Full Lineup for the 2016 Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival

10 String Symphony
Image Courtesy of 10 String Symphony

Australian bluegrass lovers are about to get excited as we slide into festival season. Spring is all about the pickin’ and pluckin’ with a bunch of weekends dedicated to bluegrass festivals in the country – and one of the jewels in the bluegrass crown has to be the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival.

Held from the 21st to 23rd October in the beautiful mountain town of Dorrigo, NSW, the Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival manages to attract the best and brightest artists every single year. This year’s lineup is no different with 10 String Symphony (USA), Bluegrass Parkway, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West (USA) and Mike Compton (USA) headlining the festival and a bunch of Timber and Steel favourites also announced including Catgut, Fred Smith, John Flanagan, Liz Frencham & Robbie Melville, Rebecca Bastoli, Rowena Wise, String Theories, The Barkers Vale Brothers, The Black Mountain String Band, The Company, The Mae Trio, The Plough, The Squeezebox Trio, Wayward Angels and many more.

Tickets are now on sale – check out the official site for more details. The full lineup for the 2016 Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival is below:

Rose&theSea, 10 String Symphony, Alesa Lajana, Appalachian Heaven Stringband, Ash & Andy, Bluegrass Parkway, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, Carl Pannuzzo, Catgut, Chloë & Jason Roweth, Cielle Montgomery, Den Hanrahan, Enda Kenny, Farmer Mick & Miss Jane, Fireside Celts & Friends, Fred Smith, Harry Jakamarra, Haywood Billy Goats, Honey and Knives, Jed Rowe, Jerry Salley, John Flanagan, Katie Crane, Kazoobafak Jug Band, Kimberly Wheeler, Kristy Cox, Liz Frencham & Robbie Melville, Mick Daley, Mike Compton, Montz Matsumoto and Friends, Omados, Pitts Family, Rebecca Bastoli, Redlands Bluegrass Boys, Rowena Wise, Ruby Gilbert, Slim Dime, String Theories, Sunny and the Dark Corners, The Barkers Vale Brothers, The Black Mountain String Band, The Company, The FruiTTrees, The Mae Trio, The Mulberry Collective, The Plough, The Squeezebox Trio, Vic Manuel, Watling & Bates, Wayward Angels

Details of the Summer Hill Folk Festival

Summer Hill
Image Courtesy of Summer Hill Folk Festival

This March a brand new event will be bringing folk music to the inner western suburbs of Sydney and it looks pretty exciting. The brand new Summer Hill Folk Festival is set to take place at the Summer Hill Church on Saturday 5th March.

The lineup for the festival is impressive, bringing together some of Sydney’s best folkies and plenty of Timber and Steel favourites including Pat Drummond, Catgut, Brian Campeau, Fanny Lumsden, The Tawny Owl String Band and many more.

The day kicks off at 10am and along with the music program there will be artisan markets for punters to peruse. And all of this is for free.

For more information check out the official Summer Hill Folk Festival site here or the Facebook event here. The full lineup and set times are below:

10:30am History, Stories and Songs by the venerable Pat Drummond
11:30am Marie & Luke
12:30am Catgut
1:30pm MASTERCLASS: Song writing tips from the artists
2:15pm Matilda Abraham Solo
3:15pm David Thomas
4:15pm OLD INSTRUMENTS: Introduction to the Harp
5:00pm Burrows (Canberra)
6:00pm Brian Campeau Solo
7:00pm Fanny Lumsden
8:00pm Tawny Owl String Band

The Musical Lineup for Finders Keepers Sydney This Weekend

Image Courtesy of Maia Jelavic

I don’t know what it is about the Finders Keepers Markets but every time they manage to pull out an amazing lineup. The next Finders Keepers Markets takes place in Sydney at the Australian Technology Park on 11th, 12th and 13th December and once again their lineup of artists breathtaking.

Over the course of the three days we’ll be treated to music from Ollie Brown, Katie Brianna, Luke Escombe, Catgut, Maia Jelavic (above), Taryn La Fauci, Lisa Caruso, The Maple Trail and many more.

The Finders Keepers Markets are held in Sydney twice a year and feature some of the best in local design and art stalls. For more information on the artists and the markets check out the official site here. The full musical lineup and set times for the three days is below:

Friday 11th December
6pm: Ollie Brown
7pm: Katie Brianna
8pm: Maples
9pm: Luke Escombe

Saturday 12th December
10am: Jack Shit (DJ)
12pm: Catgut
1pm: Maia Jelavic
2pm: Bonnie Stewart
3pm: DJ Dylabolical

Sunday 13th December
10am: Jack Shit (DJ)
12pm: Taryn La Fauci
1pm: Lisa Caruso
2pm: The Maple Trail

The National Folk Festival Adds More Artists for 2016

Image Courtesy of Catgut

We’ve hit December which means a whole raft of artists have been added to the 2016 National Folk Festival lineup – and we couldn’t be more excited.

This time around we have the addition of The Jerry Cans (CAN), Spiro (UK), Gordie Tentrees (CAN), Keith Donnelly (UK), Joseph Tawadros, Perch Creek, Bush Gothic, Loren Kate, The Chordwainers, Co-cheòl, Catgut (above), Conchillia, Siobhan Owen and Candy Royalle and The Michael Wheatley Band.

The 50th National Folk Festival takes place in Canberra over the Easter long weekend, 24th to 28th March. Earlybird tickets are available now via the official site.

Bluegrass @ Yulli’s Celebrates 2nd Birthday with UNHCR Fundraiser Night

Bluegrass at Yulli's

This month Sydney jam and concert night Bluegrass @ Yulli’s is celebrating its 2nd birthday in style with one hell of a show and a fundraising campaign for a very good cause.

On Wednesday 25th November some of Sydney’s finest bluegrass musicians – including members of Catgut, Two Fat Bastards, The Plough, Bec Bastoli and more – will be performing the music of Johnny Cash and Paul Kelly. And as always Bluegrass @ Yulli’s will kick off with an all in jam where you’re invited to bring down a banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, fiddle or whatever you play and get amongst it.

Bluegrass @ Yulli’s takes place on Wednesday 25th November at Yulli’s in Sydney. The night is free entry but the folks behind Bluegrass @ Yulli’s will be dedicating their 2nd birthday to raising funds for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) with a donations bucket available on the night – all of the artists will be donating their time and Yulli’s will also be contributing.

For more information on the night check out the official Facebook event here.

Fairlight Folk To Celebrate Its 10 Year Anniversary

Image Courtesy of Catgut

The wonderful folks behind regular acoustic music night Fairlight Folk hit a very important milestone this weekend – their 10th anniversary. That’s a decade of bringing amazing music to the Northern Beaches of Sydney and supporting local, national and international folk and acoustic music in all its various forms.

The 10th anniversary of Fairlight Folk will be marked with a very special performance this Saturday 14th November at the William Street Studios in Fairlight. The lineup for the event includes Northern Beaches based (mostly) a capella choir The Owls and the Pussycats and bluegrass and old time trio Catgut.

The night kicks off at 7:30pm – for more information check out the official Facebook event here.

Full Lineup Announced for the 2015/16 Woodford Folk Festival

Image Courtesy of Woodford Folk Festival

Over the weekend the Woodford Folk Festival revealed their 2015/16 lineup and it’s time to get excited. As usual the Woodford Folk Festival have delivered a lineup of artists taken from the best of folk, roots, rock and world music that’s bound to satisfy any music lover.

If you head to Woodford over the New Year period you’ll get a chance to see the likes of Dougie Maclean, Michael Franti, Harry Manx, The East Pointers, Irish Mythen, Marlon Williams, Kim Churchill, Lanie Lane, Josh Pyke, Katie Noonan, The Paper Kites, Tinpan Orange, Timberwolf, Jacinta Price, Tolka, Starboard Cannons, Davidson Brothers, Lucie Thorne & Hamish Stuart, Hat Fitz & Cara, Broads, Andrew Clermont, Catgut, Lime and Steel, One Up, Two Down, Kaurna Cronin, All Our Exes Live In Texas, Loren Kate, Totally Gourdgeous, The Little Stevies, Daniel Champagne and many more.

The Woodford Folk Festival takes place near Woodford, Queensland from the 27th December to 1st January. Check out the official website for the full lineup and more information.

Track By Track: Air & Sea, Ainsley Farrell

Air and Sea
Image Courtesy of Ainsley Farrell

Sydney based singer-songwriter Ainsley Farrell releases her highly anticipated new album Air & Sea today and we’re very excited to debut it first on Timber and Steel. Farrell has a unique voice and this album is just spectacular.

We sat down with Ainsley Farrell ahead of today’s release to go through the story behind each track. Listen to Air & Sea accompanied by Ainsley Farrell’s thoughts below:

“Salt / Swallowing Sea” – The idea came to me from a reoccurring dream, in which I’m diving under waves as they gradually get larger and stronger; except in my dream I somehow manage to end up safe on the shore every time the waves get too big. “Salt / Swallowing Sea” is about surrendering to the sea and letting its powers swallow you. It also plays on blind love and tragic romance.

“Milk” – “Milk” is about being absolutely consumed by a relationship and then spit out. It’s about always putting the one you love first and loosing yourself through that process.

“Teeth” – I had a dream where all of my teeth fell out (apparently it’s a pretty common dream I’m told). “Teeth” can signify strength and health and without them one might feel a bit defeated. I think of little teeth bandits every time I sing this song.

“Bones” – Don’t drown in your hardships. Keep on moving on.

“Carried On” – I wrote this one about eight or nine years ago. It’s about never acknowledging the elephant in the room and just carrying on with life while the elephant continues to take up the best spot on the couch and insist on brushing its hair a hundred counts in the bathroom so that you miss your bus and are late to school everyday.

“Vegetables” – I originally set out to make a grocery list album, but things didn’t really go to plan. Maybe one day Fruit or TP will make it to the list.

“Air & Sea” – “Air & Sea” is about looking back to the beginning at the end of a long relationship. It’s about remembering how good it was and wishing it could have stayed that way forever.

“Honey” – “Honey” is about trying to run from the things that are difficult to face, but realizing they’ll all catch up to you at some point.

“Sleeves” – This is part of an instrumental piece I put together my first year in Uni (about seven years ago). My good friend Lachlan McCarthy plays a beautiful acoustic number over the top of it.

“My Man” – I think it’s pretty obvious what this one’s about so I won’t go into it too much. Part of the song is about the initial fantasy of being in a relationship with someone you like and holding that person up on a pedestal; then actually being in a romantic relationship with that person and realizing its not all you hoped or dreamed it would be.

“Threads” – Moving on and cutting ties (threads).

“Mahead” – “Mahead” is about the anger that first comes with heartbreak and betrayal and trying to show that you are strong and unbroken.

“Dream” – This dream starts out with me stealing all the free samples in a chocolate shop. A lady sees me, gets very angry and chases me out of the store. This doesn’t really have anything to do with the song. The song is about being chased around by tigers, lions and bears, but I’m starting to think that the lady at the chocolate shop was an Animorph.

“Charlie” – Charlie was my mom’s pet parakeet. Mom would take him out of his cage each night and let him sit on her shoulder while she taught him new sayings. I’m sure it also gave him a good chance to ponder about the meaning of life or whether or not his sunflower seeds were gluten free. Anyway, my mom also has two dogs, who have always gotten along with Charlie alright. However, one night Charlie got spooked and flew down to the floor and that was the last of him. I think he was a very misunderstood bird and no one gave him the time of day except for my mom. Hopefully he has found his keys in bird heaven. “Where’s my keys?” – Charlie R.I.P.

“Silent Woods” – Some songs are left better unexplained 😉

“Owl” – I once read how seeing an owl in your dreams signifies something in your life you no longer need.

“Home” – This song is about the comforts of home.

Air & Sea is available now via Bandcamp here. Ainsley Farrell will be launching the album at Hibernian House in Sydney tonight with Georgia Mulligan and Catgut – for more information check out the official Facebook event here,

The Illawarra Folk Festival Drops Its 2016 Lineup

Dougie MacLean
Image Courtesy of Dougie MacLean

You know that the year is getting well and truly getting away from you when 2016 festivals start to drop their lineups. The first to do so is the incredible Illawarra Folk Festival and it’s simply amazing.

If you’ve never made it down to the Illawarra Folk Festival before then 2016 might be your year. Held in the historic town of Bulli just north of Wollongong, the festival is held from the 14th to the 17th January and manages to attract an impressive lineup of international, national and local artists.

The 2016 lineup includes the likes of Dougie MacLean (above), The East Pointers, Catgut, Daniel Champagne, Handsome Young Strangers, Liz Stringer, Rebecca Bastoli, Shane Howard, Shanty Club, The Button Collective, The Dead Maggies, Big Erle, Joe Mungovan, Kay Proudlove and many many more.

For more information about the festival including how to get your hands on tickets check out the official site here. The full lineup is below:

NTERNATIONAL ACTS: Beth Patterson (USA), Donna Dean & The Tui Melody Boys (NZ), Dougie Maclean (SCOT), The East Pointers (CANADA), Environmental Encroachment (USA), Irish Mythen (CANADA), Jonathan Bob Lynn (CANADA), Ken Field (USA), Paul McKenna Band (SCOT), Reg Meuross (UK), Santa Taranta (ITALY), The Poozies (UK), Tim Scanlan & Toshi Bodhran (JAPAN), Underscore Orkestra (USA), Ward Macdonald (CANADA)

NATIONAL ACTS: Alma Mater, Ami Williamson, Andalus Arabic Choir, Astro Cobalt, Banjo Jackson, Black Joak Morris, Black Vat Trio, Bob Rummery, Bush Music Club Inc., Catgut, Chloe & Jason Roweth Band, Craig and Simone Dawson, Daniel Champagne, David Beniuk, David Bridie, Denis Murphy Puppets, Dingo’s Breakfast, Duo Agogo, Ethnodelica, Folkaphonic Youth Orchestra, Frank Yamma, Fresh Off The Boat, Glover & Sorrensen, The Goodwills, Handsome Young Strangers, Harman and Hellens, Humbug, Inka Marka, Innes, James Blundell, Jan Preston’s Boogie Circus, Jeannie Lewis, Jordan McRobbie, Kaisha, Karen Lynne Bluegrass Circle, Ken Field, Keystone Angel, Kutcha Edwards Duo, Lagoon Hill Zydeco, Lily and King, Liz Stringer, Lorraine McCrimmon, Matt Glass and the Loose Cannons, Maypole with Molly, Mexidhalia Dance Group, Merryweather, Mia Wray, Mick Daley, Mick Thomas, Mike Martin, Neil Murray, O’Leary, Out of Abingdon, Peter Mace, Peter Willey and Matthew Hobbs, Queen Porter Stomp, Rebecca Bastoli, Riogh, Santa Taranta, Scarlet’s Revenge, Señor Cabrales, Shane Howard Trio, Shanty Club, Solidarity Choir, Sydney Irish Ceili Dancers, The Button Collective, The Dead Maggies, The East Pointers, The Goodwills, The haBiBis, The Junkadelic Brass band, The Pie Eaters, The Rhythm Hustle , The Settlement, The Wish List, Ungus Ungus Ungus, Union Choirs

LOCAL ACTS: Ana Otero Flamenco, Aviva Sheb’a, Ayanamsha, Az-I-aM, Beatmeisters, Big Erle, Brynn Luker, Chord-eaux, Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance, Circus Wow , Curious Rendition Orchestra, Dane Overton, Declan Jenkinson, Denis McKay, Doux Manouche, Dru Yoga with Erika Steller, Duncan Chalmers, Eaton Gorge Theatre Company, Fly With Me, Gobsmacked!, Good Tunes Session, Hernan & Janis , Illawarra Breakfast Poets, Illawarra Pipe Band, Illawarra Union Singers, Joe Mungovan, John Broomhall, John Littrich, John Tubridy, Kay Proudlove, Kenny Bartley/Super Kenny, Lilli Story, Love In The Jungle, Melanie April, Merryweather, Middle Eastern Jam, Mz Mally Moo, No Such Thing, Paddy & The Wonderband, Patrick Lyons & The American Creek Band, Rani’s Fire, Ribbon Gang, Ruido, Scientists Behaving Badly, SingGongGo, Southern Crane Martial Arts Academy Inc., Steve Robinson, Stewart Holt, Swing Booty, Swingaleles Ukulele Group, Tamnesia, The Con Artists, The Humphreys, The Legs, The Scratchies, The Shield Maidens & the Celt, Three-Sixty, Tia Juana, Vic Janko Orkestar, Zingara, Zlatkos Balkan Cabaret, Zondrae King, Zumpa

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 17th July


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

– Breaking Hart Benton’s Michael David Thomas has gone solo with his new single and video “There Must Be Something Else”. Details here

– Sibling duo The Acfields released their new video “The Years” and announced an East Coast tour. Details here

– The July Bluegrass @ Yulli’s jam night in Sydney is next week and features Catgut. Details here

– Afro-klezmer party band Fat Yahoozah released their brand new album I Don’t Care this week and we’re streaming it. Details here

– Sydney indie-folk night Little Features announced their July lineup including Jon Cotton, Baby Lips and The Silhouettes, Eddie Boyd & The Phatapillars and Make Like a Tree. Details here

Katie Noonan announced details of her new album Transmutant along with a national tour. Details here

– Katherine based singer Broadwing took out the NT Song Of The Year award with his folky track “Pockets”. Details here

– Sydney’s Citizen of the World released their awesome new clip “How Far We’ve Come”. Details here

– The next Country and Inner Western night in Sydney takes place on the 29th July and features The Green Mohair Suits, Caitlin Harnett and William Crighton. Details here

– We streamed Bronte‘s new track “My Word” ahead of his EP launch next week. Details here

– NZ based singer-songwriter Holly Arrowsmith released her new single “Desert Owl”. Details here

– This weekend’s Finders Keepers Markets in Melbourne will feature some fine folky music from Ayleen O’Hanlon, Danika Smith, Pepperjack, Brooke Russell, Forrest Falls and many more. Details here

– Melbourne singer-songwriter Toby Graham released his new single “Song”. Details here

– Sydney has a new regular Americana night, the Heartbreaker Sessions, the first of which will feature Caitlin Harnett and Brielle Davis. Details here

– Melbourne bluegrass gypsies The Scrimshaw Four have announced an August residency at The Workers Club. Details here

– A full eight months out the first round of artists for Bluesfest 2016 have been announced. Details here

– American singer Nathan Fox released his new single “Falling In Love”. Details here

Releases This Week

Fat Yahoozah
​I Don’t CareFat Yahoozah

Jason Isbell
Something More Than FreeJason Isbell

Star WarsWilco
Official Site

Timber and Steel Recommends – Go To This Gig

Bluegrass @ Yulli’s feat. Catgut


Our favourite bluegrass jam and show night, Bluegrass @ Yulli’s, has come around again and this month they’re showcasing local favourites Catgut. Grab your fiddle/mando/banjo/guitar/vocal chords and come on down!

Wednesday 22nd July – Yulli’s, Sydney, NSW

Gigs Next Week

Bluegrass @ Yulli’s feat. Catgut
Wednesday 22nd July – Yulli’s, Sydney, NSW

Friday 24th July – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW

Davey Craddock
Tuesday 21st July – The Yarra, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 24th July – Perfect Drop, Daylesford, VIC

Finders Keepers Markets Melbourne
Friday 17th to Sunday 19th July – The Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, VIC

Fraser A. Gorman
Friday 17th July – Gasometer, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 24th July – Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC

Helen Shanahan
Friday 17th July – The Spotted Mallard, Melbourne, VIC

Friday 17th July – Solbar (Front Bar), Maroochydore, QLD
Sunday 19th July – Flow Restaurant, Old Bar, NSW

Jenny Lewis
Sunday 19th July – Forum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 22nd July – Metro Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 23rd July – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Friday 24th to Sunday 26th July – Splendour in the Grass, NSW

Katie Noonan
Friday 24th July – Camelot, Sydney, NSW

Lacey Cole & the Lazy Colts
Thursday 23rd July – Moonshine Cider and Rum Bar, Manly, NSW

Of Monsters and Men
Tuesday 21st July – The Forum, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 22nd July – State Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Friday 24th to Sunday 26th July – Splendour in the Grass, NSW

Owen Campbell
Friday 17th July – Commercial Hotel, Milton, NSW
Saturday 18th July – Club Jervis, Jervis Bay, NSW
Sunday 19th July – Towradgi Beach Hotel, Towradgi, NSW

Ryan Adams w/ Jenny Lewis
Sunday 19th July – Forum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Monday 20th July – Forum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Tuesday 21st July – Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 23rd July – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Friday 24th to Sunday 26th July – Splendour in the Grass, NSW

Splendour in the Grass
Friday 24th to Sunday 26th July – North Byron Parklands, NSW

The Acfields
Thursday 23rd July – The Milk Factory, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 24th July – House Concert, Lismore, NSW

Toby Graham
Wednesday 22nd July – The Toff in Town, Melbourne, VIC

Tom Stephens
Friday 17th July – Wesley Anne, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 18th July – Bar Oussou, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 19th July – Open Studio, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 24th July – The Bridge Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Friday Folk Flashback

“Packing Blankets” – The Eels

I heard the original, acoustic version of this track playing in a pub the other day and I was transported back to hearing this for the first time in 2000. This version is a bit more rock and country than the original but I love the escapism of the song.

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