Watch the New Catherine Traicos Video “Crashing”

Catherine Traicos
Image Courtesy of Catherine Traicos

Singer-songwriter Catherine Traicos has just released the video for her haunting tracking “Crashing”, the first taste of her upcoming sixth album.

“Crashing just kind of presented itself to me mid solo jam late at night as songs often do,” Traicos explained. “Mostly they are forgotten or just fill up my phone until I delete them to make space for more. I remember reading somewhere that Duke Ellington never wrote anything down, saying that the good songs will stick around. And this song did just that. Everywhere I went over the next few days it would nudge me and prod me to go home and finish it. There was a moment when it was just “now or never” and I jumped on a bus, abandoning my commitment that day in favour of completing the song. It was almost as if had I not gone home and finished it then, I would have lost it forever.”

Check out the video for “Crashing” here:

To celebrate the release of “Crashing” Catherine Traicos will be heading out on tour with shows in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. Check out the full list of dates below:

Thursday 8th June – The White Horse, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 11th June – The Two Sisters, Adelaide, SA
Friday 16th June – Bassendean Hotel, Perth, WA
Saturday 17th June – Fremantle Winter Music Festival, Swan Lounge, Fremantle, WA
Sunday 25th June – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, VIC

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    […] – Catherine Traicos released her new video “Crashing”. Details here […]

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