Listen to the New Single From Falls, “When We Were Young”

Image Courtesy of Falls

The next single to make its way from the excellent debut album Omaha from Falls is “When We Were Young”. The folksy tune is a perfect example of why we love v.

“We wrote this song after our very first trip to America when we were still unsigned… uneverythinged,” explains one half of Falls, Melinda Kirwin. “Thematically it was very much inspired by the older people in my life – people who have a whole lifetime behind them, who are aching to give you a glimpse at the person obscured by a withered exterior.”

“A lot of the imagery was inspired by New York City,” adds Simon Rudston-Brown. “We tried to recreate the feeling of the city in the lyrics – the snow, the people on the street, the dive bars. It’s about missed opportunities and new ones.”

Take a listen to to “When We Were Young” below:

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  1. October 23, 2015 at 16:18

    […] – LA based Sydney folk duo Falls released their new single “When We Were Young”. Details here […]

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