Listen to the New Terra Lightfoot Single “Norma Gale”

Terra Lightfoot
Image Courtesy of Terra Lightfoot

Canadian singer-songwriter Terra Lightfoot has just released her new single “Norma Gale” ahead Australian tour with William Crighton.

“I was inspired to write this song after meeting a Canadian woman named Norma Gale who was a near-famous country star in the 1970s,” Lightfoot explained. “She played all over the world but specifically had a great following in Nashville, played with Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. This song is one of my first songwriter songs, I’d say. It chronicles the life of Norma as a musician in the ’70s, and trying to bring up her young son while she’s gunning for sustainable success. I kept in touch with Norma and her son and let them know when I finally made it to Nashville to do some writing, but unfortunately she had passed away two weeks earlier.”

Take a listen to “Norma Gale” here:

Terra Lightfoot kicks off her tour with William Crighton in November – the full list of dates are here:

Thursday 2nd November – Australian Music Week, Cronulla, NSW
Friday 3rd November – Central Bar, Newcastle, NSW
Saturday 4th November – Inland Sea of Sound Festival, Bathurst, NSW
Sunday 5th November – Smith’s Alternative, Canberra, ACT
Monday 6th November – Yah Yah’s, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 9th November – Leadbelly, Sydney, NSW
Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November – Majors Creek Festival, Majors Creek, NSW
Thursday 16th November – Left’s Old Time Music Hall, Brisbane, QLD

Timber and Steel Video Premiere: “Burn Up Those Notes” from Áine Tyrrell

Aine Tyrrell
Image Courtesy of Áine Tyrrell

Recently Irish-born, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Áine Tyrrell headed out to the Dandenong Ranges to record a live video series The Mountain Sessions.

Following the release of the first track “Tracks In My Heart”, Timber and Steel are very proud to bring you the first look at the second song from the sessions, the powerful “Burn Up Those Notes”.

The track is taken from Áine Tyrrell’s latest EP Fledgling Fall – check out the live video here:

Áine Tyrrell is currently out on a huge national tour supporting the release of Fledgling Fall including three shows at the end of November supporting Wallis Bird in Brisbane, Katoomba and Sydney. All of the upcoming dates are below:

Thursday 19th October – Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 21st October – Old Castlemaine Gaol, Castlemaine, VIC
Sunday 22nd October – The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
Thursday 26th October – Deloraine Little Theatre, Deloraine, TAS
Friday 27th October – Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, TAS
Saturday 28th October – Red Velvet Lounge, Cygnet, TAS
Sunday 29th October – The Jetty House, Southport, TAS
Friday 3rd November – Gooloogong Hotel, Gooloogong, NSW
Sunday 5th November – Murrah Hall, Murrah, NSW
Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th November – Mullum Music Festival, Mullumbimby, NSW
Friday 17th November – CullyFest, Towoomba, QLD
Tuesday 21st November – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Wednesday 22nd November – Baroque Room, Katoomba, NSW
Thursday 23rd November – Leadbelly, Sydney, NSW

More Artists Added to the 2018 Port Fairy Folk Festival Lineup

Port Fairy
Image Courtesy of Port Fairy Folk Festival

This week the Port Fairy Folk Festival has added even more artists to its ever expanding lineup.

The latest announcement is headed up by Australian big band Melbourne Ska Orchestra and Scottish sensation Breabach. They are joined by Sásta, SugaTree and Fiona Kershaw.

The Port Fairy Folk Festival is held in Port Fairy, Victoria from the 9th to the 12th March. For more information check out the official site here.

The full lineup announced so far is below:

Jack Broadbent (UK), Andy Irvine & Luke Plumb (IRL), The Topp Twins (NZ), The Teskey Brothers, YolanDa Brown (UK), Steve Poltz (US), Harry Manx (CAN), Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse, Faith I Branko (SER/UK), The Mexicans, Sophie Koh & Her Lady Choir, The Ahern Brothers, Mental As Anything, Rebecca Barnard, Declan O’Rourke (IRL), Alan Kelly Gang (IRL), The Brothers Comatose (USA), John Spillane (IRL), Pauline Scanlon (IRL), Chris While & Julie Matthews (UK), Troy Cassar-Daley, Gordie Mackeeman & His Rhythm Boys (CAN), Nano Stern (Chile), The Band Who Knew Too Much, Amistat, Ben Waters Band with Derek Nash (UK), Black Sorrows, Blair Dunlop (UK), Davidson Brothers, Frank Burkitt Band (NZ), Lily & King, Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band (USA), Rory Ellis Trio, Ted Egan, Victoriana Gaye

The Illawarra Folk Festival Announces 2018 Lineup

Illawarra Folk Festival
Image Courtesy of Illawarra Folk Festival

Our favourite mid-sized folk festival, the Illawarra Folk Festival dropped its massive 2018 lineup this week and as usual we’re very very impressed

The Illawarra Folk Festival always manages to pull out the big guns and the best up and comers and 2018 is no different. The lineup this time around includes the likes of Eric Bogle, Cass Eager, The Go Set, Breaking Trad, Maggie Carty and Mairtin Staunton, Claire Anne Taylor, Devil on the Rooftop, Golden Whistler, Handsome Young Strangers, Lizzie Flynn, Paddy McHugh, Shelley’s Murder Boys, The Button Collective, The Northern Folk, The Raglins, The Royal High Jinx, The Scrims, Big Erle, Jane Aubourg, Kay Proudlove and many many more.

The Illawarra Folk Festival takes place in Bulli, NSW from the 18th to the 21st January. To get more information including how to get your hands on tickets check out the official site here.

The full lineup of Illawarra Folk Festival artists is below:

International Artists:
Breaking Trad (Ireland), Dan Walsh (UK), Edgelarks (UK), Eleanor McEvoy (Ireland), Faith i Branko (Eastern Europe), George Mann (USA), Himmerland with Mairi Campbell (Denmark/Scotland), Jonathan Bob Lynn (Canada), Josefina Paulson & Jonas Akerlund (Sweden), Ken Field’s Hoot Band (USA), Kevin Welch (USA), Maggie Carty and Mairtin Staunton (Ireland), Oi Dipnoi (Italy), Scott Cook & The Second Chances (Canada), Steve Turner (UK), The Beez (Germany), The Small Glories (Canada)

National Artists:
Eric Bogle, Mikelangelo (The Balkan Elvis), Cass Eager, Darren Coggan, Taikoz, The Go Set, Albion Fair Morris, Baz Cooper, Emma Nixon & Iain McKenzie, Black Joak Morris, Brian Bell, Bush Music Club Inc, Christopher Shaw, Claire Anne Taylor, Combined Union Choirs, Den Hanrahan and the Rum Runners, Devil on the Rooftop, Dom Ferry, Ella Belfanti, Franke, Glover & Sorrensen, Golden Whistler, Good Tunes, Greshka, Handsome Young Strangers, Honey & Knives, Jane Germain & Ian Simpson, John Broomhall, Karen Law & Family, Lagoon Hill Zydeco, Lisa Lazuli Music, Little Foot, Lizzie Flynn, Margaret Walters, Maurie Mulheron and Pat Craigie, The Merry Widows Unplugged, Michael-John Azzopardi, Nick Charles, Nick Rheinberger, Noel Gardner, Paddy McHugh, Peter Mace, Peter Willey, Robyn Sykes, Romisounds, Rusty & The Saint, Santa Taranta, Shelley’s Murder Boys, Snez Musica, Sydney English Country Dance, The Button Collective, The Grenadiers, The Honey Drippin’ Mudskippers, The Northern Folk, The Protesters, The Raglins, The Royal High Jinx, The Scrims, The Simon Kerr Perspective, The Ten Quid Poms, Tililili, Wally Byrne

Local Artists:
Alex Sreckovic – Smokehouse, Atif & Sako, AZ-I-AM, Beatmeisters, Big Erle, Carefree Road Band, Chord-eaux, Cinnamon Twist School of Belly Dance, Circus WOW, Cranky Franky, Curious Rendition Orchestra, Egypsy, Light Being Yoga-Erika Steller & Fiona Davis, Gobsmacked!, Heart to Heart Storytelling, Irish Famine, Jackie Dee, Jane Aubourg, Jimmy and Shay, John Nichols & Wolfgang Kloger, Josh C. Music, Kala Ilango, Kay Proudlove, Kenny Bartley, Kevin Sullivan, King & Queen of Green, LANEY and Friends, Lizzie Bennet, Love In The Jungle, Meridian, Murmur, No Such Thing, Roger Gordon Fyfe, Silver Lotus Tribal Bellydance, SingGongGo, Southern Gentlemen, Swing Booty, The Calamities, The Capricornia Project, The Con Artists, TheGroove, The Humphreys, The Scratchies, Steampunk Vagabonds, Swingaleles Wollongong, The Water Runners, Tia Juana, Vic Janko Orkestar, Wolf Gordon Music, Zlatkos Balkan Cabaret

Youth Artists:
Claire Doherty, Fergus Bailey, Folkaphonic Youth Orchestra, James & Jackson, Little Glory, Paddy & The Wonderband, Shalani Music, The Bowhemians, Tim Lukey, Whisper Out Loud, Zingara

Interview: The East Pointers

The East Pointers
Image Courtesy of The East Pointers

Canadian celtic trio The East Pointers have taken their sound to the next level with the release of their highly anticipated new album What We Leave Behind.

With an Australian tour on the horizon we sat down with Jake Charron from the band to chat about the album and what Australian audiences can expect when they hit our shores.

Gareth Hugh Evans: You released “82 Fires / Tanglewood” as a double A side a few months ago as a taster of the new album What We Leave Behind.

Jake Charron: That’s right. We’ve got a new album, released worldwide September 29th, called What We Leave Behind. The first two tracks we released are a sneak preview of the album – one instrumental track called “Tanglewood” and one song which we’ve been using as a single called “82 Fires”

GHE: From listening to both tracks, but I guess particularly “82 Fires”, it does sound like you have gone for a more epic sound than on your last album Sweet Victory. It sounds like there’s a lot more production behind it. Is that right?

JC: That’s definitely fair to say. There’s more production. I think “82 Fires” might be the most epic sounding song on the record but the whole thing is a bit more produced. One thing we wanted to maintain was to create tracks that we’d be able to replicate live as a trio. With the exception of a few layers here and there we should be able to get through most of it live.

GHE: I was going to ask about that. You guys have a pretty unique set up live where you’re using effects and percussion to build out your sound. How does the stage set up work to get such a big sound from just the three of you and acoustic instruments?

JC: We’re always trying to grow our sound, trying to find new ways to help us get a bigger sound. Tim (Chaisson) plays the fiddle and has a bit of foot percussion going on with the stomp box and tambourine. Koady (Chaisson) plays the banjo but also does a bit of pedal work with some effects, some bass stuff with his feet. I’ve mostly played guitar over the past couple of years but I play keyboard as well and we’ve been slowly bringing that into the show as well. We just try to see what we come up with.

GHE: I always assumed the bass lines were coming from you. I didn’t realise they were coming from Koady.

JC: You’re right – most of the bass has been coming from my guitar. I forgot to mention that! I have an octave effect on my guitar which gives it the bass lines. But some of the new album effects are triggered with Koady’s feet which we haven’t been touring live much yet. That’s part of new sound.

GHE: Going back to “82 Fires” – it’s true that song was inspired by Australia? It’s from a story you guys heard down in Tasmania, is that right?

JC: Totally. We were down in Tasmania, I guess it would be a year and a half ago now, touring with Liz Stringer who’s one of our favourite people and favourite singer-songwriters from down your way. We played a show in Chudleigh that was nearly called off because of the fires that were happening. It was pretty extreme – I think it was the most they’d seen in a while and a gentleman was telling us that there was 82 fires on the loose that night. We had a day off and we put that song together.

GHE: Over the last couple of years you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time in Australia. Is there something about the place that keeps you coming back and touring extensively?

JC: We love it. A big part of it was the first impression. As a band it was one of the first tours we did, coming down to Australia, and I think because of that it’s always going to be close to us – some of the amazing festivals we got the opportunity to play just as the band was getting up and running. We’ll come back any time we can.

GHE: You’ve also built a solid fan base here as well. You sell out a lot of shows and your sets are always hard to get into at festival. It must be lovely to come halfway across the world and have a fanbase here.

JC: It’s been really nice. We’re grateful that people have welcomed us and accepted our music and just come out to dance. Australian’s seem really up for dancing and having a good time and that helps us put on a show. It’s such a great place to tour and a nice festival scene. And the weather’s great too!

GHE: I do like the fact that you don’t just stick to the traditional folk festivals when you come out. Like this time around you’ll be playing the Mullum Music Festival and the Queenscliff Music Festival which are both festivals that, while they do have a lot of folk and acoustic artists, they’re not just folk festivals. And by playing these festivals it opens you up to people who aren’t folk or trad purists but are instead just music lovers.

JC: We’re looking forward to branching out a bit this tour. We all grew up loving trad music and listening to a lot of the traditional stuff and thinking “I don’t know why more people don’t know about this music”. A lot of times they just don’t have a chance to see it. If you don’t grow up in the scene where the folk music happens it’s hard to discover certain things. It’ll be nice to play for people who don’t know what we do. And I think the new album branches out a bit too, which is maybe a nice thing as we’re doing the same circuit down there.

GHE: Is the new album mainly instrumental like Sweet Victory or is there a lot more songs this time?

JC: There’s a few more songs. I think the split is five songs, six instrumental tracks. At the core of it all we’re still an acoustic trio that’s tried to beef up our sound a little bit. There’s some new ideas, a few new influences but at the root of it is that celtic folk that we play.

GHE: I’m also getting Americana influences, in “82 Fires” in particular

JC: That’s totally fair to say. We listen to a lot of stuff that’s coming out of America. The album was recorded down in Nashville – not sure if that effected the sound much. We worked with one of our heroes Gordie Sampson who’s an amazing songwriter and producer living down in Nashville. It was dream to work with him. He has his own input to the sound as well.

GHE: Well I’m loving the album and I’m super excited about the tour. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me today.

JC: Thanks for making this happen.

What We Leave Behind, the new album from The East Pointers is available now. The full list of dates for their upcoming Australian tour are below:

Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th November – Mullum Music Festival, Mullumbimby, NSW
Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th November – Queenscliff Music Festival, Queenscliff, VIC
Thursday 30th November – Caravan Music Club, Oakleigh, VIC
Sunday 3rd December – Toff in Town, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday 6th December – Sepulchre, Hobart, TAS
Thursday 7th December – Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra, ACT
Friday 8th December – Theatre Royal, Castlemaine, VIC
Saturday 9th December – Metropole, Katoomba, NSW
Thursday 14th December – Jive, Adelaide, SA
Friday 15th December – Darwin Railway Club, Darwin, NT
Saturday 16th December – Albany Entertainment Centre, Albany, WA
Sunday 17th Dec – Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, WA
Wednesday 27th December to Monday 1st January – Woodford Folk Festival, Woodford, QLD
Thursday 4th January – Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast, QLD
Friday 5th January – Old Museum, Brisbane, QLD
Saturday 6th January – The Factory Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 7th January – Lizotte’s, Newcastle, NSW

Watch the New Shane Nicholson Video “I Don’t Dance”

Shane Nicholson
Image Courtesy of Shane Nicholson

ARIA award winning, Americana singer-songwriter Shane Nicholson has just released his brand new video “I Don’t Dance”.

Taken from his new album Love and Blood, “I Don’t Dance” was written following a country music cruise last year when Nicholson offered to pay a friend to dance with his girlfriend rather than get up there himself.

“When we go out she loves to dance and I don’t dance,” Shane Nicholson explained. “She was slightly horrified that I paid someone else to dance with her.”

Check out the video for “I Don’t Dance”, directed by Duncan Toombs and Josh Favoloro, below:

Shane Nicholson is currently touring Love and Blood around the country – check out the remaining dates for the tour below:

Saturday 28th October – Welcome to Morrisonville, Brisbane, QLD
Wednesday 24th January – The Pub, Tamworth, NSW
Saturday 17th February – Devil Country Muster, TAS
Saturday 24th March – Crossroads In The Vines Festival, Pokolbin, NSW

Woodford Folk Festival Announces 2017/18 Lineup

Image Courtesy of Woodford Folk Festival

At long last the Woodford Folk Festival have dropped their huge 2017/18 lineup and as can be expected it’s a mixture of some of the most exciting artists in the world of folk, rock, roots, acoustic and beyond.

While the full lineup is too big to print here (you can check out the programme on their official site) the Woodford Folk Festival has called out a bunch of highlights including John Butler, Kate Miller-Heidke, The Beautiful Girls, Husky, Holy Holy, The East Pointers (CAN), The Babe Rainbow, Timberwolf, Montaigne, Mama Kin Spender, Vaudeville Smash, The Hi-Boys, Cheap Fakes, Molsky’s Mountain Drifters (CAN), The Small Glories (CAN), Baker Boy, Apakatjah, Joanna Wallfisch, AMISTAT, TinPan Orange, Sampa The Great, My Bubba (SWE/ICE), Lior & Paul Grabowsky, POW Negro!, The Railsplitters (USA), Yirrmal and the Miliyawutj, Breaking Trad (IRE), Jeff Lang, Liz Stringer, Charm of Finches and many more

The Woodford Folk Festival takes place from the 27th December to the 1st January in Woodford, Queensland. For more information, including how to get your hands on earlybird tickets, check out the official site here.

José González Announces Bluesfest Sideshows

Jose Gonzalez
Image Courtesy of José González

Swedish indie-folk singer-songwriter José González has this week announced headline shows when he’s in Australia for Bluesfest next year.

Along with his Bluesfest appearance González has also added shows in Canberra, Sydney and two in Melbourne. The full list of dates are below:

Thursday 29th March – Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT
Saturday 31st March – Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 1st April – Bluesfest, Byron Bay, NSW
Monday 2nd April – Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne, VIC
Tuesday 3rd April – Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne, VIC

First Aid Kit Announce Bluesfest Sideshows

First Aid Kit
Image Courtesy of First Aid Kit

Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit are returning to Australia next year for Bluesfest, and now it looks like we’re getting a couple of headline shows as well.

Sydney and Melbourne will be lucky enough to host First Aid Kit at the beginning of April.

The full list of dates for the tour are below along with First Aid Kit’s new video “It’s A Shame” which is the first taster for a new album due in 2018:

Thursday 29th March to Monday 2nd April – Bluesfest, Byron Bay, NSW
Tuesday 3rd April – Enmore Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 5th April – Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne, VIC

Listen to the New Matthew and the Atlas Single “Palace”

Matthew and the Atlas
Image Courtesy of Matthew and the Atlas

English nu-folk favourites Matthew and the Atlas have spent the last little while recording a new EP which they promise to be “more stripped back” than their recent output.

The first taste of this EP is the beautiful single “Palace” – check out a stream of the single here:

As we get more info about the impending EP we’ll let you know.

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