Watch the New Katie Brianna Video “Thorn In Your Side”

Katie Brianna
Image Courtesy of Katie Brianna

Sydney alt-country singer-songwriter Katie Brianna has just released her latest single and video “Thorn In Your Side”.

The single is the third from her amazing album Victim or the Heroine and was written when Katie Brianna was at a low point.

“When you feel like you’re not wanted or needed in someone’s life but at the same time can’t let them go,” Katie Brianna said. “When you feel like a burden. When they keep you close but it feels like they’re trying to push you away. They need to let you go, rip you off like a bandaid, or pull you out like a thorn in their skin that is causing them pain, or you’ll hold onto them and that hope forever.”

Check out the video for “Thorn In Your Side” below:

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  1. October 6, 2017 at 10:16

    […] – Sydney Americana singer-songwriter Katie Brianna released her new video “Thorn In Your Side”. Details here […]

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