Bluesfest inspires Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar - Photo by Stuart BucknellKendrick Lamar performing on the opening night of Bluesfest
Photo by Stuart Bucknell

After a huge weekend opening the hugely popular Bluesfest in Byron Bay, Kendrick Lamar has been receiving praise and compliments on his stellar show ever since and helped to deliver the largest Thursday attendance ever seen at Bluesfest.

Lamar attended the remainder of Bluesfest and caught many acts from side of stage, exclaiming what a great festival and tremendous line up was on show over the Easter long weekend. Australian favourite Kasey Chambers was also in attendance at Bluesfest and joined a number of performers on stage as a guest for their set, including Archie Roach and Ash Grunwald.

Rumour has it that Chambers and Lamar met side of stage while watching City and Colour and traded tips on which acts to catch over the weekend. Having caught Chambers’ guest performances, Lamar has expressed an interest in collaborating with Chambers on a future, more blues and country inspired project.

Lamar reportedly said he is excited to return to the roots of R&B and take on the Blues genre for the foreseeable future and looks forward to bringing a country flavour and Australian talent in to the mix to give a real diversity to the project.

EDIT: Happy April Fools!

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