Listen to the New Emma Davis Live Video “Danger In Me”

Emma Davis
Image Courtesy of Emma Davis

Sydney singer-songwriter Emma Davis has just released an absolutely stunning new song “Danger In Me”. The heartfelt track was inspired by the current Marriage Equality “debate” and will be released on her upcoming album.

“I didn’t set out to write a song about love, or marriage,” Emma Davis explained. “I was thinking more about labels and the way we use them to try to understand our minds and behaviours a little better. I think I often use songwriting as a way of processing things and as I kept writing, the song morphed into something else. Something I didn’t even realise had been upsetting me so much.”

Take a listen to “Danger In Me” below:

And as an extra special treat Emma Davis released a live video of the track with her band Bonnie Stewart (drums, vocals) and Luke Wellington (keys, vocals) – check it out here:

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  1. September 29, 2017 at 12:08

    […] – Sydney singer-songwriter Emma Davis released her beautiful new song “Danger In Me”. Details here […]

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