Timber and Steel’s Artists’ Top Albums of 2017

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Always our most popular post of the year! Once again we’ve sent out the request to the incredible community of folk and acoustic musicians covered on Timber and Steel and they’ve responded overwhelmingly with their favourite albums of 2017.

We’ve already given you our top 25 albums and EPs – now we turn it over to the artists. So much new music still to discover! So without further waffle may we present to you this year’s Timber and Steel’s Artists’ Top Albums of 2017.

Sarah BelknerAlison Avron
Sarah BelknerBut You Are, But it Has
This album release was a long time coming and it was totally worth the wait. The lyrics are so easy to relate to, the production is sophisticated, warm and intriguing. Sarah’s voice and songwriting are absolutely sublime.

Gretta ZillerMichael Carpenter (Carpenter Caswell)
Gretta ZillerQueen Of Boomtown
Apart from having one of the most honest and accomplished voices in the Australian alt-country world, Gretta Ziller has developed into a world class writer in the genre. This album showcases how far she’s come in such a short time, combining her take on contemporary writing, with the amazing production of Paul Ruske. The album is strong and sensitive, ballsy and ambitious, without losing any of the heart you’d expect with the songwriting content. An outstanding release from an artist who has truly arrived, and drawn a line in the sand for the genre.

The East PointersÁine Tyrrell
The East PointersWhat We Leave Behind
What an impossible task, top albums, as I am only just sinking my teeth into so many of the amazing 2017 albums at the moment like Jen Cloher’s Jen Cloher, Declan O’Rourke’s Chronicles of The Great Irish Famine and so many more. But one album that has been top of my play list since release has been The East Pointers’ What We Leave Behind and I never tire of it, which is a sign of a great album. This album has great depth to it musically, lyrically and in production. There is a stunning simplicity to the way the three lads work together that creates a joyous sound much bigger than a three piece and I think they have captured it on CD which is sometimes hard to do. I love that they have been able to honour and respect their tradition and push its boundaries into some modern places. One of the stand out tracks for me is their co-write with Liz Stringer, “82 Fires”.

SOHNRosie Evelyn (Liam Gale and The Ponytails)
The general vibe is darkly sexy future blues, with simple, soulful vocals, driving percussion, major synth, and just enough movement to keep you going. A little bit James Blake, a little bit Allan Rayman.

Jed RoweLes Thomas
Jed RoweA Foreign Country
This album grabbed me instantly with the strength of its songwriting, quality of musicianship and directness of emotion. Very few songwriters I know can deliver the goods as writers and players like Jed can. The song “Tailem Bend” – a small town story with universal resonance – shows the level of accomplishment and expression he’s achieved and it’s a beautiful thing to hear.

Stu LarsenResolute
Not only is Stu a beautiful human being but also an incredible singer songwriter! Every song on this album is just beautiful and comes from a very honest and humble place.

Mexico CityM.E. Baird
Mexico CityWhen The Day Goes Dark
Why? Because they represent the real deal to me – no ego, no frills, no pretense, just damn good songs and tunes.

Hiss Golden MessengerBrooke Russell and the Mean Reds
Hiss Golden MessengerHallelujah Anyhow
There’s something about MC Taylor’s voice that makes me so happy. I’m fairly new to his music and while I’m diving into his back catalogue, this new one has arrived and I’m in love. Beautiful band sound, fab songs – something sentimental in it that feels warm to me. My rekkid for the summer!

Ryan AdamsRyan Oliver (Oliver’s Army)
Ryan AdamsPrisoner
I love that it’s a revered, adored singer-songwriter at the top of his fame, dealing with genuine emotions and pain in the public spotlight. It may be tragic, it might be self inflicted, but I still feel like he’s a true artist who is his own worst enemy and that comes across in his heart-break ballads.

The Homeless Gospel ChoirFrank Turner
The Homeless Gospel ChoirNormal
I’ve been doing shows with Derek in Pittsburgh for a few years and he’s always been good, but this record is the sound of an artist finding his voice and spreading his creative wings. It’s been absolutely jammed in my stereo since I got hold of it.

Brooke RussellKelly Day (Broads)
Brooke Russell and the Mean RedsThe Way You Leave
This year one album really ticked all my boxes – which sounds too clinical really for something that made me splashy cry while I was driving. I particularly love that it sits outside the kind of music I tend to lean towards, but great albums are often the ones that transcend your usual inclinations. Brooke has absolutely NAILED it with this release. Stunning production, exquisite songwriting, and the most luscious, authentic, rich voice that feels like someone blowing softly on the back of your neck.

Gretta ZillerMandy Connell
Gretta ZillerQueen Of Boomtown
Put together with care and love, produced beautifully, and full of arrangements that feel perfect, unpredictable and just right. Every song inspires a depth of feeling, making it a really rich listen all the way through.

Offa RexMackenzie Shivers
Offa RexQueen of Hearts
Being a true lover of Celtic music, this album inspired me as an artist more than any other. From quirky folk-rock (“Queen of Hearts”) to haunting ballads (“The First Time I Ever Saw Her Face”), there is just enough variety of instrumentation and mood to keep the listener completely captivated. And Olivia Chaney’s voice is arrestingly beautiful. Favorite track: “The Old Churchyard”

Fanny LusdenMelody Moko
Fanny LumsdenReal Class Act
I love the way Fanny has cemented her unique way of writing with the record, her blend of social commentary, vivid imagery and Australian culture is unlike anyone else. The production is lush and thoughtful and brings the album together beautifully.

Moses SumneyTulalah
Moses SumneyAromanticism
Choosing a favourite album is a hard ask, the first one that comes to mind (probably because I’m currently listening to it) is Moses’ masterpiece, Aromanticism. It’s impeccably well constructed; colour, texture, mood, feel, groove – it ticks all of the boxes and ticks them damn well.

The War On DrugsThe Once
The War on DrugsA Deeper Understanding
A super strong, sonically rich and atmospheric follow up to previous album, Lost in the Dream. Sounds like Ryan Adams, Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen adopted a kid in the seventies and this is the result of that happy home.

Jason IsbellBrad Butcher
Jason Isbell & the 400 UnitThe Nashville Sound
To make my decision for album of the year I simply refer to which album I’ve listen to most. It’s an easy choice really – The Nashville Sound by Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit. All class as usual, amazing sounds all throughout the record and Isbell’s songwriting is up there with the best of the best.

Jed RoweCat Canteri
Jed RoweA Foreign Country
Jed paints a beautiful and lush portrait of predominantly Australian characters and landscapes, past and present on this record. The depth of field and attention to detail in his songwriting is just wonderful and comes across as completely effortless. Sonically the album is paired back, which allows the strength and quality of the songs, performances and Jed’s voice to shine. If I can write a song like “Where The Water Meets The Sky” or “Tailem Bend” some day, I’ll be well pleased.

LordePepi Emmerichs (Oh Pep!)
Melodrama hits me in the heart every time. It’s lush, poignant, groovy and the songs make me think, all the while being incredibly catchy. Those are pretty much most of my favourite things in music!

TajMoLloyd Spiegel
TajMo: The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ BandTajMo
The first time I heard Keb’ Mo’ I said “Man, this guy should sit in with Taj”. It’s about time they listened to me. Both these artists have the rare ability to modernise the blues genre while still giving it’s roots and traditions their rightful respect. Combined, this CD hit a nerve with me, in particular the gutbucket tracks “Don’t Leave Me Here” and “Diving Duck Blues”. Really though, you can’t put those two in a room and expect anything less.

Valerie JuneEmily Barker
Valerie JuneThe Order of Time
I learned about Valerie June on my trips to Memphis as she lived there for many years and has worked with a lot of the musicians I know out there. I heard “Long, Lonely Road”, the first song on the record, and I knew from then on I was going to love it. There’s so much space in the recordings and her unusual but beautiful vocals grabbed me instantly. I love how the production and her songs seamlessly blend a mix a folk, soul, pop and desert blues. It sounds fresh and cool, powerful and feminine.

The Ahern BrothersJoel Barker & The Low Company
The Ahern BrothersThe Ahern Brothers
Charming and insightful songwriting combining two voices made to sing together. Deserves to be in front of the masses. Astonishing live performances to boot!

Cigarettes After SexHusky
Cigarettes After SexCigarettes After Sex
It’s a fog of romance and nostalgia you can’t help but get lost in. Reminds me of being 16 and love sick, listening to Mazzy Star.

Lisa KnappSam Lee
Lisa KnappTill April Is Dead – A Garland of May
English folk singer Lisa Knapp has captured in this album a stunning insight into the melodic and archaic realms of May-time when all of England is blooming and the sense of ancient rites and mysticism is emerging from the dark winter. It’s an album that casts a rich and hauntingly magical spell and gives that sense of contemporary ancientness that all good folk singers are masters of.

Greg StepsFour In The Morning
Greg Steps & The Not For ProphetsThe Overland
There have been a lot of great releases this year, but our favourite from around Melbourne has to be The Overland by Greg Steps. The songs just scream of someone who has worked hard at honing their craft. Tightly woven lyrics painting little snapshots of Australia, from early morning walks in Melbourne to trains clattering across Queensland. It’s all underlaid with a warm, folky vibe that feels authentic without being derivative. The stand out track for us is “Famous Last Words”. It’s a folk song in the true sense of the word and weaves together thoughts on fame, colonialism, and folk heroes. It also introduced us to the amazing story of Breaker Morant.

Novo Amor and Ed TullettWildwood Kin
Novo Amor & Ed TullettHeiress
This is the perfect album to listen to when in need of some peace and tranquility amongst a busy schedule. They have released a set of live performance videos that capture their sound together so well; the two voices blend harmoniously together, creating an unbelievable sound of completeness and perfection. You can’t help feeling relaxed when hearing their music!

Leif VollebekkRiley Pearce
Leif VollebekkTwin Solitude
You know how people say they’ve had this CD in their car and have listened to it on repeat since they got it and you’re like “yeh right, no you didn’t”. Well now I understand that feeling. This album is everything. It’s emotive, it’s clever, it’s stripped and simple and it’s f#@king great!

The Teskey BrothersPaddy McHugh
The Teskey BrothersHalf Mile Harvest
When I first heard the track “Crying Shame” I thought that I was listening to a bunch of old African American soul men from Memphis. Then I saw a picture of the band and thought I was listening to a bunch of young white soul dudes from Memphis. Then I read they are from bloody Warrandyte in Victoria. I invited them to play live on my radio show Three Chords & The Truth and they absolutely killed it. Since then I have had the pleasure of playing on a few bills with them and can also report that they are top blokes to boot.

Big TheifFraser A. Gorman
Big ThiefCapacity
Adrianne Lenker is easily the most eloquent and beautiful songwriter I’ve heard in years.

Neil McSweeneyJon Boden
Neil McSweeneyA Coat Worth Wearing
I’ve chosen an album by Neil McSweeney, a stalwart of the Sheffield scene for many years. A Coat Worth Wearing is a fantastically literate collection of songs beautifully arranged and produced, and displaying the talents of a brilliant band of musicians including renowned folk stalwarts Ben Nicholls and Sam Sweeney. It’s an excellent album on so many levels and definitely my pick for album of 2017.

YirrmalKetch Secor (Old Crow Medicine Show)
I met Yirrmal Marika in Melbourne at the Australian Americana Honors Awards this past October. Yirrmal stole the show. He is a culture man. I picked up Yirrmal’s new EP Youngblood; it is the best Americana record I heard all year long. It’s got 50,000 years of soul. Crank it up.

Nadia ReidTaryn La Fauci
Nadia ReidPreservation
This record was on repeat for many many months in my car this year. I had really been craving an exquisite, cohesive and beautiful album that I could fall for, hard. This album did all of that and more, which is why it is my album of the year for 2017. I also got to see Nadia play in Sydney at The Golden Age Cinema in April and the show was stunning, it made me want to run home and learn how to play my guitar with that kind of verve.

Ryan AdamsImogen Clark
Ryan AdamsPrisoner
This album sounds to me like beautiful chaos and distress. Ryan Adams has a way of tapping into human vulnerability and woe like I don’t think I’ve ever heard from another artist. This record is just another example of his way with words and melodies that together, form the most melancholy but simultaneously kick-ass comments on the human condition you’ll ever hear from any modern day songwriter.

Sgt PepperJames Daley (The Morrisons, Diamond Duck, Tawny Owl String Band)
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – 50th Anniversary Edition
I feel a bit a strange choosing a reissue as album of the year, but who cares, it’s Sgt Peppers. After all the music I have listened to in my life, nothing has ever captured my imagination the way The Beatles have. It is the most astonishing body of work in pop music, the same way Bach is to classical music or Shakespeare to literature. I discovered The Beatles as a teenager after I got a copy of The White Album for xmas one year and my life has never been the same. Hearing all the remastered tracks and outtakes on this reissue was a wild journey and reinvigorated my love for this music in a way I hadn’t anticipated – I have been listening to The Beatles non stop since it came out, like I’m rediscovering it all over again. There are some absolute pearlers on this – the alternate takes of “Strawberry Fields”, “Lucy In The Sky” and “Day In The Life” are really interesting. Hearing how they built these songs into what we know and love is a fascinating process. However the most astonishing track is the instrumental take of “She’s Leaving Home”. Being able to hear all the subtlety, intricacy and beauty of George Martin’s arrangement for strings/harp was such a joy. A real masterclass in arranging – plus you can sing over and pretend you are Paul McCartney, ha.

The War On DrugsDirewolf
The War on DrugsA Deeper Understanding
Don’t you just adore things that need only a moment to take a firm grip around your mind, heart and/or soul? Like a one in a million barista made coffee or takeaway Thai? Not that I’m directly drawing comparisons between those things and what I consider to be a modern day classic album. However that is how my body reacted when the first second of “Up All Night” passed by. The unmistakable soundscape, verb soaked /grunge driven guitars, the synergy of acoustic/electronic driving “Dire Straights” percussion, Adam Granofsky’s/Bob Dylan’s often confused voices are but the tip of a very large and colourful iceberg that make up the record at large. We’re only supposed to be confined to one sentence, and since I’ve already profoundly broken that line I’m going to insist you put this record on in the background and see how long it takes you to stop needle poking around on the internet and gain A Deeper Understanding.

Scott CookLiz Frencham
Scott CookFurther Down The Line
I listen repeatedly to a lot of albums for my work as an accompanist. Rarely does such an album make it past that stage into my ‘listening
for pleasure’ category let alone become my favourite. But Scott Cook’s warm and beautiful Further Down The Line is one such album. It captures his arresting live delivery and the songs are rich in detail and real, visceral experience.

Dermot KennedyHarrison Storm
Dermot KennedyDoves & Ravens
I remember stumbling upon Dermot’s music on Spotify and instantly connecting with it. I became really intrigued with his music and read in an interview where he explains his sound as a cross between Bon Iver and Drake, which is pretty accurate. This EP is full of rich lyrics and interesting sounds and each listen uncovers a phrase or sound you may have missed in the previous listen. This EP definitely inspired me this year and I am looking forward to what he releases in 2018.

Laura CorteseThe East Pointers
Laura Cortese & The Dance CardsCalifornia Calling
If there’s one album we could pick from 2017, we’d have to choose California Calling by Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards. These girls are ridiculously talented (watching them perform live makes you want to go home, practice and write better songs). Their latest album combines Americana, trad, pop and folk so perfectly. Organic, yet slick. Can’t see how anyone wouldn’t like it!

FeistAinsley Farrell
Pleasure is so intimate and fragile, yet very powerful. It tugs at all my heartstrings. I recently got the chance to see her live performance at The Opera House and it blew me away.

Leif VollebekkDustin Tebbutt
Leif VollebekkTwin Solitude
My good friend Hayden Calnin introduced me to this guy over a late night whisky, and I have been listening ever since. The lyrics verge on stream of consciousness without being aimless, while vocally, Leif somehow manages to ride the line between being completely vulnerable and completely in control at the same time. Put this on top of some of the tastiest drum sounds I’ve heard in a long while, and simple but stunning keyboard playing, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an album. There are few bells and whistles, there aren’t really any production tricks or shoe shine here, just honest stories, and raw but precisely executed sounds.

Phoebe BridgersWilliam Fitzsimmons
Phoebe BridgersStranger in the Alps
I came upon Bridgers from my bandmate, who had done some touring with her and I was pretty caught up in it immediately. Her voice is special and there is a wisdom in her words beyond her young years. The most exciting thing for me, however, isn’t the album itself, it’s knowing that there is only more and even better from her to come. Listen to “Smoke Signals”.

The Mae TrioThe Northern Folk
The Mae TrioTake Care Take Cover
We finally caught The Mae Trio at Dorrigo Folk this year after hearing good things for so long, and they blew us away. This is the kind of album that reminds you of how amazing our folk scene can be- heartspoken, cleverly arranged, beautifully performed and catchy as anything. “Call Me Stranger” is a particular favourite of ours, but each song on this record is so strong.

R.L. BoyceDom Turner (The Backsliders)
R.L. BoyceRoll and Tumble
It is the second album from a man at the heart of the Mississippi hill country blues tradition. It contains all the style and swagger, grit and power that comes from a musician who sets perfectly gritty grooves overlain with heartfelt vocals to achieve maximum emotion.

The Button CollectiveJoe Glover (Shelley’s Murder Boys, The Backsliders)
The Button CollectiveHall on the Hill
This album has been on constant repeat in my car, my workshop, and my Spotify from the first day I bought it – so beautifully recorded so that you feel like you are in the room with them as they emotionally belt out fantastic songs written by Brodie and brought to life by a bunch of great musicians. Hall on the Hill is an absolute cracker of an album and I think I’ll be religiously listening to it for some time to come – perhaps until their next one is released.

Willie WatsonShelley Eves (Shelley’s Murder Boys)
Willie WatsonFolksinger Vol.2
This album is such a clear winner for me, I’ve had it on high rotation since its release. Once again Willie brought his own feel to some classic folk songs, from the delightfully joyful harmonies in “Samson and Delilah” to his haunting take on “Gallows Pole”.

All Our Exes Live in TexasJimmy Murray (Shelley’s Murder Boys)
All Our Exes Live in TexasWhen We Fall
Such a pleasure to finally hear this debut album after hearing the band grow and play over the past few years. What an amazing collection of songs and of course the incredible vocal performances from all 4 of these superstars. I really loved the production on the album as well by producer Wayne Connolly which added lovely colour to the beautiful songs. ARIA award winners 2017!

Kat GoldmanRuth Hazleton (Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton, Bill Jackson)
Kat GoldmanWorking Man’s Blues
Nina Simone once said “It’s an artist’s duty … to reflect the times [in which we live]”. It’s been a fantastic year of new releases, though I’d like to highlight an album that nails the above brief and more. Canadian writer Kat Goldman’s Working Man’s Blues is challenging, at times fragile, brutally honest and incredibly insightful. Collectively, the songs explore contemporary working-class culture, often from the perspective of a lover who struggles to understand and accommodate the struggles of the working man. I’ve long been a fan of Kat Goldman’s writing. Her unique sound, mesmerising voice, distinctive compositions and feet-on-the-ground approach to her music make her a formidable artist of great integrity. Working Man’s Blues has been on high rotation here, and will be for some time to come.

Jed RoweBill Jackson
Jed RoweA Foreign Country
First thing that struck me about this record was the vocals and these songs provide a beautiful vehicle for a great voice. Next thing, the sparseness – the way I have been accustomed to hearing Jed over his journey. Jed Rowe has something to say – I admire that and this record puts him up there with the very best. Standout track for me is “Tailem Bend”. Beautifully produced by Jeff Lang.

Lilly HiattJames Allsopp (Ralway Bell)
Lilly HiattTrinity Lane
Picking one standout release for 2017 was pretty impossible in what was a year of exceptional music. Locally, Joel Barker and the Low Company’s Unchartered EP was a stand out. Otherwise, I’ve been talking up Lilly Hiatt since the moment I finished listening to Trinity Lane. Like all my favourite albums, it’s rooted in personal struggle, ebbs and flows perfectly, is filled with outstanding musicianship, and doesn’t try too hard sound like any one genre in particular. 10 stars!

Body CountMatt Black (The Bottlers)
Body CountBloodlust
Body Count’s sixth studio album Bloodlust emblazons a brutally honest sociopolitical conscience and fire eyed world view, teetering on the honed end of a pistol sight. I feel this is Ice T and band’s tried and true return to form with pinpoint, stand out tracks such as the narrative charged, “Black Hoody” and controversy ladened, “No Lives Matter”. A must listen for those thirsting for the truth beyond a media blurred world.

Bob DylanThe Welcome Wagon
Bob DylanTrouble No More – The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 / 1979-1981
You might call this choice dirty pool, as the music was recorded nearly 40 years ago, but it’s only now getting a proper release, so I’m technically in the clear. This is a collection of live tracks, demos, and outtakes from Bob Dylan’s so-called “Born Again” period, stuff folks (me included) have been downloading from various sketchy websites for years, and for good reason. The songs are great – check “Solid Rock” for a straight Gospel stomper, cue up “I Believe in You” for an arresting spiritual ballad – and so are many of the live performances (the backing choir is consistently blistering). Whether you’re a believer or not, Dylan clearly is here, and it makes all the difference.

The Mae TrioJohn Flanagan
The Mae TrioTake Care Take Cover
Sisters Maggie and Elsie Rigby have such beautifully contrasting songwriting styles, Maggie is a stone cold killer Americana writer and Elsie writes stunningly original melodies with uplifting pop hook choruses. With (no exaggeration) some of the best folk harmonies in the WORLD and Anita’s impressive rhythmic cello playing, this is a truly unique and heart-grabbing band and this album is them going all out with tasteful and at times epic production.

Georgia State LineNick Payne (Dear Orphans)
Georgia State LineHeaven Knows
These guys applied to play at the Americana Music Association of Australia’s takeover of Late Night Alt at Tamworth in January. Paul Heggart from The Heggarties chose them site unseen from the applications purely based on what he heard when he listened to their pre-release recordings of this album. Hailing from country Victoria these guys are a six piece featuring Georgia Delves on vocals, and songwriting. They’re all accomplished instrumentalists in their own right and Georgia’s songwriting authentically channels the best of sophisticated country songwriting from the 60s and 70s.

Fanny LusdenSam Buckingham
Fanny LumsdenReal Class Act
I’m not just picking this album because Fanny and Dan are two of my favourite people! This album is, as the title suggests, all class. Fanny’s songwriting is beautifully Australian and the album is joyful, brilliantly performed by all involved, and completely without any ego – despite the outstanding success these guys have been earning. Fanny gives us all a lesson on how to be a ripper indie artist and how to make music that’s undoubtedly, authentically, your own. Roll on kids

LCD SoundsystemEm George
LCD SoundsystemAmerican Dream
I was moderately (read as *very*) excited when there were rumblings of talk about a new album from these guys, but like anything that was laid to rest, one always is slightly concerned that the revival won’t live up to what has come before it. So when LCD Soundsystem released their new album, I cautiously gave it a first listen and it did not disappoint. Every beat and melodic turn is so completely in tune to what has become their signature sound; that build up of tension and release, excitement and sadness, with inflections of irony that James Murphy grabs the listener with in his choice of lyrics marked with wit. There’s a touch of darkness and melancholy as each song seems to question the ending of things, the loss of once was, but that bright spark of beat this band is known for keeps it somewhere higher and closer within reach, slightly unobtainable so you keep wanting to hear it on repeat from start to finish again and again.

Aldous HardingCharm of Finches
Aldous HardingParty
Party swept us off our feet. Moody and textural, impeccable production awash with aural spectres. Horizon is addictive and moving. Aldous’ compelling voice and haunting poetics have us in thrall.

The Teskey BrothersMark Wilkinson
The Teskey BrothersHalf Mile Harvest
Amazing vocals and killer tracks full of old school soul. Sounds like neat whiskey and smokey bars.

The NationalBANFF
The NationalSleep Well Beast
I eagerly awaited The National’s next record, after Trouble Will Find Me kept me wrapped me up in its flawlessness for the last four years or there abouts. This year Sleep Well Beast won me over, with Matt Berninger’s candid yet agitated words luring me back into that deeply thoughtful, emotional and hauntingly beautiful sound I would’ve always come back for. The National perfectly blend understated harmony with organised chaos throughout all of their records, and this was no exception by any means. The meticulous musicianship and purposeful, but somewhat ambiguous lyrics continue unravelling more layers to this beast in itself every time I listen. This was the best record of 2017 for mine.

LankumKarine Polwart
LankumBetween The Earth and Sky
I can’t get enough of the murky drone-scapes and vocal edges of Lankum’s Between The Earth and Sky. In particular, the raw, reedy singing of Radie Peat on album opener “What Shall We Do When We Have No Money?” sounds like the ages. It’s the absolute antithesis of sweet.

The Wood BrothersBen Prest (Echo Deer)
The Wood BrothersLive at the Barn
I know it’s a live album but this release was my first exposure to the brother’s amazing songs, chops and harmonies. Their sound owes a lot to The Band, and “the barn” is at Levon Helm’s farm where he held concerts before he died, making the fantastic closing cover of “Ophelia” and dedication on “Postcards from Hell” all the more meaningful.

Jess LockeHollie Matthew (Echo Deer)
Jess LockeUniverse
A revisiting of the 80’s Australian rock sound ala Go Betweens with more sadness and slacker vibe. Killer matter of fact lyrics and chorus-y guitar sounds. Even better live. 5 Stars.

SamphaSimon Wegman (Echo Deer)
I hadn’t been aware of Sampha’s previous EP releases, but after Shazaming “Blood on Me” while in a tragically trendy sneaker store, I was moved to hunt down the British singer and producer’s debut LP. Sampha Sisay’s sensitive, soulful vocals and meditative piano (reminiscent of James Blake at his best) form the backbone of this record, while the thoughtful production touches throughout make me want to hit “play” again the second it finishes.

All Them WitchesAlexi Grivas (Echo Deer)
All Them WitchesSleeping Through the War
The latest album by All Them Witches has been my most played record this year. A four piece from Nashville – but they aren’t a country band – All Them Witches is a great new-wave heavy psychedelic band, with moments of light and shade. This record has them growing as writers and players, bringing new instruments and sounds into the mix. Can’t wait to see it live.

Sam OutlawRick Hart
Sam OutlawTenderheart
Simple, yet endearing melodies, layered with beautiful storytelling. It’s an album that is strong from start to end, in many ways reminding me of some of the great traditional country songwriters whom I love. Favourite tracks are “Now She Tells Me”, “She’s Playing Hard To Get (Rid Of)” and “Bougainvillea, I Think”.

Courtney Marie AndrewsJames Ellis and the Jealous Guys
Courtney Marie AndrewsHonest Life
I knew what my favourite album of the year was going to be when I saw Courtney Marie Andrews play in Melbourne in July this year. She’s got a tremendous voice and the lyrics stand apart from almost everything else I’ve heard this year in their insight and honesty. What makes her songs exceptional is the way they all seem to come directly from her own story and experience. These are her songs and this is her life. It’s an honest life.

Mike BarnettHamish Davidson (Davidson Brothers)
Mike BarnettPortraits in Fiddles
As a fiddle player and bluegrass fanatic, I am thrilled to see Mike Barnett create a record which to me is like a cross section of all the bluegrass fiddle music I’ve devoured in the last 27 years. He collaborates with some of bluegrass music’s most vibrant talent and shines new light on a great selection of fiddle masterpieces.

Angel OlsenKate Barker (Whoa Mule, Golden Whistler)
Angel OlsenPhases
I just can’t seem to get enough of Angel Olsen’s vocals and songwriting. Her work inspires me to sing like there’s no tomorrow!

George HarrisonTim Guy
George HarrisonWonderwall Music
I know this is a turn up for the books, this was released in 1968. I was in India a few weeks back, and as we descended into the ancient blue city of Jodhpur, I had this on in my headphones and seriously guys, it was incred. Place and time – but you know what I mean.

Sarah BelknerMel Parsons
Sarah BelknerBut You Are, But It Has
Sydney producer and songwriter Sarah Belkner knocks it out of the park with But You Are, But It Has. This record and its predecessor the Humans EP have been on high rotation for me all year. Brilliant songwriting, interesting and super clever arrangements and impeccable production. I will continue to listen obsessively.

Bill OrcuttMark Moldre
Bill OrcuttBill Orcutt
Orcutt wanders in and around the destruction, renovations and construction sites of melody. Tearing a well worn musical phrase apart and rebuilding it. Disassembling a traditional like it’s a jigsaw puzzle and putting the pieces back together in all the wrong places with gaffer tape and super glue. Attacking the guitar with a ferocious tenacity, short angry, dogged outbursts are followed by meditative beauty. “When You Wish Upon A Star” dances about the melody without ever really clearly stating the theme. “Ol’ Man River” is soft and dripping with the peaceful lapping of the Mississippi whist remaining dark and haunting, broken and fractured. Reminiscent of the solo work of Marc Ribot, Fred Frith or even the sonic explorations of Tom Verlaine in its angular assault to the senses. Jazz, traditional folk and the avant-garde smash headlong into each other with little regard for the trail of damage and re-creation left in their wake. Dissonant yet sweet, contemplative while remaining challenging. Bravely free and uncensored.

Loene CarmenCatherine Traicos
Loene CarmenLovers Dreamers Fighters
I’ve always loved the way Lo’s voice manages to be strong, vulnerable, sassy, gentle and flirty all at the same time, and on this record it achieves that in spades. Also the pacing and the production of this record are spot on.

King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardJeff Lang
King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardFlying Microtonal Banana
This is a rocking album, really fun to listen to. The band gets up quite a head of steam, the rhythm section powering with a relentless forward momentum and the various microtonal electric guitars stabbing and chattering over the top. Great riffs all over the album, fantastic energy and an adventurous, explorative mood throughout. It sounds to me like they’re having a load of fun.

Ryan AdamsJosh Rennie-Hynes (The Ahern Brothers)
Ryan AdamsPrisoner
Adams has so many albums and this is one of his best. Great songs, production and tones

Pony FaceCat Leahy (This Way North)
Pony FaceDeja Vu
I’ve always been fascinated with the sonic scapes that Pony Face create. I’m a massive fan of Shane Omara’s musical mind too, so when I heard he was a new member of Pony Face, it just made so much sense. This album really speaks to me. The way the songs tail in and out, the mesmerising, pulsing tremolo on “Mt Deja Vu” the driving groove in “Justine”. It’s pretty magical. Simon’s voice is just heavenly. He’s like some kind of grungy, modern-day crooner.

Nikki LaneRuby Boots
Nikki LaneHighway Queen
I tried to pick another album for fear of seeming biased, but I really do love Nikki’s album from back to front and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get past it for this year’s top pick, I fell in love with it on first listen and over 50 listens later it still remains my fave. There’s a storyline in every song that is so easy to latch on to and make your own whilst still being cleverly written, that and the infectious melodies that take up the prime real estate on this record are the things that almost make you feel like she’s written the album just for you, the listener, yet there is enough sincerity in there to know that it’s just as much for her as it is for you, the perfect balance really! Fave song on the album: “Foolish Heart”.

Nai palmTommy Spender (Mama Kin Spender)
Nai PalmNeedle Paw
I started listening to this record while I was having a bath and it felt like it really complimented the complete surrender to the hot water. I love Nai’s passion to her artistry. She is truly gifted with a confidence and commitment to her voice that verges on punk, but her vocal has such a developed technicality, it blows me away. It’s so great hearing where she is at without the sinewy and muscular musicality of Haitus Kaiyote winding around her sound.

Scott CookAlanna and Alicia
Scott CookFurther Down The Line
Scott Cook is a natural storyteller; his songs glow with empathy, wit and warmth. This is a beautiful album, but he is even better live.
His performance on the porch at Enda Kennedy’s house concert in Northcote, Melbourne was a passport to the heartland of folk songs as they should be, as they have always been.

Colter WallHarvey Russell (Peasant Moon)
Colter WallColter Wall
This is a sparse, flawless debut from an extraordinarily talented 22 year-old Canadian possessing an absurdly weathered baritone. Arranged mostly with acoustic guitar and pedal steel only, these songs are written with the assuredness and self-knowing of a veteran songwriter. At times channelling Haggard, others Townes, the dark, vivid storytelling is magnetic and stunning. These songs feel lived in, shaped by wisdom and experience. Here we have a voice of country music’s future.

Caroline SpenceJosie Rothwell (Peasant Moon)
Caroline SpenceSpades and Roses
I’ve adored Spades and Roses this year. The songs are gentle, personal, universal, with gorgeous, sonically diverse but simple instrumentation. From the gender politics of “Softball” to the twang of “Hotel Armarillo” to the cute, lyrically playful “Wishing Well” and yearning of “Slow Dancer”, they’re songs I love to listen to, to be swept away by – what a songwriter!

Bad // DreemsMark “Looch” Lewis (Wifey, Handsome Young Strangers)
Bad // DreemsGutful
A cracking second effort from the best thing to come out of Adelaide in a long time. Big old school pub rock sound, quality songs, gruff vocals and a solid rhythm section make these guys a step above the other contenders. Bad // Dreems have always been a fantastic live act and this album gets closer to nailing that intensity and rawness. There is a reason they supported Midnight Oil recently! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

Gang of YourhsGretta Ray
Gang of YouthsGo Farther In Lightness
It wasn’t a challenge in the slightest to fall completely, head over heels in love with Gang Of Youths’ record Go Father In Lightness. The lyrics throughout this album are phenomenal, philosophical, pegging together lines of innovative poetry such as “a weight that’s in youth” soon to be followed by more casual, laid-back slang “..that makes a dick of us all”. I felt that the literature, interwoven with conversational speech in this way served to make this album, an album that discusses and reflects on the pros and cons of one’s “limited life” as well as the exploration of what it is to be “human”, unbelievably moving and relatable. As a writer myself, but more importantly a listener, I perceived it to be nothing less of an honour to see the world through writer and frontman Dave Le’aupepe’s eyes whilst listening to this record, that is more than deserving of all of the acclaim it has received over the duration of this year.

Kasey ChambersTom Busby (Busby Marou)
Kasey ChambersDragonfly
I’ve spent a bit of time with Kasey and the Chambers family over the last couple of years and the more I’ve been able to watch her off stage, the more I have realised that she is a true and prolific songwriter. Constantly singing, always creating, forever exploring. That is what this record is, just like her, brave and genuine!

Kendrick LamarSahara Beck
Kendrick LamarDamn
This album has worked for me no matter what mood I’ve been in all through 2017. It’s one of those albums that, to me, will always be a classic. Driving down to the lake with the windows down loving every moment of each song. Thank you for making my 2017 that much better Kendrick.

Leif VollebekkHayden Calnin
Leif VollebekkTwin Solitude
Never has an album been so important. I’ve listened to this every second day, and it still feels as good as the first listen. It’s come to the point that I’ve started a petition to bring this talent to Melbourne. I’m addicted to the feeling Leif gives to me. Enjoyed best walking through chaos on a sunny day, forgetting the world around you.

Ulrika SpacekTom Stephens (Tesse)
Ulrika SpacekModern English Decoration
A lesson in the art of denial, an element is there and then it’s not. It’s driving and heavy, commanding attention, but somehow you can drift away at the same time. Melodies that have to be revisited again and again and then again.

Valerie JuneMatt Golotta (The Sweet Jelly Rolls)
Valerie JuneThe Order of Time
I listened to the first few songs online of The Order of Time when it first came out, then began calling record stores instantly to see if they had it in stock because I had to own it. This record seriously has everything I look for, its soulful, rocky, bluesy and country, with the right amount of sadness. I think I’ve listened to “Love You Once Made” every day this year since buying the record. “Got Soul” is a stunning pairing of soul and country that is this perfect happy way to close the record.

Daniel RomanoTamara Lindeman (The Weather Station)
Daniel RomanoModern Pressure
Definitely the record I listened to most this year. Just great. Perfect pop songwriting, wonderful wild drumming, insane bass playing, great solos, crazy organ jams, great everything (and every note played by Romano of course). What else do you want?

Big ThiefCy Winstanley (Tattletale Saints)
Big ThiefCapacity
After being introduced to ‘Paul’ from 2016’s Masterpiece on a late night drive, and subsequently watching their Tiny Desk concert, I have been enthralled with this band. I love Adrianne Lenker’s poetic, yet coherent and often confronting lyrics, and the stark arrangements of harmonically rich songs played with a nonchalance that belies their mastery.

Sara TindleyLucie Thorne
Sara TindleyWild & Unknown
There’s an extraordinary richness and directness to Tindley’s voice that is truly stunning. Wild & Unknown is a brave and beautiful collection of songs that’ll have you dancing one moment, weeping the next. A quiet masterpiece that creeps up under your skin and plants itself in your soul. I love this album.

Jen CloherAlison Ferrier
Jen CloherJen Cloher
I love everything about Jen Cloher’s self-titled fourth album. This comes close to the perfect album for me, it’s brilliantly written, performed, recorded and produced. Jen’s bare-faced honesty is incredibly brave and inspiring. Favourite tracks: “I Forgot Myself” and “Strong Woman”.

The Secret SistersThe Weeping Willows
The Secret SistersYou Don’t Own Me Anymore
Selecting your favourite album of the past 12 months is made all the more difficult when three of your favourite acts (Jason Isbell, David Rawlings and The Secret Sisters) all release LPs within the same calendar year. But whilst Isbell and Rawlings delivered sublime albums (as to be expected), the Sisters’ album is “all killer, no filler”, their best work yet, with no temptation to reach for the “skip” button! You Don’t Own Me Anymore is the charming trad-country harmony duo’s third album and most personal project to date. The writing is at times confessional, at others, nostalgic for simpler times; strength juxtaposed with vulnerability. Their soulful songs were lovingly and tastefully produced by good friend Brandi Carlile. Stand out tracks include “Tennessee River Runs Low”, murder ballad “Mississippi” (sister song to the wonderfully haunting, “Iuka” from their 2014 album, Put Your Needle Down), “Little Again” and title track, “You Don’t Own Me Anymore”. Check them out if you’re fans of sibling harmony (eg. The Everly Brothers) and/or the southern gothic stylings of Gillian Welch and The Civil Wars.

Lilly HiattSophie Klein (Little Wise)
Lilly HiattTrinity Lane
I saw Lilly perform at Third Man Records at AmericanaFest in Nashville, but the gravity of her songwriting only hit me afterwards, listening to her rocking 2017 album Trinity Lane on my headphones traveling around the States. The production, by Michael Trent of Shovels and Rope, is big, loud, gritty and more indie rock than Nashville alt-country. But Lilly’s voice still has a southern twang to it though and the melodies and words kick around my brain for days on end. “I just wanna rock n’ roll, scream out my and burn real slow” she sings on “Records”, and it makes me want to do the same.

Jamie WyattGretta Ziller
Jamie WyattFelony Blues
Although it’s been out for most of the year I’ve only just discovered Jamie Wyatt’s Felony Blues! It’s a rare thing for me to listen to something on repeat but since I’ve discovered her it’s all I’m listening to!!! It’s unashamed, uncomplicated, catchy, good old fashioned country music.

Christopher Coleman CollectiveThe Dead Maggies
Christopher Coleman CollectiveAh Winter
This is a work of art, from a guy that’s had a hard run and put his heart on his sleeve. The result is a deep, personal and moving album of mature songwriting. Musically it sits somewhere between Bright Eyes and Neil Young.

Steve EarleTristan Goodall (The Audreys)
Steve Earle & The DukesSo You Wanna Be An Outlaw
Equal parts devilish invitation and cautionary tale, this killer record was a tour van favourite as we hit the road after a break this year. Steve is in fine form, as usual, and while the album is boisterous and swaggering, it also manages to highlight his songwriting craft. Highlight: Willie Nelson growling “if you wanna be an outlaw you can never go home”. Giddy-up!

LogicSteve Barnard (Jon Cotton and The Book Keepers)
Riding my push bike past all the kids and their mothers, heads adorned in their icon of piety, devotion and religious identity. The burka is far more common in this corner of Sydney than most and it puts a smile on my face to see children enjoying their walk home from school with Mum. An old bogan crossing the road to the pub yells racial cliches about going back where you came from and then turns to me for my approval of his vitriol. I inform him I’m from overseas too, I just happen to be white and he is guilty of the grossest and purest type of racism. Racism is as blatant as the inability to see past difference and as subtle as the apathy that accompanies privilege. Everybody suffers either in their oppression or privilege. Everybody.

Lawrence GreenwoodTanya Batt (BATTS)
Lawrence GreenwoodP.S. I’m Haunted
Lawrence has been a favourite of mine for a long time with his previous project. It feels so nice to have a new album from him and my gosh wow. The melodic and lyrical genius within this album actually made me cry the first time I heard it. The journey this takes you on from start to finish is incredibly special. All of the amazing detail within the album leaves you finding something new each listen.

Gretta ZillerAndrew Swift
Gretta ZillerQueen Of Boomtown
Maybe I’m a little biased after spending so much time on the road with Gretta, but credit where credit’s due. Queen Of Boomtown is a solid record from start to finish. With underlying blues tones throughout, Queen Of Boomtown will have you tapping your feet, singing along and wiping away a tear or two again and again. Ziller is quickly being recognised as one of this country’s best songwriters and without a doubt one of its best vocalists.

Raise By EaglesSam Newton
Raised By EaglesI Must Be Somewhere
There is a great mix of upbeat and slow-burner tracks with a sprinkle of country here and there. The record is filled with great songwriting and heartfelt lyrics.

Ben SalterShane Nicholson
Ben SalterBack Yourself
I have a lot of favourite albums of 2017. It’s been a good year. But for me, one stands above the rest – Ben Salter’s Back Yourself. It’s equal parts diverse, brave, accomplished, intelligent, exciting, original, and just plain incredible, superior record-making.

Frank OceanThe Campervan Dancers
Frank OceanBiking
Ryan is arrested by the nostalgic visions of meatophorical bike-riding. Chelsea is delighted by how they manage to execute an extensive shouting outro with great aplomb.

The East PointersThe Little Stevies/Teeny Tiny Stevies
The East PointersWhat We Leave Behind
This recommendation is just as much about the album as it is about the live show, because TEP have done what is often very difficult to do and that’s to capture the energy and magic of their live show on record. As a band they’ve got the full package; great songs, impressive multi-instrumental musicianship, rich 3-part harmony, and to top it off they’re genuinely nice people. My favourites on the album are the vocal lead songs because I love a catchy melody and riff. But I also really enjoy the instrumentals because they include some super interesting harmonic changes through them that don’t always go where you’re expecting them to go. It’s an album that’s made a non-fiddler make it their new years resolution to learn how to play the fiddle, so it must be pretty good.

Songs From DanMelanie Horsnell
Dan TuffySongs from Dan
I loved Dan Tuffy’s record Songs from Dan because I love the quiet back of the valley live sound and the song “The biggest bastard who ever rode the west” is every musician-having-a-low-down-day’s anthem. And I loved King Curly’s new EP but biased as now we are making a record together, so not allowed to vote for that.

Les Poules a ColinJesse Periard (Ten Strings and a Goat Skin)
Les Poules à ColinMorose
Les Poules à Colin have never been a band to limit themselves. They are constantly pushing boundaries and exploring uncharted territory, which sets them apart from so many traditional music groups. They’ve grown so much as a band and Morose is a true representation of where they stand in the realm of traditional Québécois music and I couldn’t be more proud of them. This album has so many complex and beautiful layers to it, and has inspired me and taken me to places I didn’t expect.

Sarah BelknerJulia Johnson
Sarah BelknerBut You Are, But It Has
A record I have returned to repeatedly, finding more with every listen. The textures and arrangements glisten, but have this earthy, warm undercurrent. Her lyrics unfolded the more I honed in on them. Where I was wondering of their meaning upon first listen, months later her songs are resonating deeply with chapters and moments in my life. For me, there’s nothing more wondrous than finding a song that exposes one’s painful or wonderful experience as universal, and this album is rich with those gems. Standout track: “Cellophane”.

Jesca HoopAinslie Wills
Jesca HoopMemories Are Now
I describe this album to other people as “assertive folk” in that it has folk sensibilities and instrumentation but the song ideas are quite robust and angular at times which make it really memorable (ha! Pun not intended). Also, It has no drums which to me was really refreshing as most things these days are so banger/beat driven.

Trad AttackJoe Gould (The Crooked Fiddle Band)
Trad.Attack!Kullakarva / Shimmer Gold
Every so often I spend some time seeking out what’s happening in other local scenes around the world, and Crooked Fiddle’s musical equivalents therein – thus leading me to Estonia’s Trad.Attack! (punctuation included). Part melodic folk pop, part updated trad folk complete with Estonian bagpipes, they sometimes come across as a Baltic equivalent to Ireland’s Kila, especially on the epic title track.

Big ThiefAngie McMahon
Big ThiefCapacity
I’ve fallen in love with this band and this album. The intimacy of the songwriting has captured me, and the so many moments in the lyrics and music have brought me to moments of realisation and clarity. Some albums make you really grateful for music and the power it has over your mind, and this year, for me, it’s been this one.

Lana Del ReyTori Forsyth
Lana Del RayLust for Life
I love that Stevie Nicks has a little part of this record, she also experiments with some rad sounds. Also, lyrically this record is incredible.

This Is The KitEmily Staveley-Taylor (The Staves)
This Is The KitMoonshine Freeze
We met Kate, Rozi and Jamie at The Funkhaus during the Michelberger festival in Berlin last year and thought they were all wonderful people making wonderful music. Then we saw them play this album live at Eaux Claires festival in the summer and were blown away. The record has so many lovely, rounded sounds on it. It feels soft, but it has a driving energy that keeps pushing it forward. Kate’s voice has a familiar, kind quality when she sings – who doesn’t want to feel like they’re having a conversation with a friend when they listen to music? It’s a self-assured album by a band who seem to really know who they are. And that’s a comforting presence to be in. Plus the tunes are fucking banging. And the horns rule.

Sun Kil MoonNigel Wearne
Sun Kil MoonCommon As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood
This year Sun Kil Moon has been on high rotation. Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood is so different, that I honestly can’t remember hearing anything else like it. Spoken word poetry, prose, and random stories (including a Chameleon vs a Cat), diary entries, muses on David Bowie and Ali augmented by busted-up Dad hip hop. It’s completely whacked and compelling. A slow burn that requires the lyrics booklet.

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 15th December


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

– Victorian acoustic duo Slim Dime released their new video “That Ole Train”. Details here

– Americana duo Carpenter Caswell released their new video “Too Young, Too Cute, Too Pretty”. Details here

Ruby Boots released her brand new single “Don’t Talk About It”. Details here

– Melbourne based singer-songwriter Hannah Cameron released her new single “Just Leave Me Here”. Details here

– Emerging singer-songwriters Kelly Brouhaha, Rose Zita Falko and Andrew Thomson announced a joint summer tour. Details here

– The Port Fairy Folk Festival announced the lineup for its Women Out Loud 2018 concert hosted by Sarah Carroll and featuring Chris While & Julie Matthews, Faith Ristic, Gina Williams, Josienne Clarke, Pauline Scanlon, Rebecca Barnard, Sophie Koh and Yolanda Brown. Details here

Sufjan Stevens released his new single “Tonya Harding”. Details here

Raised By Eagles released their new video “Night Wheels” ahead of their Christmas shows with The Ahern Brothers and Lost Ragas. Details here

– The National Folk Festival added a huge amount of artists to its 2018 lineup including Elephant Sessions, WÖR (Belgium), The Young Folk, Trouble in the Kitchen, All Our Exes Live in Texas, My Friend The Chocolate Cake, Fiona Ross with Ken Nicol, The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club, Low Down Riders, Jugularity, Davidson Brothers, Electric Tommy Johnston, Frets Patrick, Loren Kate, Zac Saber, Matilda Rose, Meyers and McNamara, Benji and the Saltwater Sound System and The Quick and The Dead, Grassroots Union Choir of Tasmania, Alleycats Community Choir, InterVarsity, Ukestral Voices, Compánach, Keith McKenry, Sandra Renew, Andrew Galan, Daniel J Townsend, Peter Mace, Jacqui Malins with Julia Horvath, Dick Warwick, Martin Pearson, BAD!SLAM!NO!BISCUIT!, Gregory North and Glover & Sorrensen. Details here

– Singer-songwriter Alison Ferrier released her new video “Waiting For The Rain”. Details here

Releases This Week

KeepsakeAlanna Eileen

Timber and Steel Recommends – Go To This Gig

A Country Christmas Revue feat. Raised By Eagles, Lost Ragas, The Ahern Brothers, Sarah Carroll

A Country Christmas Revue

Three of the country’s best alt-country bands – Raised By Eagles, Lost Ragas and The Ahern Brothers – come together with host Sarah Carroll to sing in the season

Sunday 17th December – Howler, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 22nd December – Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, VIC

Gigs Next Week

Friday 15th December – The Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston, TAS
Saturday 16th December – Bridge Hotel, Forth, TAS
Sunday 17th December – Longley International Hotel, Longley, TAS

A Country Christmas Revue feat. Raised By Eagles, Lost Ragas, The Ahern Brothers, Sarah Carroll
Sunday 17th December – Howler, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 22nd December – Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, VIC

A Honky Tonk Christmas with Hana & Jessie-Lee feat. Max Savage & The False Idols, Koral & The Goodbye Horses, Ryan Underhill
Sunday 17th December – Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide, SA

Adam Young and Sam Shinazzi
Sunday 17th December – The Midnight Special, Sydney, NSW

Belle Harvey
Friday 15th December – House Concert, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 16th December – The Workers Club, Geelong, VIC
Sunday 17th December – Billyroys Blues Bar, Bendigo, VIC

Ben Abraham
Friday 15th December – The Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Tuesday 19th Decemnber – The Newsagency, Sydney, NSW
Wednesday 20th December – The Newsagency, Sydney, NSW

Ben Camden
Friday 15th December – The Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW
Saturday 16th December – The Landsdowne Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Brian’s Big Christmas BBQ feat. Nick Barker, Tracy McNeil, Suzannah Espie, Charles Jenkins, Jac Tonks and Wisey’s Dream Set
Sunday 17th December – Caravan Music Club, Melbourne, VIC

Candice McLeod
Saturday 16th December – Funhouse Studio, Bega, NSW
Sunday 17th December – The Lush Factory, Tilba, NSW

Cat Canteri
Saturday 16th December – The Guildford Family Hotel, Guildford, VIC

Catherine Traicos
Friday 15th December – Bassendean Hotel, Perth, WA

Christmas At Shady Pines feat. The Sweet Jelly Rolls, Extension Chord
Sunday 17th December – Shady Pines Saloon, Sydney, NSW

Darren Hanlon
Friday 15th
 December – Ainslie Main Hall

, Canberra, ACT
Saturday 16th
 December – St Stephens Newtown, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 17th December – St John’s Church Hall, Newcastle, NSW
Tuesday 19th December – Thirroul Railway Hall, Thirroul, NSW
Thursday 21st December – The Eastern Hotel, Ballarat, VIC
Friday 22nd December – 
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC

Festival of Small Halls feat. Vance Gilbert, Liz Stringer
Friday 15th December – Woodford Memorial Hall, Woodford, QLD
Saturday 16th December – Mt Nebo Community Hall, Mt Nebo, QLD
Sunday 17th December – Eudlo Public Hall, Eudlo, QLD

Freya Josephine Hollick
Saturday 16th December – Union Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 17th December – The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine, VIC

Georgia State Line
Sunday 17th December – The Union Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Get Folked Punk Xmas Blowout feat. Vetty Vials & The Sandpit Turtles, Whispering Jackie, Jonno Read, Billy Demos, Billy Puntton, Uke-paley, Jethro Morris, Ess-em, Sooze
Friday 22nd December – LazyBones Lounge, Sydney, NSW

Green Mohair Suits
Friday 15th December – Grand Junction Hotel, Maitland, NSW
Sunday 17th December – Hardys Bay Club, Hardys Bay, NSW

Hannah Cameron & Ryan Downey Joint
Sunday 17th December – Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne, VIC

Harrison Storm
Saturday 16th December – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW

Helen Townsend
Friday 15th December – House Concert, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 16th December – The Workers Club, Geelong, VIC
Sunday 17th December – Billyroys Blues Bar, Bendigo, VIC
Friday 22nd December – Amble Inn, Corindi, NSW

Imogen Pemberton and Oliver Downes
Friday 15th December – House Concert, Toormina, NSW
Saturday 16th December – House Concert, Brisbane, QLD
Tuesday 19th December – Old Quarter Coffee Merchants, Ballina, NSW

James Bennett
Friday 15th December – The Aztec, Forster, NSW
Saturday 16th December – Sunset Gather, Newcastle, NSW
Sunday 17th December – Tacking Point Tavern, Port Macquarie, NSW
Friday 22nd December – Avoca Beach Hotel & Resort, Avoca Beach, NSW

Friday 15th December – The Small Ballroom, Newcastle, NSW
Saturday 16th December – Toronto Hotel, Toronto, NSW

Lloyd Spiegel
Sunday 17th December – Bermagui Country Club, Bermagui, NSW

Madeline Leman & The Desert Swells
Friday 15th December – Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 17th December – The Union Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Mark Wilkinson
Wednesday 20th December – The Basement, Sydney, NSW

Melbourne Celtic Piping Session
Sunday 17th December – Exford Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Mia Dyson
Friday 15th December – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 16th December – The Caravan Club, Oakleigh, VIC

Mick Thomas & The Roving Commission
Friday 15th December – Leadbelly, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 16th December – Milk Factory, Brisbane, QLD
Sunday 17th December – Bison Bar, Nambour, QLD
Friday 22nd December – Spotted Mallard, Melbourne, VIC

Music for the Mind feat. Jamie Hay, Lennie Tranter & The Bagism Revelation, Lachlan X Morris, Boots Porter & The Pacinos, Ben Leece, Tori Forsyth, Carl The Bartender, Deanna Rose
Saturday 16th December – The Stag & Hunter Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Obscura Hail
Sunday 17th December – The Tote, Melbourne, VIC

Pierce Brothers
Saturday 16th December – Noosa AFL Grounds, Noose, QLD

Paul Kelly w/ Gang Of Youths, Meg Mac and Gretta Ray
Saturday 16th December – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, VIC

Queen Porter Stomp, Frogwash
Friday 15th December – Gasoline Pony, Sydney, NSW

Raychel Stone & Melissa Fraser
Friday 15th December – The Bison Bar, Nambour, QLD

Rick Hart and The Sweet Addictions
Sunday 17th December – The Retreat Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Friday 15th December – The Yo Yo Bar, Wollongong, NSW

Sam Brittain w/ Sasha March, Ryan Martin John
Thursday 21st December – Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide, SA

Sancha & The Blue Gypsies
Friday 15th December – Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Folk Club, Hornsby, NSW

Sleepy Dreamers, Arbes, Sean Watson
Friday 22nd December – The Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC

Stella Donnelly
Saturday 16th December – The Rosemount, Perth, WA

The Beautiful Girls
Saturday 16th December – The Metro Theatre, Sydney, NSW

The Crooked Fiddle Band
Friday 15th December – Hotel Steyne, Manly, NSW
Saturday 16th December – Hotel Gearin, Katoomba, NSW

The Demon Drink
Friday 15th December – The Brooklyn Standard, Brisbane, QLD

The East Pointers
Friday 15th December – Darwin Railway Club, Darwin, NT
Saturday 16th December – Albany Entertainment Centre, Albany, WA
Sunday 17th Dec – Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, WA

The Go Set
Friday 15th December – The Cardigan Bar, Brisbane, QLD
Saturday 16th December – The Zoo, Brisbane, QLD

The Heggarties and Matt J Ward
Friday 22nd December – Exeter Hotel, Adelaide, SA

The Lazy Picks w/ Carly Mozsny
Sunday 17th December – Upstairs at Fred’s, Camden, NSW

The Long Johns
Saturday 16th December – Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, QLD

The Porch Sessions feat. Angie McMahon, Direwolf, Jordan Ruru
Sunday 17th December – House Concert, Adelaide, SA

The Water Runners
Friday 15th December – The Sebel Harbourside, Kiama, NSW

The Wild Wild Inner West Revue Alt.Country Xmas Special feat. Katie Briana, Nick Payne, Kylie Whitney, Smith & Jones, Michael Carpenter, Peta Caswell and more
Sunday 17th December – Marickville Bowling Club, Sydney, NSW

The Willie Wagtails
Sunday 17th December – Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC

The Willing Ponies
Sunday 17th December – The George Hotel, Sydney, NSW

This Way North
Friday 15th December – The Golden Vine, Bendigo, VIC
Saturday 16th December – The Corporate Moose, Mildura, VIC
Sunday 17th December – The Metro, Adelaide, SA

Tom & Jerry
Saturday 16th December – Wesley Anne, Melbourne, VIC

Village Christmas Bash feat. Bec Bastoli, Night Kite, Heirs
Saturday 16th December – Village Church Annandale, Sydney, NSW

Wifey w/ Garry David, Darren Cross
Friday 15th December – Union Hotel, Sydney, NSW

ZoüKeys w/ Antheas Rubies
Monday 18th December – Open Studio, Melbourne, VIC

Friday Folk Flashback

“Gallows Pole” – Led Zepplin

Watch the New Carpenter Caswell Video “Too Young, Too Cute, Too Pretty”

Carpenter Caswell
Image Courtesy of Carpenter Caswell

Americana duo Carpenter Caswell are capping off a huge 2018 with the release of their new single “Too Young, Too Cute, Too Pretty”. The track is the fifth offering from the duo’s self titled debut album and has just been nominated in the Best Bluegrass Song category of the Golden Guitar Awards.

“Too Young, Too Cute, Too Pretty” also features a collaboration with Zane Banks (banjo), Anna McInerny (fiddle) and James Daley (mandolin) from The Morrisons – check out the video for the track below:

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 6th October


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

– Perth alt-country band Ralway Bell kick off their national tour tonight. Details here

– Indie-folk singer-songwriter Dean Lewis released his new video “Lose My Mind”. Details here

Out On The Weekend added Lillie Mae and James Ellis and the Jealous Guys to its lineup. Details here

– The Americana Music Association of Australia announced details of their birthday bash this November featuring Anne Kirkpatrick, Gretta Ziller, Small Town Romance, The Ahern Brothers, Andrew Swift, Georgia State Line, Hana and Jessie-Lee and The April Family. Details here

– The Morrison Hotel in Brisbane announced the lineup for Welcome To Morrisonville Americana Festival including Shane Nicholson, Henry Wagons & The Only Children, Tracy McNeil & The Good Life, Gretta Ziller and Jen Mize. Details here

Willie Watson released the video for his trad track “Gallows Pole”. Details here

– Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard announced a new solo album Between Two Shores to be released in January. Details here

– Canadian celtic-folk trio The East Pointers announced a full Australian national tour. Details here

– Americana duo Carpenter Caswell released their new video “Want That Back Again” featuring Felicity Urquhart. Details here

– Sydney Americana singer-songwriter Katie Brianna released her new video “Thorn In Your Side”. Details here



“The best way to not let the bastards win? Keep going to live music. Keep going to festivals. Show your support, be part of the community of amazing people who keep this music alive, and enjoy every minute of it”Gareth Hugh Evans reviews the first annual Australian Americana Music Honours night. Review here

Releases This Week

Alex The Astronaut
See You SoonAlex The Astronaut

Ariela Jacobs
Dare You To RunAriela Jacobs

AfterglowJon Boden

Dear Friends
Dear FriendsRalway Bell

Richard Thompson
Acoustic RaritiesRichard Thompson
Proper Music

The Weather Station
The Weather StationThe Weather Station

Timber and Steel Recommends – Go To This Gig

Stringmania Finale feat. Alasdair Fraser, Chris Stone, Adam Sutherland, Shane Lestideau, Paddy Montgomery


The finale of the Stringmania Music Camp featuring some of the finest traditional musicians in Australia and beyond

Saturday 7th October – Warburton East Public Hall, Warburton East, VIC

Gigs Next Week

Áine Tyrrell w/ Maggie Carty
Sunday 7th October – Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney, NSW

Friday 6th October – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, TAS
Saturday 7th October – The Reverence Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 8th October – Wrangler Studios, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 8th October – The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Alexander Biggs
Saturday 7th October – The Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC

Anita George
Sunday 8th October – The Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC

Ben Salter
Thursday 12th October – Grace Emily, Adelaide, SA
Friday 13th October – The Barn, Aldgate, SA

Benny Walker
Friday 6th October – Skylark Room, Upwey, VIC
Saturday 7th October – Old Castlemaine Gaol, Castlemaine, VIC
Sunday 8th October – Turtles Bend, Teesdale, Geelong, VIC
Friday 13th October – Memo Music Hall, Melbourne, VIC

Bernard Fanning
Friday 6th October – The Gov, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 7th October – The Gov, Adelaide, SA
Wednesday 11th October – Rosemount, Perth, WA
Friday 13th October – Rosemount, Perth, WA

C.W. Stoneking
Saturday 7th October – Meeniyan Town Hall, Meeniyan, VIC

Carpenter Caswell, Smith & Jones, The April Family
Thursday 12th October – Leadbelly, Sydney, NSW

Cass Eager
Friday 6th October – The Kingscliff Beach Hotel, Kingscliff, NSW
Saturday 7th October – The Byron Bay Brewery, Byron Bay, NSW
Sunday 8th October – Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, Brisbane, QLD
Wednesday 11th October – Muddy’s Blues Roulette, The Catfish, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 12th October – Dog’s Bar, St Kilda, VIC
Friday 13th October – The Lomond, Melbourne, VIC

Darcy Fox
Saturday 7th October – Bar 303, Melbourne, VIC

Darebin Music Feast
Thirsday 12th to Sunday 22nd October – Melbourne, VIC

Diana Anaid
Thursday 12th October – The Tivoli, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 13th October – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW

Domini Forster
Sunday 8th October – Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 11th October – The Gasometer, Melbourne, VIC

Dusk Songs feat. Layla Fibbins, Bill Jackson, Allison Ferrier
Sunday 8th October – Tago Mago, Melbourne, VIC

Ella Belfanti
Saturday 7th October – Sir William Wallace Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Emily Barker
Friday 6th October – The Warehouse, Bunbury, WA
Saturday 7th October – The Bird, Perth, WA

Emma Russack
Sunday 8th October – The Tote, Melbourne, VIC
Tuesday 10th October – The Tote, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 11th October – The Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC

eüsh, Leroy Lee, Nic Cassey & Friends
Sunday 8th October – Arcadia Liquors, Sydney, NSW

Fanny Lumsden
Friday 6th October – Rankin Springs Memorial Hall, Rankin Springs, NSW
Saturday 7th October – Hatfield Hall, Hatfield, NSW
Friday 13th October – Osbornes Flat Hall, Osbornes Flat, VIC

Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival
Friday 13th to Sunday 15th October – Kinglake, VIC

Folk Fest feat. Ellie Drennan, The Fields, Him & Her, Molly Millington
Wednesday 11th October – University of Newcastle, Ourimbah, NSW

FolkSwagon feat. Joey Marsh, Merpire, Liv Cartledge
Wednesday 11th October – Cafe Lounge, Sydney, NSW

Fox n Firkin
Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th October – HOBOFOPO, Hobart, TAS

Frankston Guitar Festival
Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October – Frankston, VIC

Fred Smith
Friday 13th October – Harmonie German Club, Canberra, ACT

Great Aunt
Friday 13th to Sunday 15th October – Foggy Mountain Bluegrass Festival, Kinglake, VIC

Great Outdoors w/ Emma Russack
Sunday 8th October – The Tote, Melbourne, VIC

Gretta Ziller
Saturday 7th October – Union Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Hannah Matysek
Friday 6th October – Acre Eatery, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 8th October – The Forresters, Sydney, NSW
Tuesday 10th October – Different Drummer, Sydney, NSW
Friday 13th October – Newtown Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Harry Hookey
Friday 13th October – Birdhouse Bar, Wagga Wagga, NSW

Hello Tut Tut
Saturday 8th October – Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC

Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th October – Hobart, TAS

Hush: An Evening Of Quiet Music feat. Emma Russack, Davey Craddock, Hachiku, Jim Lawrie
Wednesday 11th October – The Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC

In The Round at Leadbelly feat. Richard Cuthbert, Brian Campeau, Alice Terry, Richard Cartwright
Wednesday 11th October – Leadbelly, Sydney, NSW

Jed Rowe
Friday 6th October – Wauchope Arts, Wauchope, NSW
Saturday 7th October – Uralla Arts, Uralla, NSW
Sunday 8th October – The Junk Bar, Brisbane, QLD

Jess Ribeiro w/ 808s and Greatest Hits, Latreenagers
Tuesday 10th October – The Tote Front Bar, Melbourne, VIC

Joe Mungovan and Greta Stanley
Saturday 7th October – Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane, QLD

Jo Jo Smith w/ Lucie Thorne & Hamish Stuart
Friday 6th October – Leagues Club, Griffith, NSW
Saturday 7th October – Town Hall, Beechworth, VIC
Sunday 8th October – Bella Union, Melbourne, VIC

Jordan Merrick
Saturday 7th October – Sea Shepherd Stand Fast Festival, Brothers Rugby Club, Brisbane, QLD

Justin Bernasconi
Friday 6th October – Selby Folk Club, Melbourne, VIC

Justin Townes Earle w/ Joshua Hedley, The Sadies
Friday 13th October – Old Museum, Brisbane, QLD

Karl S Williams
Friday 6th October – Music On The Hill, Red Hill, VIC
Sunday 8th October – The Taproom, Castlemaine, VIC

Kim Churchill
Friday 6th October – Waratah Hotel, Hobart, TAS
Saturday 7th October – Royal Oak, Launceston, TAS
Friday 13th October – Fremantle Arts Centre Front Lawn, Fremantle, WA

Kristina Olsen
Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October – Nanga Music Festival, WA

Lazy Colts & Caitlin Harnett Band
Friday 6th October – The Botany View, Sydney, NSW

Leah Senior
Saturday 7th September – House Concert, Melbourne, VIC

Les Thomas
Friday 6th October – Kingsbury Bowls, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 13th October – Kingsbury Bowls, Melbourne, VIC

Liam Gerner
Wednesday 11th October – The Basement, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 12th October – The Caravan Club, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 13th October – The Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Little Wise w/ Rosie Burgess Trio
Friday 13th October – House Concert, Geelong, VIC

Liv Cartledge
Saturday 7th October – Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 11th October – Cafe Lounge, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 12th October – Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney, NSW
Friday 13th October – Secret Show, Sydney, NSW

Lloyd Spiegel
Saturday 7th October – Frankston Guitar Festival, Frankston, VIC
Friday 13th October – The Prince of Wales Hotel, Bunbury, WA

Madison Violet
Friday 6th October – Geelong Workers Club, Geelong, VIC
Saturday 7 October – Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Maggie Carty & Friends
Saturday 7th October – The Gaelic Club, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 7th October – Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney, NSW

Mark Wilkinson
Friday 6th October – House Concert, Wyong Creek, NSW
Saturday 7th October – House Concert, Bega, NSW

Matt Boylan-Smith
Friday 6th October – Station Bar, Katoomba, NSW
Saturday 7th October – The Chippo Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Melanie Horsnell, Steph Miller, David Lane
Friday 6th October – Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney, NSW

Mitch King
Friday 6th October – The Aztec, Forster, NSW
Saturday 7th October – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW

Montgomery Church
Saturday 7th September – House Concert, Lacmalac, NSW

My Country Australia Presents The Country Showcase feat. Chris Williams w/ Brad Carter, Rick Hart & The Sweet Addictions, The Weeping Willows, Jeanie
Saturday 7th October – Newport Bowls Club, Newport, VIC

Nanga Music Festival
Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October – Dwellingup, WA

Paddy McHugh
Saturday 7th October – Retreat Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 8th October – HOBOFOPO, Hobart, TAS

Patrick Wilson w/ James Ellis & The Jealous Guys
Saturday 7th October – Union Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Thursday 12th October – The Wesley Anne, Melbourne, VIC

Ralway Bell
Friday 6th October – Western Port Hotel, Phillip Island, VIC
Saturday 7th October – Billyroy’s Blues Bar, Bendigo, VIC
Sunday 8th October – The Standard Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Tuesday 10th October – Smiths Alternative, Canberra, ACT
Thursday 12th October – The Junkyard, Maitland, NSW
Friday 13th October – The Oriental Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Red-Eyed and Blue feat. Jason Walker, Tim Easton
Sunday 8th October – The Bearded Tit, Sydney, NSW

Robbie Fulks w/ Liam Gerner
Wednesday 11th October – The Basement, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 12th October – Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh, VIC
Friday 13th October – Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Rowena Wise w/ Ariela Jacobs, FEELDS
Tuesday 10th October – The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Friday 6th September – Mick O’Malley’s, Brisbane, QLD

Sea Shepherd Stand Fast Festival
Saturday 7th October – Brothers Rugby Club, Brisbane, QLD

Sean McMahon
Friday 6th October – The Gem Bar, Melbourne, VIC

Shaky Stills
Friday 6th October – Basement Discs, Melbourne, VIC

Shane Nicholson
Friday 13th October – Trinity Sessions, Adelaide, SA

Songwriters in the Round feat. Imogen Clark, Mark Lucas, Lyn Bowtell
Sunday 8th October – Wenty Leagues, Wentworthville, NSW

Stringmania Camp
Sunday 1st to Sunday 8th October – Yarra Valley, VIC

Stringmania Finale feat. Alasdair Fraser, Chris Stone, Adam Sutherland, Shane Lestideau, Paddy Montgomery
Saturday 7th October – Warburton East Public Hall, Warburton East, VIC

Swamp Fat Jangles w/ WACO
Thursday 12th October – Golden Age Cinema & Bar, Sydney, NSW

Sydney Bluegrass and Old Time Music Monthly Get-Together
Saturday 7th October – Annandale Neighbourhood Centre, Sydney, NSW

The Acfields w/ Looking for Alaska
Friday 6th October – Two Goats Cafe and Baa, Armidale, NSW
Sunday 8th October – The Townie, Sydney, NSW
Friday 13th October – House Concert, Melbourne, VIC

The Black Sorrows
Friday 6th October – Satellite Lounge, Wheelers Hill, VIC
Sunday 8th October – The Flying Saucer Club, Elsternwick, VIC

The Demon Drink
Saturday 7th October – Music in the Moonlight, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 13th October – Brooklyn Standard, Brisbane, QLD

The Northern Folk
Sunday 8th October – Beer Deluxe, Albury, NSW
Tuesday 10th October – UMSU Tuesday Bands, Melbourne Uni, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 11th October – The Gasometer, Melbourne, VIC

The Quick & the Dead
Friday 6th September – The Exodus Bar, Orange, NSW
Saturday 7th September – The Home Tavern, Wagga Wagga, NSW

The Round Up feat. Twin Peaks, Rosie Burgess
Wednesday 11th October – Bella Union, Melbourne, VIC

The Sadies
Friday 13th October – Old Museum, Brisbane, QLD

The Sauerkrauts
Friday 6th October – German Austrian Australian Club, Wondonga, VIC

The Shack Presents Luke Escombe, Green Mohair Suits, Myd Lyfe Crysys
Saturday 7th October – The Music Lounge, Brookvale, NSW

The Showhall Series feat. Bjear
Saturday 7th October – Tooperang War Memorial Hall, Tooperang, SA

The Songwriter Sessions feat. Paul Andrew Carey, Domini Forster, Mandy Connell
Sunday 8th October – Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC

The Tall Grass
Saturday 7th October – Django Bar, Sydney, NSW

The Turner Brown Band
Friday 6th October – Caravan Music Club, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 7th October – The Piping Hot Chicken Shop, Ocean Grove, VIC
Sunday 8th October – Way Out West Club, Newport, VIC
Thursday 12th October – The Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW
Friday 13th October – Wollongong Town Hall, Wollongong, NSW

The Twoks
Friday 6th October – The B.East, Melbourne, VIC

The Weeping Willows
Saturday 7th October – Newport Bowls Club, Newport, VIC

Tim Easton
Friday 6th October – Headland Cafe Valla Beach, Valla Beach, NSW
Sunday 8th October – The Bearded Tit, Sydney, NSW
Wednesday 11th October – Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues, Geelong, VIC
Thursday 12th October – Baha, Rye, VIC
Friday 14th October – Billyroy’s Blues Bar, Bendigo, VIC

Tori Forsyth
Friday 6th October – Flutterbies, Tyalgum, NSW

Twin Peaks
Friday 6th October – Music On The Hill, Red Hill, VIC
Sunday 8th October – Westernport Hotel, San Remo, VIC
Wednesday 11th October – Bella Union, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 12th October – QEII Night Market, Albury, NSW
Friday 13th October – Smiths Alternative, Canberra, ACT

Friday 13th October – The Spotted Mallard, Melbourne, VIC

Wingham Akoostik Music Festival
Friday 13th to Sunday 15th October – Wingham, NSW

Woody Guthrie: Songs of Freedom feat. Bruce Hearn, Andy Baylor, Kavisha Mazzella, Chris Pascoe, Allara Pattison, Mick Thomas
Friday 6th October – The Spotted Mallard, Melbourne, VIC

Z-Stay Delta
Friday 6th October – Settler’s Tavern, Margaret River, WA
Saturday 7th October – Prince of Wales Hotel, Bunbury, WA
Sunday 8th October – Clancy’s Fish Pub, Dunsborough, WA
Thursday 12th October – The Jade, Adelaide, SA

Friday Folk Flashback

“End of the Line” – The Travelling Wilburys

Watch the New Carpenter Caswell Video “Want That Back Again” featuring Felicity Urquhart

Carpenter Caswell
Image Courtesy of Carpenter Caswell

Americana (or is that Australicana?) duo Carpenter Caswell have just released their new single and video “Want That Back Again” featuring a duet with the legendary Felicity Urquhart.

The track explores the “fleeting nature of enduring love and romance in long term relationships”.

“Many of my friends talk to me about their love and affection for their partners, but that they wish it was like it was when they began” Michael Carpenter from the band explained.

Check out the video for “Want That Back Again” below:

Carpenter Caswell have plans to release their debut album soon, with exact details still to be announced. The pair are also planning an east coast tour – there’s a couple of dates announced already (see below) but expect more to come:

Thursday 19th October – Leadbelly, Sydney, NSW
Friday 27th October – Rooty Hill RSL, Rooty Hill, NSW

The Weeping Willows Announce East Coast Tour

Weeping Willows
Image Courtesy of The Weeping Willows

Hard working Melbourne bluegrass duo The Weeping Willows have announced plans to head out on a massive East Coast tour from the middle of this month.

On the tour The Weeping Willows will be providing support for Skyscraper Stan and Georgia State Line at Bella Union in Melbourne, Carpenter Caswell in Sydney and Newcastle, Tim Easton at the Tago Mago Club in Melbourne and Rick Hart in Upwey as well as performing their own headline shows

Check out the full list of dates below:

Sunday 17th September – Bella Union, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 22nd September – Smith’s Alternative, Canberra, ACT
Saturday 23rd September – The Newsagency, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 24th September – Lizotte’s, Newcastle, NSW
Wednesday 27th September – The City Sounds, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, QLD
Wednesday 27th September – The Triffid Acoustics, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday 28th September- 5 Church St, Bellingen, NSW
Friday 29th September – Sider Diner Sessions, City Sider, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 30th September – Hardys Bay Club, Hardys Bay, NSW
Saturday 7th October – Newport Bowls Club, Newport, VIC
Saturday 14th October – Tago Mago Club, Melbourne, VIC
Sunday 22nd October – The Skylark Room, Upwey, VIC

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