Timber and Steel Premiere: The Campervan Dancers Debut Single “Slow Down, Butterfly”

Campervan Dancers
Image Courtesy of The Campervan Dancers

It’s finally here! The much awaited debut single from The Campervan Dancers! “Slow Down, Butterfly” was written this time last year on the couple’s tropical, bug-filled honeymoon in Northern Queensland.

They self produced the song in their home studio and are currently running a crowdfunding campaign for their next release, a debut EP. Take a listen to “Slow Down, Butterfly” here:

To download your own copy of “Slow Down, Butterfly” with a pre-order of the EP (plus maybe a postcard from Paris, a personalized song, some beautifying braids, or maybe even a tattoo on Ryan’s butt) head to the Pozible project page here.

The Campervan Dancers head to Europe in March for an extended tour, so catch them at one of their final Sydney shows before next summer (details to be announced soon – keep an eye on their Facebook page here).

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  1. January 22, 2016 at 13:04

    […] – We were really proud to debut the new single from The Campervan Dancers, “Slow Down, Butterfly”. Details here […]

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