Martin Simpson Announces New Album Trails & Tribulation

Martin Simpson
Image Courtesy of Martin Simpson

Legendary folk singer and guitarist Martin Simpson has announced plans to release his new album Trails & Tribulation on the 1st September.

The album, produced by Andy Bell, is Simpson’s 20th solo outing and featuring collaborations with Ben Nicholls, Toby Kearney, Nancy Kerr, Andy Cutting, John Smith, Helen Bell, Amy Newhouse-Smith and Molly Simpson.

Trails & Tribulation is a collection of traditional and contemporary songs and poems built around the theme of nature, travel and real life stories.

Check out the full track listing for Trails & Tribulation below along with Martin Simpson’s version of “Blues Run The Game”:

1. Blues Run The Game
2. Bones & Feathers
3. Thomas Drew
4. East Kentucky
5. Katherine Of Aragon Interlude
6. A Ballad For Katherine Of Aragon
7. Maps
8. St. James Hospital
9. Jasper’s/Dancing Shoes
10. Ridgeway
11. Rufford Park Poachers
12. Reynardine Interlude
13. Reynardine

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  1. June 23, 2017 at 13:44

    […] – Folk music legend Martin Simpson announced his new album Trails & Tribulations. Details here […]

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