BATTS Announces New EP 62 Moons

Image Courtesy of BATTS

Melbourne based singer-songwriter BATTS this week announced that she’s signed to the newly announced THAA Records and will be releasing her new EP 62 Moons on the 29th November.

The EP features BATTS’ 2017 singles “For Now” and “Little White Lies” and cements her new stripped back sound. The album was recorded with band mates Lachlan O’Kane, Hayden Calnin, Ross Beaton and Brendan Tsui in Geelong and was engineered live by Isaac Barter.

“When NASA began to release the sounds of space it blew my mind,” BATTS explains of the EP’s title. “Saturn has always been my favourite for many reasons but when I first heard the sound of Saturn’s rings, it really connected. In that moment, I had the thought of combining the music we create as humans, with the natural music of things out in space that have existed for billions and billions of years. I want to instill knowledge of space within music to people, but not via lyrics – via sounds.”

To celebrate the release of 62 Moons, BATTS has announced a launch show in a secret Melbourne location on the 13th December – for more information on how to get tickets check out her Facebook page here.

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  1. November 24, 2017 at 12:00

    […] – Melbourne singer-songwriter BATTS announced plans to release her debut EP 62 Moons next week. Details here […]

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