Listen to the Zac Saber Single “Soak Up The Sun”

Zac Saber
Image Courtesy of Zac Saber

I had the pleasure of stumbling across Melbourne singer-songwriter Zac Saber at the start of the year and I’ve fallen head over heels for his music.

Saber’s new single “Soak Up The Sun” hit the internet last week and it’s stunning – a spartan arrangement focused on Zac Saber’s heartbreaking lyrics and stunning finger-picking guitar style.

“The song is one I’d actually been working on for years, and I’d never been able to find lyrics that felt right,” Saber told music blog Happy last week. “Over the space of about six months in 2015, I’d had a few of my friends pass away, all of varying ages and, I guess, of emotional proximity. The idea behind the song is that you may as well live your life how you want, because your reservations may not prolong your existence.”

“Soak Up The Sun” is taken from Zac Saber’s EP Clearer which is due for release on the 4th February. Listen to it and fall in love here:

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  1. January 22, 2016 at 13:03

    […] – Melbourne singer-songwriter Zac Saber released his new single “Soak Up The Sun”. Details here […]

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