Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler Music for MRI Project Digital Release

Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler
Image Courtesy of Ash

At the beginning of this year a musician by the name of Robert Manning started the MRI Project. Manning was a prolific musician and performer before Multiple Sclerosis regularly began to cripple his ability to play guitar. But before he stopped playing and recording music Manning, under the pseudonym of Happy Monster, wrote and recorded the track “Washington Parks” to win over his now wife Megan.

The song worked and on the back of that success Manning started the MRI Project where he would get artists he admired to cover “Washington Parks” to raise awareness for MS and raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society (UK). The first artist Manning got on board was Ed Harcourt whose interpretation of the song you can hear and purchase here.

The latest artists to cover “Washington Parks” are Timber and Steel favourite Emmy The Great along with regular collaborator Tim Wheeler (of Ash fame), the result of which you can listen to below:

If you like what you hear and want to support this cause head over to the Happy Monster Bandcamp page and purchase the track(s). And we also recommend checking out Robert Manning’s blog on the project to see what other artists he gets on board.

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