Watch the Kathleen Mary Lee Video “Hey, Very Good Friend”

Image Courtesy of Kathleen Mary Lee

Kathleen Mary Lee is a young singer-songwriter from Melbourne. In mid 2016 she released her debut EP Nice Kind of Pain and now she’s treating us to the single from that EP, “Hey, Very Good Friend”.

The video for “Hey, Very Good Friend” features footage captured in the 70’s by Lee’s father.

“My parents got married just before I was born,” Kathleen Mary Lee explained. “They were both artists with no money and the house they moved into was an old fruit pickers hut in the middle of a farm in the hills in Silvan, Victoria. I think they rented it for a mere fifty dollars a week. My father got a daytime job to support us but continued to work on his films at night. My Mum, as you can see in the footage, stayed home, planted a garden, raised us and also continued to work on her art at night.”

Check out the video for “Hey, Very Good Friend” below:

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  1. January 13, 2017 at 13:48

    […] – Melbourne singer-songwriter Kathleen Mary Lee released her video “Hey, Very Good Friend”. Details here […]

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