A Note On Timber and Steel’s Artists’ Top Albums of 2018

For almost as long as Timber and Steel has existed I’ve brought you an annual “Timber and Steel’s Artists’ Top Albums” list, where we ask the community of artists we cover from across the folk spectrum to name their favourite album or EP from the year.

Here’s last year’s list if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading one of these before

As you may have noticed I’ve pulled back from posting a lot this year due to a number of personal factors. In fact for most of 2018 pretty much the only post that went live was the weekly “Thank Folk It’s Friday” gig guide (and even that was often late).

So that’s meant I haven’t had the time to curate the “Timber and Steel’s Artists’ Top Albums” post for 2018, which is actually really sad as it’s above and beyond my favourite thing to publish on the site every year.

I just wanted to thank all of the artists and readers who have reached out over the year to check in and make sure that Timber and Steel is still a thing – it’s meant a lot. I’m also sorry if I’ve caused any of the regular contributors anxiety thinking they’d been left off the list this year because I hadn’t sent them the standard “would you like to be involved” email.

I always say this but it bears repeating – I love the community that Timber and Steel has opened me up to and I love the music more than anything. I can’t thank you enough for letting me and my little blog be part of it.

As things settle down on my side I’ll be able to take a step back and work out what the next step on the road is for Timber and Steel. In the meantime keep an eye out for our Top Albums and Top Singles of 2018 lists which I’ll be publishing over the next couple of days (albeit in a much more stripped down fashion that in previous years).

Here’s to another amazing year of music and here’s to a 2019 that’s sure to be even better.

Folk On!

Gareth Hugh Evans
Editor in Chief
Timber and Steel

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