Julia Johnson and Vorn Doolette Announce Joint House Concert Tour

Julia Johnson
Image Courtesy of Julia Johnson

Julia Johnson (Julia and The Deep Sea Sirens) and Vorn Doolette are two folk singers who we’ve been following pretty much since the very beginning of Timber and Steel. So when we heard they’re getting together for an upcoming house concert tour.

Both Johnson and Doolette have gone through a lot of personal and professional changes over the years and it’s amazing to see them both taking their music direct to their fans with a house concert tour.

They’re both currently looking for prospective house concert holders around the country from April.

“Where the tour will go will depend on where we find people to hosts house concerts” says Vorn Doolette. “We’ll definitely take in capital cities, but we’d like to venture in to regional areas too.”

“This tour will be my tonic,” Julia Johnson adds. “I can’t think of a better way to emerge from having spent the last year or so hunkered down writing a stage production, than with the simplicity of my guitar and some good company. I think that’s what tempted Vorn to get on board too – the nice simple cosy vibes that house concerts always have.”

If you’re keen to have two of Australia’s finest songwriters perform in your house check out the official Facebook event details here.

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  1. March 4, 2016 at 15:20

    […] – Singer-songwriters Julia Johnson and Vorn Doolette have announced a joint house concert tour. Details here […]

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