Watch Calexico Perform “Tapping On The Line” Live with Neko Case

Image Courtesy of Calexico

I don’t normally post live videos but when I saw this version of Calexico’s track “Tapping On The Line” featuring Neko Case we just had to share. The track is taken from Edge of the Sun and captures everything I love about Calexico – simple lyric and harmony driven songwriting that is quintessentially American.

“One of the joys of touring is running into old friends,” Calexico frontman Joey Burns explained of the video. “When we were last in Portland we got to hang out with the wonderfully talented Neko Case. We’ve had the honor to record and play shows with Neko for the last 15 years so it was a big joy to reunite at Flora to film a live version of “Tapping On The Line”.”

Check out “Tapping On The Line” below:

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  1. September 25, 2015 at 15:21

    […] – Calexico released their new video “Tapping On The Line” featuring Neko Case. Details here […]

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