The Lumineers Announce New Album and Release New Single, “Ophelia”

Image Courtesy of The Lumineers

After dropping a bunch of hints on their social media over the last couple of weeks American nu-folk trio The Lumineers have finally revealed details of their new album, the followup to 2012’s self titled debut. Titled Cleopatra, the new album is scheduled for release on the 8th April and is produced by fan favourite Simone Felice.

“We took the same approach this time as we did with the first album, recording demos in a small house we rented in the original Denver neighbourhood where we first moved,” explained Wesley Schultz from the band. “The record is our greatest hits reflecting what’s happened to us over the last three years. We tried to come up with the best possible version of every song, so we recorded a lot of different iterations, changing the tempos, dressing ’em up, stripping ’em down. It took a lot of work to make them sound so easy. We’re very passionate about the process. It was a very intense and beautiful experience. There was a lot of battling, a lot of tears, but some amazing stuff came out, and at the end, we were much better off. It transformed our relationship.”

The full track listing for Cleopatra is as follows:

1. Sleep On The Floor
2. Ophelia
3. Cleopatra
4. Gun Song
5. Angela
6. In The Light
7. Gale Song
8. Long Way From Home
9. Sick In The Head
10. My Eyes
11. Patience

The first taster of Cleopatra from The Lumineers is the single “Ophelia” which hit over the weekend. Check it out below:

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    […] – The Lumineers announced details of their new album Cleopatra which is due this April. Details here […]

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