The Newsagency Announce Official Opening of New Space in Sydney

Sarah Belkner
Image Courtesy of Sarah Belkner

For the past few years Sydney venue The Newsagency has been a favourite intimate space for so many of the artists we cover on Timber and Steel. There was nothing quite like picking up a six pack at the Vic, a pizza from Supreme Gourmet and then squeezing yourself into a tiny seat in order to experience some truly magical music.

Then earlier this year Alison Avron, venue owner and singer-songwriter, made the difficult decision to close The Newsagency after her landlord declined to let her upgrade the space. After months of searching Avron managed to secure a new space in Camperdown which officially opens next week.

The new Newsagency has already hosted a couple of quiet gigs but Wednesday the 16th August is their official opening night. The night will see the return of the much loved Newsagency Sessions and will feature performances from the wonderful Sarah Belkner (above) along with a set from Alison Avron herself.

If you’ve missed this little gem of a venue we recommend getting down next Wednesday and checking it out – more information can be found on the official Facebook event here. And to check out what else is coming up at The Newsagency head over to their official site.

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  1. August 11, 2017 at 13:33

    […] – Sydney venue The Newsagency relaunches in its new space next week with a show from Sarah Belkner and Alison Avron. Details here […]

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