Listen to Julia Johnson’s Debut Solo Single “Melissa”

Julia Johnson
Image Courtesy of Julia Johnson

For a while now I’ve noticed Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens front-woman Julia Johnson popping up on bills around the country under her own name, so always suspected it was only a matter of time before we saw her officially launch a solo career.

It’s super exciting to have these suspicions confirmed with the release of Johnson’s debut solo single “Melissa”. The single sees Julia Johnson step away from the guitar and banjo driven folk of Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens and more towards a synth-folk sound.

“I needed to get out of my comfort zone, and boy did I do a good job of that,” Johnson explained. “After a few months in Berlin, my old songs didn’t fit me anymore. Writing all new material has been liberating and fun, but also uncomfortable. This new territory is not easy to navigate.”

“Working with [producer Sarah Belkner] has had a huge impact on me creatively. Sarah can take the amorphous, blurry sketches of what I imagine and craft tangible, fleshed-out songs. It’s new to me, putting trust in someone else’s vision. Her instincts and incredible knowledge helped me to shape “Melissa”, taking the song into a realm which I couldn’t have taken it to on my own.”

Take a listen “to Melissa” below:

Personally I love the way “Melissa” blends drums and synths with the more organic auto-harp and percussion – beautiful stuff.

Julia Johnson has a handful of tour dates in the coming weeks where you can really get to know her new sound – the full list of shows are here:

Saturday 22nd July – Smith’s Alternative, Canberra, ACT
Wednesday 2nd August – FolkSwagon, Cafe Lounge, Sydney, NSW
Monday 7th August – Open Studio, Melbourne, VIC

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    […] – Sydney singer-songwriter Julia Johnson released her debut solo single “Melissa”. Details here […]

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