Watch the New Oscar Lush Video “Nightmare Song”

Oscar Lush
Image Courtesy of Oscar Lush

Melbourne base folk singer Oscar Lush has just released his brand new track “Nightmare Song”. The song is the opening track from Lush’s upcoming EP Out of Sight, Out of Mind which is due for release this month.

“I wrote the song following the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner last year in the US, both murdered by white men, officers of the law, only a few months apart from each other,” Oscar Lush explained. “One shot to death and one strangled to death. It was the heartbreak and the injustice of the trials that followed, which saw no justice or closure for the families of the dead and no proper consequences for the men who took their lives, that created a great sense of grievance and disgust within myself. The song also explores my own country’s history with the mistreatment and death of Aboriginal peoples in police custody, particularly the death of John Pat, a seventeen year old boy who bled to death in a police cell. I’ve always felt strongly that music and art is something that can be used greatly to bring about awareness and from awareness hopefully we can achieve change and equality.”

Check out the video for “Nightmare Song” below:

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  1. January 8, 2016 at 14:18

    […] – Oscar Lush revealed his new video “Nightmare Song”. Details here […]

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