Justin Townes Earle Announces New Album Kids In The Street

Image Courtesy of Justin Townes Earle

Fan favourite American folk singer Justin Townes Earle has announced his return with the new album Kids In The Street. The album, due for release on the 26th May, is the first since Earle’s companion albums Single Mothers (2014) and Absent Fathers (2015) and sees Justin Townes Earle now embracing sobriety, marriage and impending fatherhood.

“Life has changed a lot for me in the last few years,” Earle said. “I got married and am getting ready to become a father, and this is the first record that I’ve written since I’ve been married. There’s definitely an uplifting aspect to this record in a lot of ways, because I’m feeling pretty positive. When I wrote songs in the past, I was looking in on what I was feeling, but this record’s more about looking outward on what’s happening, and writing about subjects like gentrification and inner-city strife. This record also has more of a soul influence to it, and it’s got a deeper connection to the blues than anything I’ve done before.”

The first taste of Kids In The Street is the opener “Champagne Corolla” – check out the track listing for the album and the lyric video for “Champagne Corolla” below:

1. Champagne Corolla
2. Maybe A Moment
3. What’s She Crying For
4. 15-25
5. Kids In The Street
6. Faded Valentine
7. What’s Goin’ Wrong
8. Short Hair Woman
9. Same Old Stagolee
10. If I Was The Devil
11. Trouble Is
12. There Go A Fool

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    […] – Justin Townes Earle announced his new album Kids In The Street. Details here […]

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