Listen to the New Single from The Bushwackers “Dirt Under My Nails”

Image Courtesy of The Bushwackers

The latest single from Australian bush music legends The Bushwackers’ latest album The Hungry Mile is “Dirt Under My Nails”. The track was written by Melbourne based songwriter Rich Davies about the migrant experience in Australia.

“This is a great song from Rich Davies in Melbourne,” guitarist, Roger Corbett said. “It came out of a songwriting project involving the use of historical photos and professional songwriters who crafted songs from the images in those photos. It tells the familiar story of an Italian migrant building his life in Australia.”

“We want listeners of The Hungry Mile to take away a sense of pride in our history,” singer Dobe Newton added. “We would like them to take away the humour, the strength and the pride that is embodied in Australian culture of today and from our past.”

Take a listen to “Dirt Under My Nails” below:


  1. April 28, 2017 at 15:39

    […] – Australian bush music legends The Bushwackers released their new single “Dirt Under My Nails”. Details here […]

    • Ray O'Brien said,

      February 26, 2018 at 23:24

      A great and patriotic album by the “bushies” bought it at 2017 Tamworth and have played it regularly, Tryng to learn “dirt under my nails” and love the Bunnings songs.Bunnings should use it, Dirt Under my nails seems to be in B flat? Ray

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