Johnny Flynn Unveils New Single “Heart Sunk Hank”

Johnny Flynn
Image Courtesy of Johnny Flynn

English singer-songwriter and actor Johnny Flynn has unveiled the latest single from his upcoming album Sillion (due on the 24th March), the stripped back “Heart Sunk Hank”.

The production on the track is interesting – kicking off as a wonky vinyl recording (courtesy of a 1940s Voice-o-Graph), moving into a live sound and then descending back in the wonkiness. The track is inspired by the folk song “Ten Thousand Miles”.

“There’s a version of that song by Nic Jones that I really love,” explains Flynn. “His version is really pure and beautiful and trembling with authenticity. But I played it to my wife and she hated it. And it made me laugh: how can it be that this person that I love hates this song?”

Check out “Heart Sunk Hank” below:

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  1. February 24, 2017 at 13:52

    […] – English singer-songwriter Johnny Flynn released his new single “Heart Sunk Hank”. Details here […]

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