HOBOFOPO Returns With First 12 Acts for 2017

Image Courtesy of AJJ

Last year saw the successful birth of Australia’s premiere folk-punk festival HOBOFOPO (HOBart’s Original FOlk Punk Orgy) in Tasmania thanks to the talented folks behind Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records.

This year HOBOFOPO is set to return to Hobart on the 5th to 8th October and this time the best in Australian folk-punk will be joined by USA legends AJJ (above).

11 other artists have also been announced covering the full spectrum of folk punk including Paddy McHugh (QLD), The Dead Maggies (TAS), This Is A Robbery (TAS), The Berkeley Hunts (VIC), Fox ‘N’ Firkin (QLD), Medusa’s Wake (NSW), Quinton Trembath (NSW), Wilson and The Castaways (NSW), The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble (TAS), BrodyGreg (TAS) and Hairyman (TAS) with more to be announced soon.

To get more information on HOBOFOPO, including how to get your hands on tickets, check out the official Facebook page here.

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  1. July 28, 2017 at 16:33

    […] – Hobart folk-punk festival HOBOFOPO announced its first 12 artists including AJJ, Paddy McHugh, The Dead Maggies, This Is A Robbery, The Berkeley Hunts, Fox ‘N’ Firkin, Medusa’s Wake, Quinton Trembath, Wilson and The Castaways (NSW), The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble, BrodyGreg and Hairyman. Details here […]

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