Majors Creek Festival set to impress


Entering it’s 26th year, the Majors Creek Festival (located between Canberra and Batemans Bay) is set to impress. With activities, musicians and acts to entertain crowds from young to old, it’s a terrific easy weekend away for anyone in Sydney, Canberra, or along the South Coast.

Taking place over 3 days from 8-10 November, with camping included free and a dedicated approach to sustainability, the festival is family friendly with a solid foundation in the folk festival style beloved across Australia (and it even has an after party at the pub on Sunday night if you’re keen to stay late). Having won multiple awards for their environmental approach, audiences are encouraged to bring their reusable cups and drink bottles.

While the credentials and set up are great and make for a comfortable festival experience – we all just really want to know who we’ll see on stage this weekend!


Catch musos jamming at folk sessions, playing on the blackboard line up, learning in workshops and even a Poets breakfast, and keep an eye on the schedule to catch some great up and coming folk acts, including:

Andy Nelson, Big Fiddle Little Fiddle, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Clark & Sallyanne, Emily-Rose and the Wild Things, Equus, Fiona Ross, Floyd Thursby, Great Aunt, Holly Arrowsmith, La Mauvaise Reputation, Lachlan Hawkins, Liz Frencham, Mandy Connell, Narrownecks, Quarter Street, Scott Cook and the She’ll Be Rights, Shane Nicholson, The New Graces, The Water Runners, This Way North, and more.

Tickets are available for the Majors Creek Festival either for the whole weekend, or single day tickets, and it’s only a 1 hour drive from Canberra, or 3 hours from southerns Sydney. Definitely a great getaway for a weekend.

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