Dan Mangan Releases New EP Unmake

Dan Mangan
Image Courtesy of Dan Mangan

About a week ago Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan surprised everyone by releasing an unannounced EP Unmake.

“I’m writing up a storm at the moment, putting my mind and heart into another LP,” Managan explained in his regular newsletter. “But I’ve also been busy as of late just messing around in the studio. It’s been wonderfully cathartic to just record little bits and bobs of things with no big huge album campaign to think about. Just gratuitous fun. So here it is, 5 songs. And as an experiment within this digital age of audio, I figured it would be interesting to try an exclusively digital release.”

Check out the track listing and a stream of each of the songs below:

1. Whistleblower
2. Hang With Me (Robyn Cover)
3. Race To The Bottom
4. Forgetery Redux (Feat. Tegan Quin)
5. Kitsch Redux

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  1. July 8, 2016 at 13:57

    […] – Canadian singer-songwriter Dan Mangan released his new EP Unmake. Details here […]

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