Watch the New Jim Lawrie Video “Swimming In The Rain”

Jim Lawrie
Image Courtesy of Jim Lawrie

Melbourne based singer-songwriter Jim Lawrie will be releasing his new album Slacker of the Year this Friday 9th June and has just released his hilarious new video “Swimming in the Rain” featuring footage from “a random 80’s movie that Jim found in the archives of the interwebs”.

“I wrote a song about a summer of love, a loss of innocence, and the dance of lustful confusion between two friends,” Jim Lawrie explained. “It reminded me a lot of 1988’s classic Hollywood romp, Computer Beach Party. As I set out to reimagine this timeless masterpiece to the tune of my future hit single, “Swimming in the Rain,” it dawned on me that once I had cut out all the nudie scenes there was only just enough footage left to scrape together a 4 minute video clip.”

Check out the video for “Swimming in the Rain” here:

Jim Lawrie will be launching Slacker of the Year on Friday 28th July at the Northcote Social Club.

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  1. June 16, 2017 at 16:20

    […] – Melbourne’s Jim Lawrie released his new video “Swimming in the Rain”. Details here […]

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