Johnny Flynn Announces New Album Sillion

Johnny Flynn
Image Courtesy of Johnny Flynn

UK singer-songwriter and all round renaissance man Johnny Flynn has just announced plans to release his fourth studio album Sillion on the 24th March.

The album sees Flynn at a different stage in life from 2013’s Country Mile, with the singer-songwriter now with a young family, a burgeoning screen acting career and some film composition credits under his belt.

Then track list for Sillion is as follows:

1. Raising the Dead
2. Wandering Aengus
3. Heart Sunk Hank
4. Barleycorn
5. The Night my Piano Upped and Died
6. In the Deepest
7. In Your Pockets
8. Jefferson’s Torch
9. Tarp in the Prop
10. The Landlord
11. Hard Road

The first taste of Sillion is the surprisingly electronic “Raising The Dead”, a song about Johnny Flynn getting to know his new born daughter.

“My Dad died when I was 18, and that was quite a galvanising experience,” Flynn explains. “And there’s often an element of that in anything I’m writing; every big loss that you suffer in life, I think everything comes through the conduit of that. I had a really strong sense of my daughter having elements of my Dad when she came along, and it made me kind of laugh – that cyclical sense, of thinking of my daughter as my Dad.”

Take a listen to “Raising The Dead” below:

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    […] – English singer-songwriter Johnny Flynn announced plans to release his new album Sillion. Details here […]

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