Timothy James Bowen Releases Long Awaited EP Steel & Wood

Timothy James Bowen
Image Courtesy of Timothy James Bowen

It’s been a crazy six months for Timothy James Bowen. The Sydney based singer-songwriter was all set to release his fantastically named EP Steel & Wood when he was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, Primary Mediastinal B Cell lymphoma.

The treatment put everything musical on hold with cancelled shows and a delayed release of Steel & Wood.

“While the news has hit harder than a sledgehammer, I am filled will hope,” Bowen wrote on his Facebook page back in January. “The incredible team of doctors looking after me are confident that this thing can be cured. They haven’t wasted a single second. I completed my first round of chemotherapy yesterday and for the first time in 6 months, I finally feel like I’m the one in control of my body again.”

The good news is after a couple of months of treatment Timothy James Bowen has learned he’s in remission and his health has been improving remarkably. As a result Steel & Wood finally made its way onto iTunes and it’s magnificent – you should really do yourself a favour and pick it up here.

Timothy James Bowen is still taking some time before he returns to the stage, let alone head out on tour again. But it’s great to hear his health is on the up and that his music is getting out there again. We can’t wait to see the next chapter from Timothy James Bowen.

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  1. April 8, 2016 at 16:09

    […] – Sydney singer-songwriter Timothy James Bowen released his long awaited and delayed Steel & Wood. Details here […]

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