Watch the New Fanny Lumsden Video “Land of Gold”

Image Courtesy of Fanny Lumsden

Late last week Timber and Steel favourite Fanny Lumsden released the second clip from her debut album Small Town Big Shot, the wonderful “Land of Gold”. The clip was directed by Anna Phillips (who also directed Lumsden’s first clip “Soapbox”) and was shot in Western NSW.

“We really wanted to make a clip that was more a ‘fly on the wall situation’ rather than something constructed,” Fanny Lumsden explained. “It was about getting that movement feeling and it had to be a driving clip, as that’s the essence of the song. We also wanted to showcase some of the incredible countryside out in Western NSW that many don’t get to see. It’s cropping and sheep country that’s not on a river or a lake or near a big landmark, so most people just drive through it on their way somewhere else. We filmed out near Weethalle about 30km west of Tallimba, where it was 45 degrees just in the shade. Mr Happy Beans, the kelpie, was such a legend though and is definitely the star of the show.”

Watch “Land of Gold” below:

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  1. February 19, 2016 at 12:48

    […] – Alt-country favourite Fanny Lumsden released her new video “Land of Gold”. Details here […]

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