Alex Ebert (Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros) Announces A Most Violent Year Soundtrack

Alex Ebert
Image Courtesy of Alex Ebert

For the J.C. Chandor film A Most Violent Year Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros frontman Alex Ebert has been tapped on the shoulder to provide the score.

The score earned Alex Ebert a Golden Globe for “Best Original Score” and has been described as haunting and ethereal.

“It is an honor and a privilege to compose for JC, his team, and these actors,” Ebert explained.
“To me this is a character study – a complex combination of hyperbolic capitalist concentration and selfishness mixed with a profound sense of self-imposed ethical virtue. Abel Morales is deep within the American trance – and I sought to bring us all into that trance with him for a time. In the end, though, the story wants a dose of reaction and reality, a bursting of the bubble. I wrote “America For Me” for that purpose.”

The soundtrack of the score is due for release on the 12th December. Take a listen to one of the tracks, “I Am And We Are”, below:

New Video for Alexander Ebert’s “Truth”

Image Courtesy of Alexander

Alexander Ebert, lead singer of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, has been releasing high quality music videos for tracks off his self-titled solo album at a speed that would put most other artists to shame. The video for “A Million Years” hit the net in April of this year followed by “Let’s Win!” in June and now we have the wonderful western-meets-hip-hop creation “Truth”. Directed by Tao Ruspoli, “Truth” was shot in Mexico and apparently cost Alexander a fingernail (that’s all we know about that story). Watch it below:

If you like “Truth” Alexander is also offering a remix of the track featuring The RZA (The Wu-Tang Clan) on his official site here. You can listen to the remix via the embed below:

Alexander Ebert’s Amazing “Let’s Win!” Video

Image Courtesy of Alexander

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros front-man Alexander Ebert has been a very busy man of late promoting his self titled solo album under the moniker Alexander. The latest single from Alexander, “Let’s Win!” has a video that is something special.

Shot at a protest outside the trial of US climate activist Tim DeChristopher who successfully outbid a number of mining and oil companies in a land grab a few years ago (with no intention of paying – full story here), the film clip is part documentary and part music video.

Despite the eventual guilty verdict in the DeChristopher case Ebert’s song and video are uplifting, harkening back to the protest music of the 1960s. While his music probably isn’t converting anyone to climate activism (I’d imagine Alexander’s fan base is probably on the green side of the fence) it does help highlight the struggle climate activists are facing in the US and all over the world.

Take a moment to watch the video for “Let’s Win!” below, if only for the McCartney-esque instrumental/voice break:

New Video From Alexander Ebert, “A Million Years”

Image Courtesy of Folk Radio UK

Last month we posted a link to download the Alexander track “A Million Years” (which we still think is very very Paul Simon-like). Now the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros front man has posted a video of the very same song and it’s absolutely awesome. Check it out below:

Free Alexander Ebert Download

Image Courtesy of Folk Radio UK

Alexander Ebert, lead singer of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, released his highly acclaimed solo album Alexander this month. If you haven’t had a chance to hear anything from it yet don’t worry – we have a couple of gems for you.

First up is the wonderful western-meets-hip-hop lead single “Truth”. We originally posted the video for “Truth” when we announced the album back in January, but now you can download the single free here or stream it below:

The second track from the album available to listen to is “A Million Years” which has this wonderful Paul Simon vibe to it. There’s no free download for this one but it can be streamed below. Enjoy!

Alexander Ebert Announces Solo Album

Alexander Ebert

Alexander Ebert is a busy boy. Not only is he the lead singer of the very cool Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (touring as part of the Big Day Out this month) he’s also managed to find time to write and record his debut solo album Alexander. What makes it even more special is that Ebert is the singular talent on the album, recording every single musical part, vocal and sound alone in his bedroom.

Alexander is due for release on the 1st March. The album artwork, track listing and first single “Truth” are all available below for your viewing pleasure. Check out Alexander Ebert’s Facebook page for more details.


1. Let’s Win
2. Awake My Body
3. Truth
4. In The Twilight
5. Bad Bad Love
6. Old Friend
7. A Million Years
8. Remember Our Heart
9. Glimpses
10. Let’s Make A Deal To Not Make A Deal

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