Interview: Amy Nelson, Folk Uke

Folk Uke
Image Courtesy of Folk Uke

With only three shows announced in their upcoming tour Folk Uke will only be visiting our shores for a very short time over the New Year period so Australian fans only have a handful of chances to catch Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson while they’re here. One of those chances is the Woodford Folk Festival. The other two chances are in Sydney. And then that’s it – the girls have to return home to the states to go back to work for their famous fathers, Arlo Guthrie and Willie Nelson respectively.

Phoning in from Asheville, North Carolina Amy Nelson managed to snatch a couple of moments to chat to Gareth Hugh Evans about the upcoming tour, the duo’s work with Sydney based multi-instrumentalist Leroy Lee and living up to the expectations of their famous fathers’ audience.

Gareth Hugh Evans: I’m pretty excited that you guys are coming to Australia again although it’s only for a couple of shows.

Amy Nelson: Yes. It’s a little too short this time.

GHE: You’re doing the Woodford Folk Festival and then just a couple of other shows in Sydney.

AN: Yeah we just have a couple of other shows in Sydney and then we had to both get back. Cathy [Guthrie] and I both work for our dads full time as well so whenever we do a tour together we try and scramble whatever time we can and this time we could only get a week. It’s going to have to be a short one, about 10 days, for the tour but hopefully we’ll be able to do a longer one soon. And we’re really excited about Woodford!

GHE: You haven’t played Woodford before have you?

AN: No we have not. I’ve just heard legend of it.

GHE: It’s a fantastic festival – probably the biggest folk festival in Australia. I think you’re going to have a lot of fun.

AN: I think so too. We’re honoured to be on the list somehow.

GHE: I’m mates with Leroy Lee who I know plays with you sometimes and earlier this year I was chatting to him and talking about his current trip to the US and he let slip that he’d be back at New Year to play Woodford with Folk Uke. As soon as he said it he realised he probably shouldn’t have – it hadn’t been announced yet – so I’ve been holding that one under my hat for a while.

AN: We really love working with Leroy too. He’s a great musician and a great songwriter too. He’s actually helping put together the Woody Guthrie tribute at Woodford as well. We’re going to do a separate little show there, some of us artists, and do some Woody songs for a tribute so that should be fun.

GHE: How did you hook up with Leroy Lee to begin with – it’s kind of weird a banjo player from Sydney playing country music in the states.

AN: Right? When we came out about two and half years ago we were on the same tour circuit as Leroy and Dan Mangan and it was so fun, all of a sudden it was like we’d known each other for ever, it was like we’d gone to high school with those guys or something. It was really cool to hang out with them – we started to feel too dependent on them at the end of the tour. So when we went back last time we looked up Leroy and he wasn’t busy so we asked him to sit with us. Unfortunately Dan Mangan was back in Canada and he’s being a rock star. So that’s how we first met a few years ago and it was a really wonderful, magical tour.

GHE: I remember he said “I’ve always got a place to crash in the US” which blew my mind that that meant he was crashing with The Nelsons.

AN: Yeah, he fits right in with us Nelsons

GHE: So your latest album is Reincarnation

AN: We put out Reincarnation almost a year ago now, so it’s somewhat new. And we’re also working on our third album but it’s not anywhere close to being put out yet. Except that we have the artwork done. We’ve done it totally backwards this time.

GHE: Get the important stuff done first!

AN: Cindy Bradley our publicist also does the artwork for our CDs and our posters and web site. She’s amazing. When we came up with one of our songs for the next album she’d already come up with the artwork for the cover. And then that inspired us to write towards her work. She’s the third member of the band that doesn’t get mentioned as much.

GHE: If you and Cathy are both spending time working with your respective dads when do you ever find time to sit down and write?

AN: It will usually be in the middle of a conversation or something and then we’ll end up writing a song. The last time we finished a song we were supposed to be practicing for a show that we were about to play in an hour and then all of a sudden the rest of the song came to us. There’s no method to our madness as of yet, there’s no pattern that I can pick out yet. It just happens when it happens. Sometimes we’ll sit down and try to write and we can’t think of anything that way. Usually it has to come out of conversation or has to be some sort of miracle before we can finish something.

GHE: It must be even more of a miracle for both of you to both be in the same place at the same time for long enough in order to record.

AN: Definitely. We’ve been living in different states for so long. Just recently I moved back to Texas so we’re living two miles away from each other now so maybe we can start to do things like practice [laughs]. We could actually get good if we don’t look out.

GHE: One question I did want to ask: Everything I’ve ever read about you guys mentions your famous fathers, Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie. And you’ve already mentioned them in this interview without any prompting as well. Do you ever get sick of having to talk about your family? Or is it that you can’t get sick of talking about them because they’re your family?

AN: Maybe if they were bad people [laughs]. I think they’re great guys and we’re really proud of our dads so we’re happy to talk about them. We would only shy away from it if we start to feel we’re giving people expectations that we’re supposed to be as good as them or if people just like us because of them. We don’t every want to come off like that – we’re not anything like our dads except the humour is similar. We don’t claim to be icons of any sort. I don’t think Cathy minds talking about her dad either. And we work for our dads so we have to talk about them in our daily lives – we represent the families whether we like it or not

GHE: Do you ever get people coming to your shows expecting a Willie Nelson show?

AN: We’ve had it before where the crowd will show up and they haven’t heard of us so they’ll be mostly fans of our parents. It depends – it’s a mixed crowd. My dad’s crowds for instance just love him so much that we could do almost anything and they would love us just because they love him. There’s some people that will just be like “oh, that’s sweet”. And then there’s the people who, if they’re expecting something like our dads’ show, they might not come back the next time. We’re a little bit raunchy, we’re not necessarily for kids and we can’t really control what comes out of our mouths or how we play our instruments.

GHE: I was going to mention the rauchiness as well. I’m sure there’s few fans of your dad’s that turn up, not really know what to expect and then are taken aback.

AN: Yeah. And sometimes people don’t expect tones of sarcasm or things in our music – I’m sure people walk away with the wrong idea sometimes.

GHE: So are there any other big plans for 2013?

AN: We do have a couple of videos that we’ve been working on so hopefully we’ll be able to get some of those finished. Our next album is going to be called Starfucker so we’re going to be working on that to and hopefully finishing that up. I think we’re going to be recording that in LA and get help from as many friends who will deal with us. And whatever else comes up – we’ll continue working for our dads and that sort of thing too.

GHE: Nice

AN: And we’re also working on some things for the wild horses. We released a Nelson family version of “Wild Horses” to raise awareness about what’s going on with American wild horses because they’re being rounded up and forced off land that was promised to be reserved for them. And horses in the US are being taken to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered for consumption overseas. The Nelson family have been fighting that one for a long time and working to pass a law, a federal ban against horse slaughter for the wild horses. My brother’s [Lukas Nelson] got a song out called “All The Pretty Horses” and we’re working on another version of that song to raise awareness for that too. That should be out 2013 as well.

GHE: So I think you’ll have to come out to Australia again soon as well. For a longer run of shows

AN: I hope that we’ll be invited out again. We’ll see how this goes!

GHE: Thank you so much for taking the time out to chat with us!

AN: Thank you for taking the time with us as well!

The full list of upcoming Australian dates for Folk Uke are below:

28th December 2012 to 1st January 2013 – Woodford Folk Festival, QLD
Thursday 3rd January – The Brass Monkey, Cronulla, NSW
Friday 4th January – The Basement, Sydney, NSW

Arlo Guthrie Australian Tour

Image Courtesy of Arlo Guthrie

Folk legend Arlo Guthrie is heading downunder next year for the Blue Mountains Music Festival and the Port Fairy Folk Festival and he’s managing to squeeze in some headline spots around the country at the same time. With his daughter Sarah Lee Guthrie and her musical partner Johnny Irion in tow, Arlo Guthrie has dates planned from the end of February right through to the middle of March. Check out the full list of dates below:

Thursday 28th February – Southern Cross Club, Canbera, ACT
Friday 1st March – Seymour Centre, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 2nd March – Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane, QLD
Sunday 3rd March – Star Court Theatre, Lismore, NSW
Tuesday 5th March – Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads, NSW
Thursday 7th March – National Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Friday 8th to Sunday 10th March – Port Fairy Folk Festival, Port Fairy, VIC
Tuesday 12th March – Trinity Sessions, Adelaide, SA
Wednesday 13th March – Octagon Theatre, Perth WA
Friday 15th to Sunday 17th March – Blue Mountains Music Festival, Katoomba, NSW

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 7th December


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

Arlo Guthrie has announced headline dates on top of his appearances at the Blue Mountains Music Festival and Port Fairy Folk Festival next year. Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion will be in support. Details here

– Folk rock legend Richard Thompson will be releasing his new album ELECTRIC in February next year featuring guest appearances from Alison Krauss, Siobhan Maher Kennedy and fiddle player Stuart Duncan. Details here

Mama Kin has released the brand new video for her track “Was It Worth It”, taken from her upcoming album The Magician’s Daughter. Details here

Julia Stone has performed a gorgeous cover of Redgum’s “I Was Only 19” for the History Channel doco The People Speak. Details here

– Speaking of Julia Stone she has been announced as the first artist to tour for Heavenly Sounds in 2013. Details here

– No one quite does a bluegrass cover like The Pigs. Check out their video for Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” to see what we mean. Details here

– The Blue Mountains Music Festival has added a few more artists to its 2013 lineup including Kate Miller-Heidke, Go Jane Go (Keiran Kane, Lucas Kane and David Francey), Baby et Lulu, The Popes, Mama Kin, Jordan Millar and The Barons of Tang. Details here

Emily Barker is home in WA for Christmas and has a handful of local shows planned while she’s here. Details here

– Cathy Guthrie and Amy Nelson, AKA Folk Uke, will be performing two headline shows in Sydney when they’re in the country for the Woodford Folk Festival. Details here

– The Melbourne leg of international monthly house concert series Sofar Sounds has announced plans for a Christmas party this month featuring Brous, Francolin, Ainslie Wills, The Harpoons and Elana Stone plus five secret guests yet to be announced. Details here

Dropkick Murphys are putting the dysfunctional back into Christmas with their festive track (and video) “The Season’s Upon Us”. Details here

– Currently making his way through Canada, Kim Churchill already has his sight set on home with the announcement of a massive summer tour beginning in January. Details here

– A follow up to the 2006 pirate-themed album Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, and Chanteys, produced by Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinski and Hal Willner, has been announced next for year, titled Son of Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys. Details here

– UK-born, US based singer-songwriter Bobby Long has finally revealed the details of his upcoming album Wishbone. Details here

– Most of the artists that the Peats Ridge Festival added to their lineup this week were electronic in nature but there were a couple of folky gems in there including Charlie Gradon, Elstow, Loren Kate, Zoe Elliot, Jenna Murphy, Sarah Humphreys & The Volunteers and Anna Weatherup. Details here

Glen Hansard revealed his new video “High Hope” ahead of his Australian tour next year. Details here

– Alt-country artists The Stillsons are stripping back to a duo for a handful of shows in and around Adelaide in the lead up to Christmas. Details here

Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler are re-releasing their This is Christmas album this year and this week revealed the video for the track “Zombie Christmas”. Details here


“I know when I was starting out, seeing Ryan Adams and I listened to his music and loved it so much. The one way I found to not sound like him was to listen to less Ryan Adams! And did more living, and went out on the road, meeting people and stuff like that. And you know that it’s not going to be so much the influences of the sound of other music”Jordie Lane chats to Bill Quinn. Interview here

“There’s not many jug bands around Melbourne, so we’ve kind of got our own little thing going on” – Camilla and Eileen Hodgkins from The Perch Creek Family Jugband chat to Bill Quinn. Interview here

Releases This Week

Seth Lakeman BBC Concert Orchestra
Live with the BBC Concert OrchestraSeth Lakeman
Proper Music

For Folk’s Sake It’s Christmas 2012 – Various

Timber and Steel Presents

Bobby Alu
Bobby Alu with Saritah
Sunday 9th December – The Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC

Gigs Next Week

Achoo! Bless You
Friday 7th December – Yah Yahs, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 8th December – Pure Pop Records, Melbourne, VIC

Andrew Drummond
Saturday 8th December – Mars Hill Cafe, Parramatta, NSW
Friday 14th December – House Gig, Wyong, NSW

Charles Jenkins
Friday 7th December – Notes, Sydney, NSW

Darren Hanlon
Friday 14th December – The Grand Poobah, Hobart, TAS

Finders Keepers Sydney
8th and 9th December – CarriageWorks, Sydney, NSW

Homebake (feat. Angus Stone, Julia Stone, Husky, Jinja Safari)
Saturday 8th December – The Domain, Sydney, NSW

Wednesday 12th December – Mojos, Fremantle, WA
Thursday 13th December – The Bakery, Perth, WA

Jack Carty
Sunday 9th December – The Retreat Hotel, Melbourne, VIC (6pm)
Sunday 9th December – The Toff in Town, Melbourne, VIC (8pm w/ Katie Noonan)
Friday 14th December – Camelot, Sydney, NSW (w/ Katie Noonan)

Joe Robinson
Saturday 8th December – Toff In Town, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 13th December – The Street Theatre, Canberra, ACT

Jordie Lane
Wednesday 12th December – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday 13th December – Drill Hall, Mullumbimby, NSW
Friday 14th December – Great Northern Hotel, Newcastle, NSW

Kasey Chambers and Shane Nicholson
Friday 7th December – Goldfields Arts Centre, Kalgoorlie, WA
Saturday 8th December – Mundaring Weir Hotel Amphitheatre, Mundaring, WA
Sunday 9th December – Drakesbrook Hotel, Waroona, WA

Friday 14th December – The Lomond Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Missy Higgins
Saturday 8th December – Fremantle Arts Centre (South Lawn), Perth, WA

Perch Creek Family Jugband
Friday 7th December – Coogee Diggers, Coogee, NSW
Saturday 8th December – The Royal Exchange, Newcastle, NSW
Sunday 9th December – The Newsagency, Marrickville, NSW [Sold out]
Tuesday 11th December – The Newsagency, Marrickville, NSW [Second show added]
Thursday 13th December – 5 Church Street, Bellingen, NSW
Friday 14th December – Mullumbimby Drill Hall, Mullumbimby, NSW

Regina Spektor
Monday 10th December – Sydney Opera House, Sydney
Friday 14th December – The Plenary, Melbourne

The April Maze
Friday 14th December – The Front Canberra, ACT

The Key of Sea feat. Jinja Safari, The Tiger and Me, etc
Friday 14th December – Hamer Hall, Melbourne, VIC

The Pigs
Friday 14th December – Pretoria Hotel, Mannum, SA

The Seals with The Davidson Brothers
Saturday 8th December – Amplifier Bar, Perth, WA

The Trouble With Templeton
Friday 7th December – Bon Amici Cafe, Toowoomba, QLD
Saturday 8th December – 5 Church Street, Bellingen, NSW
Wednesday 12th December – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 13th December – Front Gallery, Canberra, ACT
Friday 14th December – Barcode, Wollongong, NSW

Friday Folk Flashback

“Sweeney” – Bloodwood

Bit of an indulgent one this week. This Henry Lawson poem about a drunken swaggy has also been sung by Slim Dusty, but is here reimagined in the minor key by Alice Springs band Bloodwood from their 1981 album Man Made Music. What makes this indulgent? Well my Dad is in Bloodwood. Enjoy!

Port Fairy Reveals First Lineup

Lisa Hannigan
Image Courtesy of Lisa Hannigan

Following a few “leaks” – the most exciting of which was the addition of Eric Bogle and Arlo Guthrie – the Port Fairy Folk Festival finally announced its 2013 lineup yesterday featuring a mixture of already-confirmed touring artists and exciting new additions. The official lineup includes Arlo Guthrie, Eric Bogle, Finbar Furey, Glen Hansard, Gurrumul, Kim Churchill, Lisa Hannigan (above), The Little Stevies, Tuba Skinny and many more

The Port Fairy Folk Festival takes place from the 8th to 11th March with tickets available at the official web site. The full lineup announced so far is below:

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Hass, Arlo Guthrie, Blue Shaddy, Chris Smither, Christine Anu, Eric Bogle, Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Finbar Furey, Glen Hansard, Go Jane Go, Grace Barbe Afro Kreol, Gurrumul Yunupingu, John McCutcheon, Kate Miller-Heidke, Kim Churchill, Lisa Hannigan (above), Ruthie Foster, Suzannah Espie, Tank Dilemma, The Bedroom Philosopher, The Bostocks, The Hog Stompin’ Zydegators, The Little Stevies, The Popes, Tom Richardson Project, Tuba Skinny

First Round of Artists for the Blue Mountains Music Festival 2013

Image Courtesy of Gurrumul

The latest festival to give us a glimpse at their 2013 lineup is the wonderful Blue Mountains Music Festival. Held in Katoomba on the 15th, 16th and 17th March the Blue Mountains of Music Festival celebrates the best in folk, roots and contemporary music and is close to one of our favourite festivals of the year.

And a big part of that is the artists they’re able to attract. In this announcement alone we have the likes of Arlo Guthrie, Gurrumul (above), Luka Bloom, Seth Lakeman, Ngaiire, Spooky Men’s Chorale, Kim Churchill, The April Maze, Perch Creek Family Jug Band, Jack Carty, Nick And Liesl, Bellyache Ben And The Steamgrass Boys and many more fine performers. See what we mean?

Tickets to the 2013 Blue Mountains Music Festival go on sale mid November – for more information check out the official site. The full lineup announced so far is below:

Arlo Guthrie, Gurrumul, Luka Bloom, Zoe Keating, Chris Smither, London Klezmer Quartet, Seth Lakeman, Sarah Lee Guthrie And Johnny Irion, Joseph Tawadros Trio, Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Ngaiire, Spooky Mens Chorale, Mike Mcclellan, Red Molly, Kieran Kane, David Francey & Lucas Kane, Sean Taylor, The Popes, The Volatinsky Trio, Kim Churchill, Sue Ray, The April Maze, Fiona Boyes, Perch Creek Family Jug Band, Jack Carty, Nick And Liesl, A.J. Leonard’s Tropical Lounge, Bellyache Ben And The Steamgrass Boys, The Field, Gabe Andrews, Imogen Clark, Laura Zarb, The Three Sisters

Thank Folk It’s Friday – 21st September


This Week in Folk

All the News From The Week That Was

– Grammy award winning mandolinist Mike Compton is heading to Australia this October and November for a national tour. During his Perth leg he will be joined on stage at the WA State Theatre with the likes of Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton, Andrew and Karen Winton, Bluegrass Parkway, Bernard Carney and David Hyams, Jane Germain and Ian Simpson and Clarke’s Grey Vest for In Constant Sorrow – A Night of Bluegrass. Details here

– Virtuosic instrumental folk trio The String Contingent have confirmed the dates for their massive spring tour. Details here

– The Surry Hills Sacred Harp Singers will be holding the first ever Australian Sacred Harp Convention this October long weekend in Sydney. Details here

Sarah Blasko revealed the first single from her forthcoming album I Awake to be the title track. Details here

Mama Kin seemed to disappear for a while but it looks as though it was just to record a brand new album, due in 2013. The first single from the album hits stores this month with a massive tour planned for October. Details here

– The first two artists announced for the 2013 Port Fairy Folk Festival are folk legends Eric Bogle and Arlo Guthrie. Early-bird tickets for the festival are now on sale. Details here

The Staves strapped on their cowboy boot and stetson hats for their latest western inspired video for “Tongue Behind My Teeth”. Details here

– Blues-folk troubadour Ashleigh Mannix has just released her second live album Ashleigh Mannix – LIVE at The Vanguard and its available to stream and purchase online. Details here

– After her appearance at Communion Melbourne this Sunday Melbourne songstress Ainslie Wills has announced shows in Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane. Details here

Holland recently released their brand new single “Without You”. Details here

Elliot The Bull have a massive tour throughout the east coast planned this spring. Details here

– The first round of artists for Bluesfest 2013 have been announced and they’re pretty impressive – Ben Harper, Wilco, Bonnie Raitt, Dropkick Murphys, Glen Hansard with The Frames, William Elliott Whitmore, Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls and more. Bluesfest will be rolling out their full program over four announcements in the coming weeks. Details here

Angus Stone shot and directed his latest video for the track “Clouds Above” in southern India. Details here

– Swedish sisters First Aid Kit have ventured into the forest to shoot their new video for the track “Wolf”. Details here

Wilco also released a brand new video this week for the track “Sunloathe”. Details here

Martha Tilston will be releasing her brand new album Machines of Love and Grace next month and has just dropped the first video “Stags Bellow”. Details here

– The lineup for the 2013 Gulgong Folk Festival is stuffed full of Timber and Steel favourites including Wes Carr’s Buffalo Tales (above), Jack Carty, The Falls, April Maze, Daniel Champagne, Fanny Lumsden, Bellyache Ben and Mustered Courage. Details here

– US folk singer-songwriter Matt Bauer will be releasing his new EP No Shape Can Hold Me Now on the 23rd October. The first single from the EP is “Andaman Sea” which has a gorgeous new video. Details here

Paul Kelly has revealed the details of his 19th studio album, due for release next month. Details here


“Tinpan has never been a very self-conscious band. I mean, we have never set out to make a certain type of music or capture a certain sound. However, this album, Over the Sun, was a little more considered when it came to the recording process. We wanted it to be a bit more epic, a little further from the folky production we have had in the past. Also, I wanted to jump around on stage a bit more so we had to make the music accordingly.” – Emily Lubitz from TinPan Orange chats to Gareth Hugh Evans. Interview here

“Since releasing Woodland, we have toured relentlessly around the country, experimented with all sorts of instruments and writing techniques, and feel we’ve grown massively. To release Young North was our chance to showcase where we are at and what we have learnt over the last year” – Sam Rasmussen from The Paper Kites chats to Gareth Hugh Evans. Interview here

Releases This Week

Live at the Vanguard
Ashleigh Mannix – LIVE at The Vanguard – Ashleigh Mannix

Love Your Crooked Neighbour
Love Your Crooked Neighbour With Your Crooked Heart – Charles Jenkins & The Zhivagos

I Love Hate You
I Love Hate You – Claude Hay

Babel – Mumford and Sons

Hello – Sarah Humphreys

Before The Morning
Before The Morning – Tigertown

Over The Sun
Over The Sun – TinPan Orange

Timber and Steel Presents

Fanny Lumsden
Don’t Think Twice feat. Fanny Lumsden, Bec Sandridge and Bity Booker
Sunday 23rd September – The Annandale Hotel, Sydney, NSW

Patrick James
Patrick James
Saturday 22nd September – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW

The Eastern
The Eastern
Thursday 27th September – Clancy’s, Fremantle, WA

The Tiger and Me
The Tiger and Me with Al Parkinson and James Kenyon
Sunday 23rd September – The Workers Club, Melbourne, VIC

Gigs Next Week

Charlie Mayfair with The Falls
Friday 21st September – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 27th September – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 28th September – Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW

Communion Melbourne feat. Battleships, Ainslie Wills, Packwood, Haydin Calnin, Grizzly Jim Lawrie
Sunday 23rd September – The Toff in Town, Melbourne, VIC

Elliot The Bull
Friday 21st September – Lizottes, Central Coast, NSW
Friday 28th September – Revolver, Melbourne, VIC

Julia Stone
Friday 21st September – Community Centre, Byron Bay NSW
Saturday 22nd September – Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns QLD
Friday 28th September – Astor Theatre, Perth WA

Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp
Friday 21st September – Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday 22nd September – Wangaratta P.A.C., Wangaratta, VIC
Thursday 27th September – Albany Entertainment Centre, Albany, WA
Friday 28th September – Winthrop Hall, Perth, WA

Krystle Warren
Sunday 23rd September – The Factory Floor, Sydney, NSW
Tuesday 25th September – Lizotte’s, Kincumber, NSW
Thursday 27th September – Northcote Social, Melbourne, VIC

Friday 21st September – The Heritage Hotel, Bulli, NSW
Saturday 22nd September – The Great Northern, Newcastle, NSW
Sunday 23rd September – The Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba, NSW
Wednesday 26th September – Folk Club, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, NSW
Friday 28th September – The Soundlounge, Gold Coast, QLD

Lanie Lane
Friday 21st September – The Loft, Warrnambool, VIC
Saturday 22nd September – Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, VIC
Thursday 27th September – Courier-Mail Spiegeltent, Brisbane Festival, QLD

Nexus World Music Series
feat. Banjo Jackson and Golonka

Friday 21st September – Nexus 
 Centre, Adelaide, SA
feat. The Atlantic Street Band and Marmalade Circus
Friday 28th September – Nexus 
 Centre, Adelaide, SA

Nick and Liesl
Saturday 22nd September – The Berry Hotel, Berry, NSW
Sunday 23rd September – Jamberoo Pub, Jamberoo, NSW

The Stillsons
Wednesday 26th September – The Front, Canberra, ACT
Thursday 27th September – The Wickham Park Hotel, Newcastle, NSW
Friday 28th September – The Sound Lounge, Gold Coast, QLD

The String Contingent
Friday 21st September – The Court House, Camperdown, VIC
Saturday 22nd September – The Flying Saucer Club, Elsternwick, VIC
Sunday 23rd September – Stoves for Africa, Torquay Uniting Church, Torquay, VIC
Friday 28th September to Monday 1st October 1 – Rose’s Gap Music Camp, Rose’s Gap, VIC & Sunshine Fiddle Camp, Alexandra Headland, QLD

Tim Hart
Friday 21st September – The Vanguard, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 22nd September – Yours & Owls, Wollongong, NSW
Sunday 23rd September – Clarendon Guesthouse, Katoomba, NSW
Thursday 27th September – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 28th September – The Loft, Gold Coast, QLD

TinPan Orange
Saturday 22nd September – Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh, VIC

Friday Folk Flashback

“The Boxer” – Simon and Garfunkel

If you’ve picked up the deluxe edition of the new Mumford and Sons album Babel today you’ll have been treated to their version (with Jerry Douglas and Paul Simon) of this classic track. The Mumford version has gone a long way to reminding us just how amazingly well written this song is. Check out Simon and Garfunkel performing “The Boxer” live in Central Park in 1981.

Arlo Guthrie and Eric Bogle To Headline Port Fairy

Eric Bogle and Arlo Guthrie
Image Courtesy of Port Fairy Folk Festival

That’s right folks – it’s that time of year again where you’ll be inundated with more festival lineup announcements than you can throw a banjo at. And while the decision of which festival to spend your hard earned cash may be difficult at times with so much choice you do know that it’s going a great summer of music.

The 37th Port Fairy Folk Festival will take place from the 8th to 11th March 2013. Although the full lineup is yet to be announced they have given us two very good reasons to make sure its on your list of must-attend events next year: Eric Bogle and Arlo Guthrie.

If the thought of seeing these two folk legends performing in the same place tickles you fancy (and seriously, why wouldn’t it?) head over to the official Port Fairy Folk Festival web site to get your hands on early-bird tickets. As soon as the full lineup hits the internet you’ll be sure to hear it here.

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