.

The Preloved Folk Project To Launch Album This Friday and Sunday

Preloved Folk
Image Courtesy of The Preloved Folk Project

This Friday and Sunday will see the launch of a very interesting and exciting project for the Adelaide folk scene. The Preloved Folk Project sees ten of Adelaide’s finest folk musicians hand over one of their most treasured songs to one another to be reworked, re-created and re-recorded as their own – the way it should be in the folk tradition.

Preloved Folk features the likes of Cal Williams Jr, Emily Davis, The Yearlings, Courtney Robb, Anthony D’Antonio, Kelly Menhennett, Andy & Marta, Simon Peter, Mary Webb and The Timbers and has been funded thanks to a Pozible campaign (that hit it’s goal long before we were even aware of it).

The album will be launched over two dates, Friday the 2nd and Sunday 4th November at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide. For more information on how to get your hands on tickets for the launch or even how to get your hands on one of the albums check out the official Facebook page here.

Banished Now From My Native Shore: The Verse of Frank the Poet

The Frank the Poet demo letter blocks by Stobie Sounds

How rare it is that Australian blues and roots artists take the opportunity to reflect on our own history. It seems to be the case that those paying homage in the contemporary arena tend to look to periods in the USA when society’s movements and the movements in music are well documented and inseparable, which is fine, but comparatively, Australia’s history goes mostly overlooked as a source of inspiration (with the exceptions of the old codgers in the RSLs).

Stobie Sounds, a South Australian community blues & roots record label of tremendously noble creed who previously brought us These Are My Blues: A Tribute to Big Joe Williams, are at it again having put the line out, reaped and collected the finest songs from some of the nation’s best up and coming and established blues and roots artists- all derived from the poetry of one of Australia’s most important early poets, Francis “Frank the Poet” McNamara (listen to The Timbers‘ interpretation of Frank’s poem “Labouring with the Hoe” below). It’s worth noting that amongst the national and international artists contributing to the album, at least half are South Australian. We’ll provide the full track-listing when it is finalised shortly.

As a convict arriving in Australia in 1832, and a man that spent what was his second chance of freedom in a new land incarcerated and condemned to hard labour, Francis McNamara’s poems speak poignantly of the hardships of life in a new and undefined land. This project, graced by dream-team of blues and roots highlighted by the likes of Mia DysonPossessed By Paul James (US), The Timbers, Todd Sibbin, Emily Davis, A.P D’Antonio, Bearded Gypsy Band and Tom West, will provide a beautiful opportunity for a rare link to be made from blues and roots music to the history of Australia and breathe new life into these moving chronicles of our past.

You may have come across Stobie Sounds before. Despite administrating a non-for-profit community record label (gods), they’ve also made a name for themselves for their handmade products using traditional letter-press, lino cuts and screen printing techniques for t-shirts, album covers, CDs, tea-towels, posters and even the odd kick drum. Check out the video of below of the making of the Frank the Poet demo release.

To launch the record, and hopefully reign in a welcome top-up of funds for the project, a fundraiser gig will be held at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide on February 11, 2012 featuring Max Savage and the False Idols, The Yearlings and The Tea House Fire. A donation of $20 to the Pozible fundraising page (click here to visit) will get you into the event.

Adelaide Music Project Preloved Folk

The Yearlings
Image Courtesy of The Yearlings

Adelaide has one of the most exciting, vibrant folk and acoustic scenes in Australia, a fact that is quite often overlooked by those in the Eastern states. At Timber and Steel we do our best to introduce these artists to the rest of the country and we’re constantly amazed by just how much amazing stuff we uncover.

So we thought we’d share this with you: A group of Adelaide folk artists are coming together under the project name Preloved Folk to record an album of covers of each others songs that will showcase them to the rest of Australia and maybe even the world. Some of the artists involved in the project will be familiar to Timber and Steel readers while others are just waiting to be discovered: Cal Williams Jr, Emily Davis, The Yearlings (above), Courtney Robb, Anthony D’Antonio, Kelly Menhennett, Andy & Marta, Simon Peter, Mary Webb and The Timbers.

To fund the project Preloved Folk have set up a crowdfunding page through Pozible. If you want to support quality South Australian folk music we recommend getting yourself over there and throwing Preloved Folk a couple of bucks. And while you’re doing that check out the introductory video to the project below.

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